I don't know how to pricing the product correctly? 4 practical techniques sharing!


Today I will talk to you a topic that many novice sellers are very concerned: How should Amazon's products be priced? Is the easiest way to pricing?

In response to the problem of how to pricing products, some novice sellers may want to do whatever they want, and some more cautious novice sellers will pricing for their own products through the "own cost+acceptable profit space" approach. In fact, these two pricing methods are very incredible to my personal opinion, because both types of sellers have regarded pricing as personal behavior, and they have not considered the impact of the market environment on product pricing. Amazon logistics

We must study the market before the pricing for the product. If you do not study the market, then the set price is likely to not meet consumer cognition. Let me sort out here, what are the common pricing methods for old sellers.

1. Price according to the same type of product

We can get a reference for pricing by querying the same type, or the price of the same level of goods. Survey peers can help us understand the market, and understand that the market must understand those who sell well, so that they have reference value. For example, you can go to the BSR list to see those who sell well.

2. Survey the most popular price belt

Find the category of the product, and then count the price of the top 100 products in the BSR list, and then set the price belt, such as: less than $ 10, $ 10-15, $ 15-20, $ 20-30. Draw a few range, record the price of these products to the corresponding interval section, and then see which one of the most popular price belts (the most popular price belt is the highest price band in the proportion of goods).

I personally recommend everyone to make the most popular price. The pricing of your product can refer to the intermediate value of the most popular price band, but the premise is that you must ensure that the quality of the product is in line with the price of the product, and even the value of the product itself is better than the peers, so that the advantages of the product after entering the market will be More obvious.

Seeing this, some sellers have doubts: Can I not sell products with a lower or higher price range in the top 100 of the top 100?

If your product belongs to a low -grade product in the category, then you can find the price belt below this price belt, and calculate its average value. The reference average price will be much more reasonable. If your product is high in category, then you can find the price belt of the most popular price band above, which also calculates the average value. It can also be used as your price reference. shipping

In addition, there is a more special situation, that is, if my product is relatively high -end, my pricing must be higher than the most expensive seller sold in the top 100, otherwise what should I do if I lose money? In fact, for such products, I don't recommend everyone to do it, because such products are already higher than people's price awareness of the price of such products! In this case, it is difficult to operate it, because you need to find a way to educate customers and tell him why your product price is much higher than the peers. If you can't do this, then your product's product Sales will not be very good.

3. After obtaining the price reference, the cost of accounting

For example, the price of the product, the first -range freight, the end of the shipping cost, the commission of the sales, the cost of the warehouse, the cost of return, the storage costs, etc., calculate these costs, see if there is still profit. If you find that the price is priced in this way, and after the cost is reduced, your product has no profit, proves that your supply chain channel, or the transportation channel is much worse than the peer, so it leads to your price as the same Similarly, but there is no profit. In this case, I suggest you give up this product. Amazon logistics

If you want to make a lot of price higher than others to sell, it often means that you have failed before you start selling. Conversely, when you have a good price profit, you can try to make this product.

4. Low price

Note that the so -called low -cost volume must be far lower than the market's awareness of this product. Some sellers may say: I investigate and learn a product. Their price range is mainly concentrated at $ 15-20, and the quality is also worthy of this price. Go and go. Lao Chen can tell everyone that consumers from the three sites of Europe, the United States, and Japan do not care about the price advantage of your 1-2 US dollars, which is not enough for them. You must reduce the price to enough Shocking, such as as low as $ 9.99! But when you make a price of $ 9.99, you often mean you will lose money. In addition, the cost of advertising may be even greater.

If you have no problem with your selection, you use a low -cost strategy to enter the market, and you will definitely get a better sales in the early stage, and the ranking will be very powerful. The key is that in the process, the requirements for funds will be relatively high, and the funds need to be injected. If you can't stick to it, the price has not risen in the end, you will give up if you have not obtained profits. Water drift.

If you have always insisted on a low -cost strategy, after your ranking is done, you can try a little bit to increase the price of the product until it slowly rises. Note that you cannot rise at one time, and each price increase only increases. After rising, you must observe whether it has an impact on product sales. If there is an impact, you should fall back immediately, and then continue to observe it for a week. Stable for a period of time, and through continuous price increases, it slowly pulls it to profitable levels. This strategy is aimed at sellers with sufficient funds. If your funds are not sufficient, then I don't recommend you to adopt such price strategies.

Our pricing must refer to the competitive environment of the entire market. If you do not refer to it, it is equivalent to turning transactions into unilateral behaviors. This is irrational and unscientific.

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