How to keep the popularity after Amazon's peak season?

After the peak season, you must make a review and summary before you can further optimize it. After the re -examination is over, we must start to "look at the future" to maintain the popularity of the peak season, laying a way for the next "small peak season" to guide consumers to make repurchase.

Grasp the Christmas Month, the transformation brought by it is no less than that of Heiwu and the Net.

Use display type promotion to make re -marketing

If you want to grasp the flow heat brought by Heiwu and the Net, sellers can make full use of the "audience launch" in the display type promotion to make re -marketing.

In this section, the seller can choose to market the two functions of re -marketing and browsing and buying and buying. With these two functions, the seller can activate some of the potential consumers left by Heiwu and the net. It's new.

By marketing and direction, it can help sellers to further reach the details page of their own or other tube products in the near future, but they have not purchased potential consumers. To do a certain drainage and set a reputation for new products, at the same time, new products are new, and you can also take back the sales opportunities that lost during the Black Five period. logistics

Buying and re -marketing is a marketing section for customers, brand loyal powder, and consumers who have purchased similar products. Using this section can promote cross -sales of products and further reach new audiences. It can also promote consumer repurchase, increase consumers' loyalty to the brand, and tap more brand loyalty.

In addition to these two sections, sellers can also use various full reduction and discounts to use the heat flow brought by the black five networks to drive new product sales.

Create a brand flagship store to establish a brand image

The sellers' eyes cannot be limited to the remaining heat after the first and after the first and after the first and after the first and after. From the long -term perspective, only the brand can make its own brand on Amazon to stand on Amazon. After all, doing a good brand can bring the seller's long -lasting interests and active loyal fans.

In brand building, brand flagship stores are the top priority. Using the brand flagship store, using a series of assistance to the brand flagship store to make a good drainage for flagship stores, you can establish a high -quality brand image for sellers.

The seller can refer to the following points to create a brand flagship store.

Have videos: If you add brand videos or product videos.

Exhaust brand promotion to the brand flagship store: If the brand promotion is launched, use the brand flagship store focus mode.

Have more than three sub -pages.

Add a shopping picture: Guide to directly click to join the shopping cart.

Add intelligent recommendation group components: If you use best -selling products and recommend commodity components for product pictures.

Add product collection parts.

Add pictures and exhibition board components: promoting brand stories, brand claims, new products, etc.

After creating a good brand flagship store, you can also use the brand promotion on Amazon, so as to drain more consumers into their own stores and play the biggest role in the store.

For example: The seller can use the brand flagship store focus model in brand promotion to increase the click -through rate and exposure rate of the store. This function supports the seller's three sub -pages of its flagship store in a creative form.

Warm tips, sellers can make three targeted sub -pages according to different needs of their own stores.

For example, products with different attributes that show different attributes of products, promotions or discount products with the remaining temperature of the peak season, and festival products that show their brand culture.

On the brand flagship store page, sellers can also build a recent year -end promotion or festival page, put brand promotion on this page, cater to consumers' shopping psychology, and increase views.

In addition, sellers can also help brand flagship stores to attract and accumulate fans through posts (test version) and Amazon Live. The more followers, the stronger the brand's attractiveness, and the more loyal users.

With these preparations, the seller can capture more traffic in the "small climax" at the end of the year, win orders, and laugh in the end in the long run.

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