How can a good Amazon operation make the cost of clearing inventory the lowest?

Recently, due to the peak infection, the production capacity of many factories cannot be delivered on time, and domestic logistics is limited. Many sellers who are too late to ship directly give up this round of stocks and lay down on holidays.

Based on the unprecedented long promotional period of this year's Q4, Christmas sales are almost clearly foreseeable, especially the seasonal products that are often talking about, and have passed a specific promotional period, which basically seamlessly connects to clear inventory.

For clear inventory, a core element is "fast".

Of course, the clear inventory is not just a casual hand swinging a jump price to pack and sell. As a good Amazon operation, how to make the cost of clearing inventory the lowest is what we should give priority.

Before clearing inventory, we need to calculate the cost of the product:


Directly destroyed the cost of the product generated by the product

This is the bottom line of clear inventory. No matter what channels are used to clear the goods, the cost of clearing the goods is higher than the cost of destruction. The price is meaningless.


Clear costs of clearing channels outside the station and internal channels

When the seller is clearing the inventory, it is often entangled in the selection of the inner channel or outside the station. Here, the small V recommends that the seller calculates the cost and conversion effect of advertising+low -priced+large Coupon in the station. If the cost in the station is not ideal, the seller should quickly use the channel outside the station.


Increase the cost of advertising, increase Coupon, and reduce the cost of selling prices

When clearing inventory, the above means may be used at the same time, or it may be used to see the effect only one or two of them. However, it depends on which one is the main means. If the cost is different, the one with a high overall conversion rate is given priority, because how much can bring a bit of natural orders to neutralize the cost.


Continuously optimize and reduce the overall advertising CPA under the premise that the limited budget can be fully used

In fact, many operational feedback, advertising during clearance is to continuously test different types of advertisements, different BIDs, different position premiums, testing the lowest value of CPA, or directly using ACOS to measure.

Here we need to refer to the following formulas:

CPA (single out of single outlet cost) = (single out-of-single spending-single out-of-single profit)/single number out

In the absence of a variety of solutions/channels, try to choose a solution with low CPA.

At the same time, during the stocking period, we must avoid two misunderstandings:

1. Clear and feel that you can do it again, and you will not increase the price

This is the pit that many sellers have stepped on, and they feel that the explosion is clear. Don't think about why you need to clear the goods at the beginning, but also stepping up stocking and deep into the pit.

2. Just start to clear the inventory intensity, the ink comes

The first step of many novices to clear the inventory is to slowly adjust advertisements. In fact, the clear inventory pays attention to the speed. It has been proved that the probability of success is too small by the "predecessor" to adjust the advertisement to adjust the advertisement. It's over.

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