Amazon CEO talks about the peak season in the United States: consumption is still sluggish, and they are all looking for "cheap goods"

Amazon CEO talks about the peak season in the United States: consumption is still sluggish, and they are all looking for "cheap goods"

On November 30, local time, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy delivered a speech at the New York Times Dealbook conference. When talking about the American Thanksgiving consumption this year, he said that consumption is still sluggish and consumers focus on looking for special products. According to JASSY, due to inflation and rising interest rates that damage consumer confidence, Amazon's prediction of holiday season sales may slow down. However, Jassy pointed out that because the economy is still full of uncertainty, Amazon is currently evaluating the buyer's response to the current environment.

Tiktok's advertising revenue in 2027 will exceed Meta and YouTube Summary

It is predicted that by 2027, online video ads will generate more than $ 331 billion in revenue, of which 37%of their revenue will belong to TIKTOK, which is $ 122.47 billion. By 2027, Tiktok's advertising revenue will exceed the sum of Meta's platforms and YouTube.

Netflix will generate $ 7.4 billion in revenue in 2027, equivalent to 2%of the online video advertising market; Meta performed poorly in the privacy restrictions implemented by Apple last year. Advertising on META has lost its effectiveness, causing many brands to transfer advertising budgets to other places.

Vietnam Zhongtong opened two Chinese cross -border lines

News on December 1st, Vietnam Zhongtong opened the 9610 cross-border e-commerce express line of Guangzhou-Vietnam Hanoi Logistics Express Line and the 9610 cross-border e-commerce express line in Hanoi, Vietnam, China, to help China-Vietnam cross-border e-commerce faster and better development. The combination of land transportation and air transportation is convenient to clear the customs 24 hours, the time limit for 3 to 5 days, the logistics trajectory can be visualized, the transportation price is more affordable, providing high -cost logistics services for China -Vietnam cross -border e -commerce.

AliExpress: The seller must submit the French EPR compliance qualification before December 7th

On November 30th, the Speed -to -Combine Platform Platform recently issued a "Announcement on the New French EPR Counter Qualification Qualification". The announcement states that before December 7, 2022, the seller completed the corresponding category (packaging, sports and leisure equipment, DIY and gardening products, toys, tires, paper products, chemicals, lubricating oil and industrial oil) EPR registration information. , So as not to be blocked by the French market and affect business.

Shopee seller lending plan is officially launched at the Chinese seller center

A few days ago, the SHOPEE seller's lending plan was officially launched at the Chinese seller center, providing a variety of financing channels, helping fast, convenient, and flexibly solving the problem of capital turnover, seizing Southeast Asia and Latin American business opportunities to develop business, and promoting the overall season for the peak season. In the seller's lending plan, a selected high -quality financial service provider has launched a variety of borrowing products, which can match the needs of most sellers. At the same time, the seller will have the opportunity to receive a loan invitation from a third -party lending partner at the Chinese seller center.

In 2023, the size of Indonesia e -commerce will reach 36.4 billion US dollars

The Central Bank of Indonesia's President Perry Warjiyo said that although the economy in 2023 may be full of challenges, it is expected that people's spending power will be quite high. "The digital economy will grow rapidly in 2023, e -commerce transactions will reach 572 trillion Indonesian shields, and electronic currencies will reach 5.08 trillion Indonesian shields," Perry said. Earlier, the Indonesian central bank reported that the amount of e -commerce transactions in the first half of 2022 increased. Perry said that in order to maintain this achievement, collaboration and innovation are the main key to maintaining the stability and toughness of the national economy.

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