Why is Amazon product review and rating important for growth?

There is no better product marketer than customers who have purchased products. Amazon found that 77%of customers are willing to buy products to refer to comments and rating before completing the transaction. This is why Amazon provides a strong customer feedback mechanism, and sellers can use it to improve their product lists and e -store reviews and rating.

To do Amazon, we must always optimize product reviews and scores. This is a process of "endless". So what aspects of Amazon product reviews and rating in the promotion of growth?

Your product will be ranked among the search results

Online shoppers have a strong intention of transaction, and most people want to find, buy and deliver items they want as soon as possible. Therefore, they use some keywords to search for the product, such as the name, type, brand, etc. of the product.

On the generated search results page, the first few stores are more likely to get sales. Buyer comments/scores play a role in determining the product ranking. According to many Amazon experts, the A9 search algorithm also regards customer comments as standards. The more positive comments and rating, the higher the ranking, and the greater the chance of changing.

Amazon product review provides word -of -mouth marketing

Word of mouth has always been the main content of marketing, because people will trust those who have used the product, not the company's sales. Amazon's customer reviews and rating parts allow the potential customers of the product to understand the experience it provided through the currently in use or past.

Therefore, even if no one can buy and use the product around the potential buyer, they will have the opportunity to understand the product from the third party, which means that the seller has the opportunity to get new customers.

Help improve your product

Market research is very important for providing products that customers want to buy, but this research does not end at the initial stage of product development. The feedback given by customers after using the finished product is essential to improve the finished product. Manufacturers cannot foresee all problems that may occur during the use of the product because they have no time to test the product so long.

If you are a supplier on Amazon, this feedback allows you to directly understand the product and develop life cycle. If you are a seller, you can understand more information about the product and improve description writing, and pass the information to OEM. freight

If the product list meets the needs of most target audiences, you may get more sales. You can find what kinds of products the customer wants in the comments part, so as to improve your product. You can also predict the possible future trends, you can use these trends to change the lineup of the product accordingly.

Get information about competitors

Competitors research is an effective method for improving the overall business process, and one of the ways to understand is customer reviews.

You can get information about competitors in two ways: one is the customer's comment on competitors' products and services. This is a more direct and time -saving method, but it needs to view many comments on many competitors' product pages.

Another method is to analyze your product page to find information provided by customers who have used competitors and services. In any way, such customer feedback will help you gain advantages in competition.

Your client feels more participation

When customers can actively contribute to the development and improve their favorite products, they will feel happy and valued. Through commenting and rating, they can easily do this.

Just a few words and click/click the star -based rating system to change the products or services they may get. This participation helps to retain customers, because they will feel that they are important and can get the products they want.

You can ask the customer's negative comment and ensure the root cause of correction. You can also actively reply to customers who leave positive comments and comments, making them feel valued. These behaviors have enhanced the trust of customers' services, helping them to retain them and through their brand promotion.

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