How to get Amazon's best -selling badge?

The "best -selling" badge also appeared on the search results homepage means that it has the highest sales speed and the highest keyword correlation in similar products, and the combination of these two standards is the best way to attract buyers. To get a best -selling badge, the first is to ensure that your product is ready for sales. Next, let's learn about the influence of best -selling ranking (BSR) on the best -selling badge, and how they help to promote more sales.

How to increase the opportunity to get Amazon's best -selling badge

Improve your Amazon bestseller ranking (BSR)

To get Amazon's best -selling badge, your product first needs to reach the highest best -selling ranking (sales are #1). Although all the products that have produced orders have a best -selling ranking among their main categories and sub -categories, the top 100 best -selling products include the highest sales speed among its most popular extensive categories. So how to improve the best -selling ranking and get the best -selling badge? We can use search advertising positioning to attract new brand customers' category keywords to increase sales. In addition, you can try buyers who have browsed your products but have not purchased products, or use the display type to promote the product details page of competitors to help increase sales growth. The more conspicuous your product Listing, the more likely the buyer will buy it from you to increase sales, thereby increasing sales and making your best -selling ranking.

Make your products fully prepare for sales

First classify your product as the correct main category and sub -category according to Amazon's guide. Putting your products in a completely irrelevant category hurts it. Doing a good job of sales means creating a product detail page that can clearly display your product. Including: to ensure that all information accurately reflects your product appearance, and clearly explain the name, product description and points of the product, including the size, color, material variants (such as applications), and the main map of the white background and only the product, plus display outside display, plus display exhibitions The actual use of your product.

As usual, your products should always include enough inventory to avoid being deleted from the search results. In addition, you may intend to sell your products at a competitive price, and may provide promotional code, "ordering province" options or lightning transactions.

Finally, whether you choose Amazon Logistics (FBA) or the seller's self -delivery Prime (SFP), buyers can ensure the delivery convenience through Prime distribution. This is one of the main reasons that they are more likely to buy your goods instead of other products. These retail preparation steps increase your product to win the purchase button, complete sales and satisfy buyers to leave a positive evaluation opportunity to help you get 15 comments and average scores of more than 3.5 stars. All of them are retail sales. Prepare part of the list.

Improve your advertising ranking and Amazon product ranking (natural ranking)

The main reason you want to improve Amazon's product ranking (natural sorting in your product in search) is because higher natural rankings will increase the number of shoppers in your product. For example, when you put advertisements on "shoes" and successfully complete sales, Amazon will know that your conversion rate on this keyword is high. Now, Amazon will naturally raise your ranking in the search results to higher, which will bring more sales. Click here to see how the new beauty brand Hero Cosmetics quickly get Amazon's best -selling badge.

The best advertising ranking of brand promotion advertising (SB) is displayed at the top of the search in the form of brand banner, and the best position of product promotion advertising (SP) is the top four products displayed at the top of the search bar under SB. Both advertisements are on the homepage of the results. It is important to get the best advertising ranking because it means that customers are more inclined to click on your product Listing. In the end, over time, the Amazon algorithm becomes more related to your product every time you search. With the improvement of popularity and the growth of sales, your Amazon product ranking (natural ranking) should also be climbed more high.

Although the best -selling ranking is different from Amazon's products, their impact on sales is related. Keyword correlation and conversion rates together to achieve higher product rankings. Amazon's search algorithm evaluates the possibility of transformation by checking the historical performance of your product, and realizes this positive feedback positive cycle: the more eye -catching your product information, the greater the possibility of buyers' sales; The higher the product sales, the higher your ranking, including the natural ranking, the higher. Therefore, the higher your sales, the closer you will get the best -selling badge.

The following is some advertising strategies, which can improve the product advertising ranking, thereby helping it improve the natural ranking:

Use a large number of long tails and flagship category keywords to advertise:

The flagship keywords are very popular, subdivided, and brand -free keywords related to your products. For example, if you sell water bottle, "water bottle" may be a very general but accurate keyword you want to bid. Compared with the more specific long -tail keywords, a single click fee (CPC) is more competitive. The latter is also a general category keyword, but it is more specific. For example, "large water bottle 1L" or "330 ml small water bottle". Returning to more specific search results shows that customers' purchase intentions are significantly higher, and the probability of transformation of these keywords is the highest. us

The keyword collection function enables advertisers to find related long -tail keywords more easily.

Put the advertisement for your brand keywords:

Although competitors may use your brand name as part of its keyword strategy, vice versa, it may be very expensive, because for example, customers who search for "Nike" may not be looking for "Adidas". When you bid, your brand name is very cheap, because customers searching for your brand name may have a higher buying intention than buyers who have no brand keywords.

Solve less expenditure to low -display keywords and low -performance products:

If you use automatic advertising activities to locate extensive and accurate keyword matching, replace and supplement ASIN, and determine the goals of poor results, you can consider reducing advertising expenditures that reduce these goals.

Increase budget for strategic keywords:

After understanding which keywords generate high search volume, please determine that these keywords are added as a part of the product name and description. This will help you greatly optimize your Amazon SEO. You can also give priority to the budget of these keywords to show priority in Amazon's search results. Over time, your high performance keywords are likely to appear in the form of natural product rankings. Therefore, the goal of this strategy is not efficiency, but incremental sales.

In combination, these advertising strategies are designed to make your products naturally rank higher in the search results, which means that over time, their weights are getting higher and higher. With the increase of product sales, it can help you reduce expenditure.

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