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01 Impression (exposure)

1. The advertising activity is less than 1000 exposure and the click rate is less than 0.3%. It is too much exposure.

To increase bidding, you can refer to the recommended bidding to bid. If this is still the same, the raising is 10%-20%each time, and the test reasonable value optimization is optimized. Among them, except for leaky advertisements.

2. Keyword advertising activities are exposed to more than 10,000, but the click rate is less than 0.3%, and the bid is low.

Increase a 10%-20%bidding to reduce the exposure of the product page. Among them, profit -type advertising, leaky advertisements, and other non -keyword advertisements can ignore this exposure problem.

02 CLICK & CLick Rate (click and click on rate)

1. The general reason is that the general reason is insufficient budget, too high CPC, and too small advertising search quantity

① Click less-insufficient budget. To increase budgets, at least a budget that can be clicked by 1 form.

② Click less -cpc to be caused. Key words accurately match the CPC too high, you can replace the word group matching attempts, and the phrases are not replaced.

③ Click less-advertisements to be caused. Words that are ranked in the search frequency within 10W. The main advertisements do not invest in words that are ranked too backward.

2. Can't click on or out of a single problem

First check whether the click is caused by less. If it is not, check whether the link is optimized (title, picture, five -point description, A+pages, Search Term problem), whether the price is competitive, and whether the promotion is attractive. shipping

3. Low click -through rate is generally linked problems, advertising parameters correlation problems, and advertising positions are too poor

① Low-click-link problem.

-In optimized links. Keeping the main map is attractive, refer to the main map of the excellent competing product, it is best to render;

-Set the price of competitiveness. Most of the pricing situation of competitive products in the same track, so as not to deviate from the market;

-The attractive promotional setting, open more than 10%coupons, appropriate exclusive discounts, multiple purchase promotion;

--The title, Five Elements, A+, ST pay attention to buried words.

② Low click-through rate-Advertising (Advertising Publishing List is weak, and there are not many orders.

Character -changing words, judgment of similar products displayed according to the search results. Reference articles:

③ The problem of low clicks-the advertising level is too poor.

Click rate: Under normal circumstances, the top of the search results> the rest of the search results> the product page

We need the advertising position to the top of the search results. The advertising position adjustment at the top of the search results (it is recommended to start from 30%) increase the bidding, focusing on the top of the search results.

If the advertising position is not significantly adjusted, then look at the CPC of the three advertising sites and try to bid at the top of the CPC on the top of the search result.

03 CVR (conversion rate)

1. Link optimization is not in place, and the link needs to be optimized.

2. Price and promotion issues. Set up competitive prices, refer to most of the pricing situation of the same track competing products, so as not to deviate from the market;

Turn on more than 10%of the coupons, appropriate exclusive discounts, and buying promotion multiple pieces.

3. The keyword correlation is weak, and the correlation is strong, and the judgment of similar products displayed according to the search results.

4. The conversion rate of new products will be low due to no comments. To set up competitive prices, refer to most of the pricing situation of the same track competing products, so as not to deviate from the market.

5. Some categories have low natural conversion rates. Background growth-Commodity detector-Entering category large words View the average conversion rate of category.

① The category natural conversion rate is low-links are lower than the average.

That is, one or more reasons for the linked optimization, price and promotional issues, keyword correlation problems, and the low conversion rate of new products. It is necessary to optimize the link, set up competitive prices, and set up attractive promotions.

② Low category natural conversion rate-links are higher than the average, and even 1.5-3 times the conversion rate of categories, indicating that we have a good conversion rate in the re-category, but it may be low compared to other categories in the market.

This situation has made a breakthrough on the CVR, and this situation is more common in non -standard products. Need to reduce CPC, increase the number of clicks to ensure enough orders and lower ACOS.

04 ACOS (advertising production ratio)

There are only 3 factors that affect ACOS: CPC, CVR and customer unit price

ACOS = Advertising Flower/Advertising Sales = (CPC*Clicks)/(Passing unit price*Number of clicks*CVR) = CPC/(customer unit price*CVR) = CPC/customer unit price/CVR

CPC: Other conditions remain unchanged, the higher the CPC, the higher the ACOS. The purpose of advertising is to push high CPCs with high CPCs. It is understandable. Keywords are pushed up with keyword advertisements and non -push keywords.

CVR: Other conditions are unchanged, the higher the conversion rate, the lower the ACOS. Optimize links, set up competitive prices and attractive promotions, and increase conversion rates.

Customer unit price: The unit unit price is generally relatively stable. Other conditions remain unchanged. Generally, the ACOS of low -customer unit price products is higher than the high -quality unit price ACOS.

During the selection stage, try to avoid choosing low -customer unit price products, especially low customer single standards (high CPC high, low customer unit price causes high ACOS);

Low -customer unit price products are almost impossible to make money by advertising, but they can extend traffic for products. Low -customer unit price products need to win by quantitatively, a large number of natural orders make profit, and eventually the entire link is profitable.

05 TACOS (advertising fee accounting rate)

1. The new product TACOS is high. There is no traffic on the shelves, and it needs to rely on paid traffic. Relying on advertising orders to promote the increase in natural traffic and increased natural ranking.

The new product has just started TACOS 100%, slowly decreased to 80%, 50%. The average TACOS in the new period is normal at 40%-60%.

2. TACOS, which stabilizes old products, is a reasonable level between 10%-15%. It is normal for TACOS to reach 10%-20%of high-profit products.

3. Stable link TACOS is higher than 20%, so the link over relying on advertisements will cause instability. It is necessary to use keyword ranking (standard) or related traffic (non -standard products) to increase natural traffic to avoid advertising dependence.

4. Stable link TACOS is less than 10%. Although the advertising profit is doing well, the advertising cost is too low, resulting in the role of the advertisement that does not exert its due extension and the flow of flow, and the link ranking has been restricted to further increase.

So, what level does your Tacos belong to? Is it reasonable?

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