Tell you quietly: I rely on these seasonal products to achieve freedom of explosion!


Amazon sellers mainly do non -seasonal products. After all, the profits of such products will be more stable.

But if you want high profits, seasonal products cannot be released

In fact, seasonal products are not difficult to do.

As long as you master the characteristics of the product and choose the category, you can also sell it

How to choose seasonal products?

Amazon has its explosive product every quarter, so we choose the product corresponding to the quarterly product.


For example, in spring, garden products are particularly good and hot. If you want to do spring, your focus should be placed in this aspect, not by the scattered resources and attention by small festivals such as Valentine's Day. DDP service


Not to mention summer products, children's toys, swimming surroundings, beach series, etc. are particularly easy to sell. This type of product threshold is particularly low and the purchase cost is very low. This is its advantage.

But its disadvantages are also caused by this, because of its advantages, so there will be a lot of people who do it, resulting in not many single quantities that everyone will be divided. There are less meat, so many people will think of spoofing opponents to increase their single quantity.

In fact, for summer products, I suggest that you can make some thresholds relatively high. For example, the threshold of outdoor home movements is high, and many sellers will be stopped. It will be reduced a lot.


Autumn is mainly the product of the opening season. The products of the opening season can be sold throughout the year, but the order will be burst in autumn, so if you are a targeted product of the opening season, you can It can be promoted, harvested a wave in autumn, and then returned to peace, that is, your product can be promoted normally.

In addition to the opening season in autumn, Halloween is between autumn and winter. Halloween products try to choose some self -flowing flows as much as possible. In the traditional sense, it is particularly easy to sell. For example, the surrounding products such as death, pumpkin, bat, spider, etc., do not choose that kind of unpopular product, it may be particularly good, and it may not be sold in one order.


Winter products and Christmas are particularly easy to sell, but its pit is that some products have a particularly high return rate. For example, adult clothing, everyone must pay attention.

Seasonal products need to pay attention to

01 Make a product comment first

It is recommended that you get on the shelves in the link. Before the official season is launched, it will be sold one to two months in advance, lower the budget bidding a little, and then make a few comments first. Help you compress a lot of time, don't let the time comments occupy most of your limited number of out -of -season outings, this will affect sales very much.

02 quickly burn the advertisement

In addition to the products in the autumn school season, we can use funnel advertisements to promote normally. Other waves of products are recommended to find keywords, focus on playing a few keywords, and quickly burn the advertisement. freight quote

Don't pay too much attention to your category ranking and keyword rankings, mainly because low costs sell us in stock, so resources must be focused on several keywords to burn. Do not disperse it to dozens of keywords to dozens of keywords Go above, so that each keyword can be sticky, but each keyword cannot be sold.

03 Don't blindly replenish

Do not make up for a wave of products, especially Halloween and Christmas products, and sell it after it is sold. This year, you will prepare for next year. Don't think about selling it. If you have a few days, I will quickly ship the goods. It may cause the product to be slow to sell the product due to various uncontrollable factors.

Well, with this seasonal selection strategy, you can just try to try according to your actual situation!

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