The down jacket in "Cold Winter": European orders have risen, but not much

At the end of November, Andy was still busy in his warehouse.

Andy is a cross -border e -commerce seller engaged in clothing category in Zhejiang. It is through the e -commerce platform and is selling its own down jackets to Europe and the United States and other places to "resist the winter" for local consumers.

In response to the shortage of energy, many European countries have to call on the public to take physical warmth measures this year, and triggers the hot sales of cold clothes such as electric blankets, high -necked sweaters, and velvet shoes.

Some Chinese sellers also participated in a shallow. According to the data -related data, in October this year, warm products such as warm underwear, autumn clothes and autumn pants, European consumers' active search volume reached twice the same period last year, and flaw pajamas, "light leg artifacts", and The sales of domestic down jackets, domestic hot water bags and other products have also increased in Europe.

According to the import and export data released by the General Administration of Customs, in January this year, the number of Chinese electric blankets imported by 27 EU countries reached 189,000; in July, this number became 1.29 million, an increase of nearly 150%month -on -month; It has imported 1400,000 electric blankets from China.

Among the many cold artifacts, the down jackets and cotton jackets produced by China are also crossing the sea to become the winter darling of European and American countries.

01. The "dividend period" of down jackets and cotton clothes

"Although there are still a lot of orders, the heat has dropped a lot now." For Andy and other Chinese cross -border sellers, the first experience of down jackets and cotton clothing such as cold clothing is still in the hot summer.

"The peak of our sales volume is about September and October." Andy told Hugo Cross -border. For cold clothing such as down jackets and cotton clothing, it is generally more imported and exported in the hot summer and autumn, and the total number of deep winter and the whole spring and export is small. And the number of imports and exports in the second half of the year is generally significantly higher than the first half of the year, and in the early November, although there are still a lot of sales, the overall trend has become a lot a lot. sea freight

This trend is also consistent with Google trends. The search results show that the search volume of down jackets began to grow in August, rising sharply in September, and reaching its peak in October.

Li Guibin, the co-owner of the cotton brand Gasman brand, told Hugo cross-border that the cotton clothing has a long production cycle. Gasman started placing orders in June. In August to September when the potential explosive products appeared For volume production, "Gasman's supply chain speed has been evolved, and the current temporary orders will be completed within 20-40 days."

Although the volume is very loud, Andy admits that there is no explosive growth in the outside world, but compared with previous years, it has indeed increased by about 20%-30%.

"It seems that this year's sound volume is even greater, which is mainly superimposed by multiple factors, leading to the growth trend of market demand this year," Andy said that first of all, it is a normal cycle, and then the promotion of social media and cross -border e -commerce companies There are indeed a lot of help to the so -called cold winter. Compared to conventional products such as down jackets and cotton clothes, domestic goods such as hot water bottle and electric blankets have become more and more frequent in front of European consumers. , Drive the consumption boom. Many foreign netizens who have experienced hot water bags and electric blankets also published an experience on the social media platform. Amway, the good thing, also entered into the domestic market reversely, driving the wave of attention. "This year's electric blanket and Orolay in the previous two years It's a clear example. "

In addition, like many overseas countries, European countries are also experiencing the crisis of inflation, and people's consumption is tightened. The downgrade of consumption has become the main factor that drives these low -cost and warm products. Chinese products with outstanding cost performance have become the first choice for many consumers.

In Li Guibin's view, the decline in the consumption power of some buyers in Europe and the United States has given Chinese brand opportunities with outstanding cost -effective Chinese brands. "In the past, European buyers might require hundreds of thousands of dollars, but now, his budget has become $ 100 US dollars. Then China's cotton clothing can be said to be his cost -effective choice. "

However, the dividend period suddenly came, and it went fast.

Andy said that recent sales have grown weakly, even if there are some activities, they are relatively gentle. "Like warm products, it is mainly affected by short -term factors. Although they are all talking about the cold winter, in the long run, in the long run, the extreme weather in European winter is in the long run. The possibility of not high, and many European countries have introduced measures on winter energy issues. Crude oil prices and European natural gas futures prices have already fallen sharply. Germany, which has the largest dependence on Russia, is enough for natural gas reserves to use it to next spring, and civilian energy prices The increase is also subsidized by the state's check. "

In addition, the previous wave of output has digested a lot of demand, and some of the consumption of consumption has also been consumed. The current period of time is also very embarrassing. The weather in Europe has entered winter. At this time At that time, almost half of the winter has passed. "According to the usual experience, after Christmas, it is difficult to have any big movements such as down jackets, cotton clothing and other products." It added.

02. Vortex and way out

In the choice of warm clothing in winter, down jackets produced by China are also becoming the mainstream of consumption. According to customs data, the export volume of down jackets in my country in 2019 was 945.8 billion. Although the export volume in 2020 and 2021 decreased, it also reached 7311 and 778.2 billion.

However, down jackets are always in an embarrassing position of "big but not strong". According to customs data, the data shows that the price of down jackets is several times the export unit price. The imported products and export products are different grades. The imported down jackets are mostly high -end products, thereby raising the import unit price. Compared with imported products, export products are mainly based on imported products. Low -priced mid -to -low -end products are mainly.

Among the cross -border e -commerce sellers, the predicament still exists. From the perspective of down jackets or cotton clothing categories, most categories do not have the conditions of branding. The production threshold is low and the homogeneity is serious. "Some products that are sold now are almost not too high. Among them, it is easy to cause problems. "Sellers urgently needed to break away from the low price vortex.

Andy said that although the down jacket was not selected in this cold wave, the competition in the down jacket has always been fierce. Clothing is one of the most intense categories of cross -border e -commerce competition, but it is also the most difficult to do. Especially, the seasonal characteristics such as down jackets and cotton clothing are obvious, and the ability to quickly respond to and inventory management has become the basic requirement.

Apparel products are best to be close to the needs of buyers. At present, simple windproof and warmth can no longer meet the needs of consumers. More and more design, thin and thin down jackets are selling well on the market. Product design, technology, function, and production technology are all consumers who buy down jackets today. New attention points, so innovative development, improving the quality of crafts, fabrics and products is extremely important.

"With the changes in consumer hotspots and warm -keeping demand, the style of Chinese clothing brand can also become the universal clothes style of local consumers in Europe." Li Guibin said.

Differential is becoming an important soil for the survival of clothing sellers. Qiu Jiawei, the founder of Amazon BSR brand of Amazon BSR, once brought the trend of snap -up, Qiu Jiawei, the founder of the Amazon BSR brand, said in an interview that the reason for the explosion of OroLay was to put energy on product development, brand operations, and enhance user experience. In the early days, the money made through traffic dividends invested in overseas warehouses, deployed the supply chain to broaden the moat. On this basis, the more important thing is to cut a very good market positioning. Qiu Jiawei introduced that American strong local brands include North Face, Canadian geese and Moncler, and they all have different market positioning. NORTH FACE is sports outdoors. Canadian geese are extremely cold and warm, and Moncler is fashionable. "Therefore, we found a positioning for ourselves, called the down jacket in the shuttle in the city. A quasi -market segment. "

However, warm -up clothing such as down jackets and cotton clothing is deeply limited by seasonal. How to bypass the seasonal cycle is the breakthrough point for the brand's more attention.

Andy said that in this regard, Moncler made a good example for Chinese down jacket manufacturers and sellers. Google trends showed that Canadian geese discussed in winter than Moncler, but in other seasons, it was lower than each other. Andy analysis, Moncler continues to highlight the uniqueness and rarity of the down jacket itself through the limited amount of the designer, continue to provide freshness, strengthen luxury attributes, give the product unique value characteristics, and let consumers look at the down jackets as matching items, so as Avoid seasonality. Obviously, the gap between Chinese brands on this road is still a bit far away.

For most cross -border sellers, long -term routes and brand -oriented routes are still a big challenge. "We not only pursue short -term growth, but also want to take advantage of the opportunity to promote brand development and hope to leave a brand impression on European consumers." Li Guibin said Essence

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