How should Amazon sellers use holiday curve overtaking?

For major sellers, holidays are no strangers, but there are not many sellers who really go to study holidays and use holidays to overtake curve. When entering the e -commerce industry, the seller must be extremely sensitive to traffic, exposure and transformation, but it is still inevitable that someone has exhausted everything, but disappointed.

For the buyers and sellers of e -commerce, it is nothing more than a time node. The seller uses nodes to do promotion activities to attract buyers to pay. If the seller can grasp it perfectly when most nodes arrive, it can be said that it is more than half of it!

So, how should cross -border sellers use holidays to overtake curve?

1. Create topics and make gimmicks

Whether it is traditional offline festivals or emerging online festivals (explanation in China: Valentine's Day and 520), the purpose of the seller should be clear, that is, to promote consumers to buy their own things. Therefore, sellers can use the corresponding nodes to create related topics as gimmicks to attract consumers.

2. Make a relative main picture

For sellers or A+sectors with brand flagship stores, you can make some theme pictures that should be relative to the holidays for publicity to attract customers.

Remember! The creative style of the picture must conform to the tone of its own brand. If the picture is not in line with the characteristics of your own brand, it is very easy to turn over.

3. Design should conform to mainstream aesthetics

Different countries and different sites have different symbolic expressions. Before designing, you must do more homework to the sites you choose, otherwise it is easy to make jokes. Taking Christmas as an example, European and American expression of Christmas is Christmas trees and Santa, while the Russians prefer the father of Bing and his granddaughter. logistics

4. Full score positioning of the product

Sellers must locate according to their own product categories. Men's supplies (such as shaver, belt, etc.) are more suitable for Father's Day, Thanksgiving, etc. Ladies' supplies (cosmetics, ladies, etc.) are more suitable for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day Thanksgiving, etc. It is necessary to find the corresponding strong correlation association according to the characteristics of the product.

5. Do a good job of marketing activities

Nodes doing promotion is definitely the most powerful means to attract consumers. Consumers will be more willing to enjoy more discounts while meeting their shopping needs. For example, limited time discounts, full discounts, membership exclusive and Coupon discounts. In addition to in -site activities, we must combine the promotion of the outside station. At this time, it is definitely a good time to overtake or promote new products through the event.

6. Collect user feedback

Sellers can use major social media platforms to collect feedback from users in advance. See what the customer's festival preference is. You can customize packaging according to the customer's preferences, change the picture of the product, or make bundle -type marketing.

7. Promotion before festival

Before the event, you must post extra posts in the station and send marketing emails. Tell consumers in advance that there are activities. Many customers will join the car when they see it. After the event starts, it can increase the conversion rate of the product.

The corresponding actions corresponding to the above seven o'clock, sellers may wish to persist more. Only when you make a step day, you can reach thousands of miles.

For Amazon sellers, the marketing promotion plan of the entire annual event should be formulated at the beginning of the year. According to the arrangement of foreign holidays and the arrangement of platform activities, it should be formulated to formulate their own shop products. Condition. These need to be done in advance, so that the direction of the entire holiday activity can be guided. If there are some shortcomings, it can also be optimized in time.

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