TIKTOK SHOP peak season hot sales trend: grasping warm winter and gift attributes

Tiktok Shop launched the "Global Promotion Season at the end of the world" for the first time this year, including Britain, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. shipping cost

During the peak season, what new explosive trends need to be paid attention to, and how to enter this huge social e -commerce market with huge potentials. The following will share the trend of explosive products and the latest official policy interpretation of the annual peak season.

The explosive power of warm winter and gift attribute products

Every year on Tiktok, there are so many festivals every year, and the single volume is very large. The first is Black Five, the second is Mother's Day, and the third is Valentine's Day. And these festivals will have a commonality, that is, the demand for gift attributes is strong, so if the seller's products have certain gift attributes, it has a strong explosiveness.

In addition, combined with the time and seasonal launch of related products is also easy to create explosive products.

Now in the winter of Europe and the United States, due to the problem of energy supply, TIKTOK SHOP has been very hot some time ago, and almost all products such as hot water bags and electric blankets have been sold. If the European market is done, all related products related to warm -keeping, such as electrical appliances, clothing, home textiles, have a high demand recently. If you can find some products with gift attributes at the same time, the explosive power will be stronger.

This is some of the recent explosives commonality and explosive ideas. I hope everyone can dig out some new products from these ideas. The next Christmas, Valentine's Day next year, etc., can actually start preparing now. In addition, the market of warm winter products has not yet been, and the seller can try how to combine warm winter and Valentine's Day, maybe it can create a new explosive product.

Pay attention to the English creative ability of Southeast Asia

From the perspective of language, the largest market in TIKTOK is actually the English market. Whether it is Australia, Europe or the Americas, the English market is actually a major market. If you look at this idea, first of all, whether you want to create a short video now, or the live broadcast ability, the creation of English content is actually very important for sellers. sea freight

On TIKTOK, Britain accounts for a large proportion of the English population, but there are too few people in the UK and have a certain ceiling. Therefore, it is recommended that sellers look at Southeast Asia. There are also about 25%of Malaysia's population. If we can cultivate English content in this area of the Philippines, whether it is English live broadcast or short videos in English, we can truly realize a store for sale in the future with the market in other English areas. Global, the potential is very great.

If the seller wants to prepare for the "one store selling the world" in the future, there should be some options for the market, and the English market must not be missed. So I recommend everyone to do the two markets of the Philippines and Malaysia.

Another point is that Singapore has now supported Chinese live broadcast. Because there are many Chinese in Singapore, the per capita GDP is high, and the consumption power is very strong, so the unit price is also very high. If the seller really does not have English ability, you can also learn the way of live broadcasts and goods in China directly, and then start a Chinese live broadcast in Singapore. This should also be an opportunity.

In short, sellers who have English ability or are preparing to develop in this regard can be the Malaysian and Philippines market. If the current English ability is insufficient, it is recommended to go to the Singapore market.

Tiktok shop settled rules

Many sellers are novices, and they have not even registered accounts and shops. Tiktok Shop will have different investment rules at different stages.

Now Tiktok Shop's settlement method is very simple and clear, just go to the official website to register. If you need to settle in Southeast Asia, the standard will be slightly higher, and the seller needs to have the operating experience of other e -commerce platforms. Whether it is a domestic platform or a foreign platform, as long as you provide a qualification, you can basically pass the review.

Many sellers may ask, what if there is no experience? Can't you operate TIKTOK without experience? Actually not. If you have no experience, you can go to the British store. The current standards and the threshold for settlement are actually reduced a lot. The main threshold is to need a company's business license. In addition, the seller's legal person ID card can be uploaded to register.

Tik Tok is in a period of rapid development and has very large traffic dividends. It is a key project this year and next year, and will continue to optimize the settlement process. Therefore, some sellers who are considering settled in, do not have to worry too much about the cumbersome process, seize the new opportunities in the new model of the content e -commerce as soon as possible.

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