Good operation! Did the five operating skills of Amazon master?

If Amazon wants to do well, operation must be a critical part. If the preparations in the previous items are perfect, but the chain is dropped during the operation process, it will be lost! Different products, operating skills and methods are different, and the results brought different results.

In this article, let's talk about several more common operation skills together!

1. How to quickly push the advertising position to the homepage

The various rankings on Amazon are unique and miscellaneous. However, for the advertising level, the main core is to have two pieces of click -through and conversion rates. As long as the two major blocks increase faster, the ranking will increase rapidly in a short period of time.

So, how to improve the click -through rate and conversion rate?

If you want to increase these two sectors quickly in the short term, the method is to increase the bid, let your advertising position enter the first three pages, and cooperate with good products to improve the click rate and conversion rate of the product.

2. How to mention the weight of the advertisement to the maximum

The seller can use the weight of an old link to drive the weight of a new link. Find a well -performed old link advertising group, then put this new product into the old advertising group, and at the same time suspend the old product, so that the new link can use the old link advertising group. But the premise to do this is that the new products are the same as the keywords of old products. The products are similar.

3. How to increase the weight of Review

Sellers can add pictures and videos in the comments. At present, you cannot interfere with Amazon's comments. You can consider contacting some celebrities to make some pictures and video comments, which can also increase the weight of search engines, thereby indirectly increasing the exposure of the product.

4. How to make new products with old products

The seller can find a high -weight product. Under the product, the new model can be hung under the product. It can also be bundled for sale. It can also be associated by buying a discount of other products. A+board can also be associated. These methods can complete the combination of old products and new products.

5. How to modify the listing but do not reduce the weight

Generally speaking, when the various data of the product are stable, it is not recommended to modify it. If you modify the listing, it will have a great impact on traffic, and the most serious will lead to 0 weights.

If you have to modify, the entire link must be fully recorded before modifying. Don't make big changes, just change one of the variables (the title and picture are selected one). logistics

If the title is changed to find the traffic or sales decline, it is necessary to change it immediately, as is the picture. Now Amazon has an A/B test function in the background. If you do not want to change it directly, you can perform single -variable testing in the background. You can check the automatic release. Once the results come out, the more variables will be released automatically.

The above five points are the most commonly used techniques in operation. Have you get?

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