How does Amazon seller increase the conversion rate?

1. How to view the conversion rate data?

After logging in to the seller platform, find the "Report" option and click "Business Report".

On the left, the seller can click "Sales and traffic of the details divided by the sub -product".

This report will display product data sold by sellers on Amazon, including total visits, page views, order volume, product sales, and conversion rate.

In the report generated here, the conversion rate will be recorded as "Unit Session Percentage".

As an Amazon seller, you can follow these indicators and perform corresponding optimization to ensure that product data performance is good.

2. What is the conversion rate on Amazon?

The average conversion rate of the Shopify store is about 1%-3%, and the average conversion rate on Amazon is about 10%, which is much higher than that of some independent stations.

This number depends on a variety of factors, such as price, comments, transportation speed, and listing quality. For example, more cost -effective and easy -to -impact buy products may have a higher conversion rate than more expensive products.

3. How to improve Amazon conversion rate?

• Optimize listing quality

The first step of Amazon seller to improve the conversion rate undoubtedly needs to improve the quality of product listing, including product pictures and information charts, product videos, eye -catching title, information -rich product selling points, A+content, and positive comments. At the same time Make sure the entire listing contains related keywords.

-It pictures and videos

Since consumers cannot touch the product itself, professional product pictures, information charts and product videos are very important.

-Tt subjective and selling minutes

Fully use Amazon's text description space, and at the same time ensure that the description contains keywords related to products and high search heat, which helps consumers find the corresponding product information when searching for search. Sellers can also use keywords to find keywords with higher conversion rates.

Product description helps to answer any problems that consumers may encounter before purchasing the product. When writing a description, try to be streamlined and concise.

-A+product description

If the seller registered the Amazon brand registration plan, the A+product description can be added to the brand product information. This allows sellers to add more photos, information charts and texts to the product description. The overall looks more professional than ordinary product descriptions, richer information, and easier to read.

-Corious praise

Consumer praise helps potential consumers to make purchase decisions on products, so it is also important to focus on improving the overall number of products and rating of the product.


In order to maximize the conversion rate, sellers need to formulate appropriate pricing strategies for product quality, profitability and competitive quotation. And pricing is not a matter of all time -sellers need to constantly test different pricing strategies to find ideas that are more suitable for their own products.

• Promotional discounts

Another method of increasing conversion rate is to test different discounts, coupons or promotional activities. This strategy can also be consistent with the overall pricing strategy of the seller.

For example, assuming the normal price of a certain product is $ 29.95 and you want to test the effect of the promotion price, then you can increase the market price in the seller's platform to display discounts on the details page.

Another way to test discounts is to add coupons to Listing. For example, when consumers receive coupons, 5%or 10%discounts can be obtained. The discount will be displayed in the product listing and search results in the form of an orange label.

To the "advertising" option on the seller platform, the seller can view which types of coupons and promotional activities that consumers can provide.

• Use Amazon Logistics

Consumers on Amazon are accustomed to quickly receiving products in two or shorter times. By using Amazon Logistics (FBA), if your competitors are slower at delivery, your conversion rate will also be improved.

Using Amazon logistics, sellers can send products to Amazon's logistics operation center. Amazon will handle the selection, packaging and transportation processes involved in order delivery -in addition, Amazon is also responsible for handling all customer services.

• Add variant

If the seller already has a successful explosive product on Amazon, it can consider adding variants to the existing product to increase the conversion rate. Some consumers may prefer the different colors, size, odor or design of the products currently provided by the seller.

The more choices for consumers, the higher the final conversion rate.

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