These 6 points will make your Amazon operating level quickly improve!


First, arrange your operating time reasonably

Select the product every Monday to Tuesday. On Wednesday to Friday, go to make your own products.

Don't quantity, be sure to quality!

Daily energy concentration period, from 8 to 11 am, at 7 to 10 pm, is the best time for brain thinking and pioneering. At this time period, first do data records and summary, and then advertise optimization, product optimization, and develop new products. At 2 pm to 5 pm, you can browse other things outside Amazon, enrich your products, and learn more about the culture and customs of foreigners. Browse forums, Zhihu and other quality Amazon industry exchange platforms to improve their operating methods.

And this time, people's reactions will be slow. It is recommended to do some duplicate work, without thinking, such as the advantages and disadvantages of browsing and picking up peer products, and using the excel table for keyword screening.

Second, just make one site

Global sites are open, often the effect is not good.

It's better to study a site, such as a US station,

Solid German station,

Only study Japanese stations and so on.

This is an operational practice that many masters use.

Don't underestimate a site, which represents the shopping volume of a country.

A small category has been studied, and it is enough to support a studio or an ordinary seller.

Third, let go of courage and sell

For novices, do not require profit margins or high unit prices.

First of all, try everything out, even if the low price is not profitable, as long as you guarantee that you do not lose money, let go and let the listing sell.

Feel Amazon's order mechanism and a series of operations after the order.

Effectively understand the processing methods and precautions after explosive orders, so as to have a better overall view when developing new products.

This method will benefit you in the early stage.

Fourth, choose the product according to the user group you are familiar with

Many operating gods do not tell you the real explosion skills.

Because he was afraid that after you knew, you would laugh, it turned out that this was the case.

This is related to humanity.

So it is difficult for us to know the single skills of others.

For example, some sellers are very familiar with 3C products, so he sells 3C and mobile phone cases. Understand, so she sells well.

Why do you sell well because he/she knows more about the products needed by users in the field, and the pain points of this product.

So if you can't do it, it is recommended to start from your own interests, hobbies, and good at the field.

Fifth, learn to surpass your competitors

Competitors are the best teachers. So we need to optimize our products at the height of competitors. How to optimize?


Not red sea category, not red sea products;

Buyers have a combination of needs;

Try to make customs.

Main picture:

High identification; attract the attention of buyers.

There are highlights; attracting buyers click.

The main position is proper; good can also directly transform the buyer to place an order.

Five Elements and A+:

Don't be popular, don't be homogeneous. If you do it at will, you are dealing with customers and yourself.

The words are simple and clear, and each point must be prominent.

Analyze counterpart sellers. Which listing is made by means, brushing, and which is made of pure white hats. The five elements and A+of the white hats are used to improve the white hat.

Sixth, everyone is doing differentiation, and you have to do high -end

Differentiated in a certain aspect, it means uncertain demand, which means that the sales volume is unstable.

Following the trend of large -scale branding, small and medium sellers should understand that high -end is the current way out.

What is called high -end: low -priced procurement costs, selling high -priced effects. shipping forwarder

For example, a pair of jeans have 40 or 50 miscellaneous licensed versions, there are more than 100 and 200 miscellaneous high -end versions, and more than 500 or more than 1,000 brand versions.

And our efficiency space controls the stage of 200-500. Mobility and selling.

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