Black Wuwang promotes the end, and the profit of Amazon seller is greatly reduced. What is the reason?

This year's Black Wuwang officially came to an end, but the information passed by many buyers could not feel the advent of the peak season. , But sales still declined directly. Without a lot of cooling, Amazon first splashed himself a pot of extremely cold water, making himself trembling.

And this year's Black Five Network One, what is the performance of Amazon, what is the situation of the seller, and there are very few people who have exploded?

It has been exploded, but the profit is less ...

"After refreshing a few times, I thought the order system was wrong again." At the beginning of the Black Five, many sellers sent out such emotions in the group or related forums.

"The budget was added, and the explosive order didn't wait.

"The advertisement is enough, and the sales volume is really cool."

"It feels no different from usual, just buy it cheaper than before."

"According to the sales volume on the first day, I feel that the spike fee of the spike of the five or seven days can not be earned ..."

There are even sellers that Black Five has begun. Did foreign buyers run to see the World Cup? There is no order. The downturn before the beginning of the promotion also caused many sellers to lose confidence in this peak season.

Some sellers said: "If you ask you if you ask you before than Thanksgiving, I believe me, either an experience or a weak sense of consciousness. The PD activity started in advance at the end of Thanksgiving. The online active period is on Friday (No. 25) to around Tuesday (29th), of which one of the net is the top flow. "

As the seller said, the downturn of this order did not last long. On the day of the fifth American time, the single volume of the seller continued to rise, and some sellers also ushered in the peak of orders this year, sweeping the haze of the downturn this year.

From the quantity of some sellers and related forums, the single volume has exceeded a thousand, and sellers who have turned several times abound.

According to data from Adobeanalytics, American buyers' online expenditure on Friday this year reached a record 9.12 billion US dollars, higher than US $ 8.9 billion in 2021 and US $ 9 billion in 2020, a year -on -year increase of 2.3%. In addition, ADOBE data also shows that it is expected that the Internet will promote US e -commerce sales to US $ 11.2 billion, an increase of 5.1%year -on -year, and will exceed the Black 5 as the largest online shopping day in the United States this year.

It can be seen that the broader market data is still growing. It's just that the profit of the seller is much lower than before. Those who cause profits to decline are mainly these reasons:

1. High inflation abroad has made sellers pay more attention to consumption costs this year, discounts and more favorable products are more attractive to them.

2. Previously, a large number of shipments caused a large number of inventory products to be shipped in large quantities, and they had to use greater discounts than previous years to attract buyers to buy.

3. Inner volume, this is what we often mention. More and more people enter the game. Everyone wants to get a cake, and the competition is becoming more intense.

4. The cost of advertising costs rose.

5. The impact of emerging platforms. An article about a cross -border cross -border e -commerce person in a multi -cross -border platform has been widely circulated in the circle, which has caused a lot of discussions. During the Black Five period, this platform also penetrated the low price, with a discount of up to 70%. In addition, 99 yuan was held for free shipping activities. Without 14 days, the goods were exempted from the bill, 90 dissatisfied full refund and other activities, and became a full refund and other activities. The competition price king of this year.

However, most sellers believe that although it is harmful, it is not fatal. Some sellers believe that using cheap consumption concepts to treat foreign buyers, overseas sellers do not eat this set, more, they only pursue quality. As a result, the impact may be minimal.

In addition, the seller should pay attention to that after the Black Wuwang, the shops generally have more differential reviews and returns. For seller's return, sellers must patiently and politely handle the customer's return request. shipping

Otherwise, once the return rate and bad review are too much, it is not good for yourself, which not only affects the weight of the link, but also seriously affects product sales and rankings. Coupled with Amazon's scores of these performance assessments, the sellers must pay more attention. Of course, if it is recognized as a malicious return, you must apply to the platform to safeguard your legitimate interests.

Use the differences and returns given by buyers, start from product demand points, improve iteration of their products, and form product differentiation. At the same time, after the peak season, the seller must also maintain the sales weight of the link, and make up the products that will be out of stock in time to avoid affecting the Lisitng ranking and keyword weights.

Here we also congratulate the seller students who have achieved good results in Heiwuang No. 1 Middle School. Of course, the students who do not have the explosion of the single continue to refuel, and the timely recovery of the large -promoting data to analyze the reasons for the decline in their sales and the increase in the sales of competitive products. The promotion strategy of competing products, find out their own shortcomings, thereby optimizing their operating strategies, and strive to achieve good results in the Christmas season.

Starting today, Amazon or forced sellers will log in to log in for two -step verification

Amazon said that starting from December 1, 2022, sellers must use two -step verification to log in to the seller center with a mobile phone number or verification device application.

This update will ensure that the seller's account is safe. After entering the password, the seller will receive a temporary verification code through the mobile phone SMS, and you can confirm your login after entering.

If the seller does not want to receive the temporary verification code through the SMS every time you log in, the seller can go to the login setting to register an authentication application for two -step verification. If the seller does not register a mobile phone number or identity verification application on the account, the system will guide the seller to complete the registration when the seller logs in.

How to set two -step verification:

1. Log in to the Amazon seller center. On the Amazon account page, click "Login and Security Settings", and then click "Advanced Security Settings".

2. On the "Advanced Security Settings" page, click "Start". Select how you want to receive the verification code:

SMS on the phone: enter the seller's full number (must be able to receive the SMS), and then click Send the verification code

Through automatic voice call: enter the seller's full number, and then click "Send Voice Call".

By using the authentication app on the mobile phone: click to add a new authentic device application, open the authentication application (or download from the app store), add an account to the application, and then scan the displayed barcode.

3. Enter the code generated to the phone number or pass the verification applist, and then click to verify and continue.

4. In order to ensure that the mobile phone number cannot be used, the verification code can still be received. The seller needs to perform the following operation to add a reserve verification number:

Add the phone number and select the format (SMS or voice call).

Download and configure the authentication application, and the seller can generate the verification code when the message cannot receive the message.

5. Enter the code to send to the phone number or pass the verification device application, and then click to verify and continue. Just enable two steps to verify.

This update has also greatly improved the security of the seller's account and reduced the risk of improper accounts.

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