Amazon OTT Video Advertising Introduction

OTT advertisements, also known as streaming media TV advertisements, are advertisements displayed to the audience through the Internet through the Internet.

If you have participated in live broadcast activities on Twitch, or watching the video on Freevee, Fire TV or Amazon Prime video, then you can know more about what OTT video ads are.

Generally speaking, in addition to using conventional Amazon advertising strategies, brands with more advertising budgets will also cover a wider audience through Amazon OTT advertising.

In this article, we will introduce the following:

1. What is Amazon OTT ads?

2. Who can use OTT ads?

3. What are the benefits of Amazon OTT ads?

4. How to do a good job of Amazon OTT ads?

1. What is Amazon OTT ads?

OTT advertisements are used to contact audiences who consume content consumption through the Internet. Because consumers received more content information from the Internet than conventional TV programs can provide more, this advertising solution is very popular in the brand.

With Amazon OTT advertisements, advertisers can reach more audiences outside the Amazon website. In fact, Amazon said that their streaming media services can attract at least 135 million viewers through streaming TV advertising and Twitch. In addition, Fire TV also has more than 50 million monthly active users in the world, and undoubtedly has precipitated a very considerable traffic pool.

The OTT video advertisements will be displayed in: FreeVee, Twitch, Prime Video on sports live broadcast channels, TV networks and broadcast applications, and news applications on Fire TV.

Advertisers can create Amazon OTT video advertisements through the Amazon DSP platform (demand party platform). Amazon DSP is suitable for all advertisers, and it can be used whether you sell products on Amazon. The video advertisements will be displayed to millions of people on all the streaming platforms on Amazon. The display form is similar to ordinary TV ads. It will be displayed in full screen before or during the formal content playback.

Since these advertisements are unspeakable advertising forms, advertisers need to pay for paid by thousands of times, which is also different from search advertising activities, the latter follows the hits.

2. Who can use Amazon OTT ads?

Streaming TV advertisements are suitable for brands, suppliers, sellers and agents. Advertisers can put on OTT ads without becoming a platform seller.

Self -service Amazon DSP users can buy and manage their own video advertising activities, and those advertisers who seek custody services can cooperate with the platform's advertising consultant. The minimum budget for hosting services is usually $ 15,000. If the advertising budget is less than $ 15,000, Amazon will change to recommend sponsor advertising products to advertisers, such as product promotion, brand promotion and display promotion.

3. What are the benefits of Amazon OTT ads?

More than one -third of American families are expected to cancel subscribing services for cable TV or satellite TVs and turn to streaming media.

It is difficult for audiences to attract through traditional TV ads. With the current market video advertisement, advertisers will be able to better locate the target audience and accurately cover them in the content they watch.

Another great benefit of Amazon OTT video advertisement is that advertisers can clearly measure the success of advertising activities, rather than knowing the final effect as it is difficult to launch as traditional TV ads.

4. How to do a good job of Amazon OTT ads?

• confirm target

Before making videos, advertisers must first determine the goal of achieving video ads. Many brands use advertisements to increase brand awareness and establish emotional connections with the audience. You can focus on a certain goal to maintain the participation of viewers, thereby stimulating people to further understand the interest of products or services.

• Know the audience

Advertisers need to clearly know the portrait of their target audience in order to make video ads that meet market demand and pass valuable marketing information.

• Tell a story well

Tell a fascinating story in the video to attract the audience. The story can show how products or services improve the lives of consumers, and they can show why consumers should choose you instead of competing products, and give them a reason to be your loyal audience.

• Plant the logo

Although it is an old -fashioned topic, please ask advertising to implant the brand logo in video advertisements. Show the logo to help increase the overall brand awareness. quote

• Call of sexual term

Add a appeal term at the end of the video advertisement to attract the audience to access the website, buy or understand the brand information in detail, but it is recommended not to let the slogan look similar to a button like a button.

• Painting outside sound

This can help advertisers convey information to the audience to limit the use of screen text and pass information more directly.

• Screen text

Although advertisers recognize their copywriting, Amazon recommends restricting the number of text used in streaming video advertisements because it will lead to a poor experience in the audience. Therefore, it is recommended to use short and easy -to -read sentences to express their views.

• Music/audio

Choose music or audio that matches the advertising tone. Avoid using audio that may interfere with audience experience.

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