Amazon Kurong cut it again! Some "conspiracy" hidden behind it?

Recently, Amazon Kurong has begun to implement restrictions again

Sellers complain

Tired, really tired


Some seller's IPI scores have always performed well, but Kurong has been unchanged, resulting in insufficient use; some are cut directly to the left.

Some sellers feedback that there are only two links in their own stores, from 5K library capacity to 1K, and the turnover rate is more than a few, and the last batch of goods could not be added a few years ago. Some sellers questioned: "While selling the goods while being sold, it is also downgraded. How much does it sell for you? Do Amazon want everyone to clear their warehouses?"

Amazon sales AWD

While cutting the library, Amazon sells AWD to the seller. Before that, Amazon said that the seller could use the AWD plan to realize the automatic replenishment, and sent the inventory to the FBA processing center with one click to get rid of the tedious and expensive header transportation and storage procedures. In fact, it is a third -party overseas warehouse in Amazon's official cooperation. The difference from the previous satellite warehouse is that AWD can set up automatic replenishment and does not need to use AGL official logistics.

Expansion method

In this regard, some people in the industry give suggestions that they can send email applications to expand capacity. In addition, some sales data must be added to the reason for the application. Some sellers have successfully expanded their capacity. There are also sellers who can apply for library capacity to the investment manager through the transparent plan.

The adjustment of Amazon Kuyong is also related to the IPI score. Generally speaking, the probability of IPI scores reaching standard library capacity is small, and even if it is cut, it is limited.

How to improve the IPI score

01 Reduce redundant inventory

This is a way to quickly improve the IPI score in the short term. If the surplus inventory is too high, it may be time to promote or remove old products. These products will increase long -term storage costs, reducing such products not only help to increase IPI scores, but also help reduce storage fees.

02 Increase the FBA sales rate

This indicator provides enterprises with a 90 -day rolling Amazon logistics sales rate. Its calculation method is that the number of goods shipped in the past 90 days, except for the average inventory of goods in Amazon FC during this period.

03 Repair non -selling inventory

"Amazon inventory without information" refers to the inventory that the product information is available and cannot be purchased by buyers, which will cause sales to reduce and generate storage costs. If you want to pay the storage fee for the inventory that cannot be sold, the IPI score will decline due to the percentage of the retention inventory. In addition, a higher percentage corresponds to lower IPI scores.

04 Increase FBA survival rate

Amazon logistics has the inventory rate to ensure how much value can be available for replenishment. If the best -selling goods are out of stock, it will affect the buyer's shopping experience, which may eventually lead to the reduction of Listing. Even if the inventory is supplemented in the later period, the sales volume will be affected.

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