Stocking warning! The seller's goods were not on the shelves for more than 30 days, and the seller shouted directly: save me!

Recently, everyone should feel that several Amazon warehouses have burst into warehouses, including Amazon's own locking service, and some warehouses have burst out ...

There are many sellers feedback. Some popular warehouses not only enter the warehouse is extremely slow, but even for more than 20-30 days. It has not been put on the shelves, especially the new product, which is a turtle speed.

It is mainly due to a large number of layoffs in the first half of this year. Nowadays, a large number of goods in the peak season will arrive in the warehouse. The longest will not be put on the shelves for a month, which will cause the hot -selling products to continue the stock.

So, in the face of the upcoming link, how can we minimize the impact?

1. Cancel coupons

The coupon itself has its own traffic page and can also increase the conversion. Therefore, if the link is set to set a coupon, you can reduce the exposure and transformation by canceling the coupon.

2. Increase the price

This can not only reduce the amount of product sales, but also ensure the overall sales of the link to the greatest extent.

3. Reduce advertising budget and bidding

Through this operation, the exposure brought by the link to us can be reduced, thereby reducing the advertising order of the product.

We can compress our out stock time through these three schemes, extend the sales time of the product, and wait for the next batch of goods to make up.

At the same time, you can also use the stock -breaking prevention scheme -trumpet and selling.

Use our trumpet to sell links with the selling link to the small -selling link, and set aside at any time.

In this case, even if a large link faces the stock out of stock, the trumpet can be directly opened. Although it is two different accounts, it is the same link. This method will minimize the weight effect on the link itself.

Speaking of which, some people may think of using FBM for delivery and selling to solve the problem of out stock. But we need to remind you that we do not recommend the way to take the FBM self -delivery and sale.

There are two main reasons:

1. This method cannot be controlled by FBM performance. If it is not handled well, it is easy to hang account;

2. FBM and selling will make the link conversion rate plummeted. The decrease in link weights will be greater than the out -of -stock itself.

The damage to Listing's weight is undoubted. After the stock is out of stock, it is also the experience of many sellers that make it difficult for sales to recover in a short time.

How do we need to operate after the new batch of goods supplemented?

1. Open the advertisement and quickly reduce the ACOS

We can human intervention to reduce ACOS, and make a one -click transaction through our own fans.

2. Activate orders

It is strongly recommended to activate orders by doing 7 -day seconds, not Lighting Deal. Because in comparison, the single -volume continuity of 7 -day seconds will be strengthened, which will make the ranking of the link and the single quantity recovery.

Stocking not only means that it cannot receive orders, it is often accompanied by Listing weights and the rapid decline in product rankings. It is very difficult to improve later.

Therefore, in daily operations, sellers must prevent problems before they occur and try to avoid this situation to ensure that their products are continuously carried out during the peak season and smoothly achieve the explosion!

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