For one month left, how can Amazon sellers be able to grab business opportunities in the peak season


Shopping in the year -end and peak season is in full swing. Overseas markets are welcoming Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Internet Monday, Light Festival, Christmas, and Broaden Festival. Cross -border sellers can often achieve "counterattacks" during this period.

1. Optimize product listing

In order to cope with the surging traffic of Amazon during the peak season, sellers should ensure that all products are optimized for each product Listing, adding relevant keywords related to the peak season, etc., thereby increasing traffic conversion rates.

The specific optimization measures of Lisiting are as follows:

Update the picture. Add related holiday theme pictures to product information, such as adding product photos with festival decoration background, or daily life photos taken in a special environment.

Carry out market surveys and test different pictures to determine which images consumers like. If the seller has registered the brand, it can use Amazon's management tools to split and test the main map, selling point description and title.

Sellers can use keyword reconnaissance tools for research to ensure that no important new search words will be missed. The tool will display the search trend of each keyword in the past 30 and 90 days, and then try to add the current upward trend and the unsaptive keywords, and try to add it to Lisiting.

Optimize your listing with keywords recommended by Listing generator. The keywords required to introduce the ranking from keyword reconnaissance tools.

If the seller registered the brand, you can use the brand analysis tool to view the keywords and rankings of its own products or competitors in the specific time period of the shopping season last year, so as to reference for the Listing keywords of this year.

Adding videos to product information will help attract more consumers.

Add keywords related to holidays in the entire list and back -end search words, such as Gift, Last Minute Gift, Gifts For, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc. Make sure that the listing contains as much information as possible, so that potential buyers will not leave from you with problems. For example, if you are a seller selling clothing, make sure the keywords contain appropriate size details and sizes to avoid confusion.

If the current listing is high -quality, the seller only needs to add keywords related to holidays.

The seller should complete the above steps as soon as possible to ensure that the black Friday and the week of Monday will be fully welcomed.

2. Adjust the PPC advertising series and overall budget

The increase in the consumption flow of platforms in the peak season will also make high -quality PPC ads more competitive, which means that sellers need to increase the cost of keyword bidding, and they must also complete the daily budget faster than usual. If the advertisement is currently profitable, the daily budget should be considered to cope with the expected growth. If the seller finds the daily budget before the end of the day, please gradually increase the budget until you find a suitable number to keep the advertisement.

Determine ACOS and Roas goals

Sellers should understand their own profit and loss balance, understand ROAS and ACOS, and pay close attention to the performance of the advertising series in the shopping season.

Raise keyword bidding

As a large number of platform sellers continue to declare products in the peak season, the current cost cost of keywords will also rise. The seller should properly increase the keyword price according to the product to ensure that the advertisement and the product get as much as possible.

The seller does not need to manually change the bid of each keyword, and can change the bid strategy in the advertising activities management tools of the seller platform. By selecting "dynamic bid -improvement and decrease", the authorization system is automatically adjusted to 100%when advertising is more likely to be converted into orders. If Amazon thinks that the advertisement does not bring transformation, the keyword bid will be reduced.

Test different advertising strategies

If the seller registered the brand, you can access other types of advertising that non -brand sellers cannot access, and can test various advertising types in the peak season. The types of advertising that are usually not used may now be more adapted.

With the help of brand promotion advertisements, sellers can create a customized shopping experience on Amazon and avoid the exclusion of competitors ads. After clicking the advertisement, consumers will be taken to the corresponding Amazon store or a custom login page, where they can learn more about the seller's products and brands.

With the help of display advertisements, sellers can use the product details of competitors to place advertisements to locate the products of competitors. The most important thing is that sellers can re -position consumers who have visited Listing but have not purchased, which also allows sellers to occupy a huge advantage in the competition with unregistered brand sellers.

Brand promotion video advertisements allow brands to publish video ads in the search results on Amazon. When consumers face full of advertisements, these striking video ads will help break down the search results and attract people's attention.

3. Add comments

Sellers do their best to increase the number of comments of all products Listing, which is very obvious for the help of the peak shopping during the peak season. As an Amazon seller, we all know how important product reviews are for seller's business. Sellers can take the following measures to increase the number of comments:

Amazon Vine Program

Amazon Vine is a product review plan created by Amazon to ensure that customers read honest and fair comments.

Reviewer will receive the product for free and provide the corresponding product review. In fact, VINE commentators are usually very picky about the products they receive. However, if you have confidence in your products, you can register the plan.

The registration conditions are as follows: Submit $ 200 registration fee, product reviews must be less than 30, and sellers must give free products for free.

4. Set up festive discount discounts

As a seller, no matter whether you have registered a brand, you can create promotion and coupons on the seller platform. Promoting promotion may be an important way to increase the sales of Amazon platforms, especially during major activities such as PRIME Member Day or Black Friday.

To create a promotion in the seller platform, the seller can click the "Advertising" option, then click "Promotion", and then click "Create New Transactions".

Amazon will list products, promotion prices, discounts and promotional expenses for each piece of goods, and other promotions. During the large -scale event or the peak season, the cost may be higher.

Create coupon

If you want to create a coupon, go to the "Advertising" tab, then click "Coupon", and then click "Create a New Coupon".

Sellers can choose to provide percentage discounts or price discounts. Keep in mind that the minimum budget cost of running coupons is $ 100. The budget cost will be shared with the discount provided by the seller and the US $ 0.60 redemption fee for each discount. It is recommended to create a discount a few weeks before the large shopping activities or holidays.

PRIME members exclusive discount

Through this type of transaction, sellers can provide exclusive discounts for Amazon Prime members. Products with PRIME exclusive discounts will display discount prices and draw the original price in the search results.

5. Predict Amazon's potential delay rate

The closer to the peak season at the end of the year, the longer the seller is waiting to send the product to the warehouse inventory. Therefore, it is recommended that sellers create FBM products (sellers of self -delivery) in the product in order to be able to distribute orders when there is inventory delay in Amazon Logistics Operation Center. If the seller can ship from his own warehouse, other office sites or third -party logistics operation centers, he can avoid the delay of the official logistics delivery.

You can avoid the out of stock through FBM. This is especially true if the seller meets the conditions of the self -delivery Prime. Even if the seller has completed the order, he will still have a Prime badge.

6. Prepare for the peak of return

Amazon's peak season will inevitably be returned by product. December is usually the best month of sales in the year, but January is usually the high incidence of return.

As last year, Amazon provided consumers with a 2022 extended holiday return policy. This means that any order placed from October 11th to December 25th, 2022 can be returned before January 31, 2023. Sellers should also be fully prepared.

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