How to prepare the marketing strategy of Black Wuwang in 2022?

It's time to this time! The Black Friday and the Internet are coming. Amazon sellers need to develop an advertising plan immediately to gain performance growth at this major marketing node as much as possible.

Last year, Amazon accounted for 17.7 % of the total sales of Black Friday to exceed any other retail and e -commerce platforms, which indicates the opportunity scale faced by Amazon sellers this year.

Below, we will study the performance data of recent years, so that you can understand the expectations and achieve advertising marketing on how to achieve advertising marketing during this year's Black Five Network.

Looking back at last year, Amazon's advertising sales increased in the fourth quarter of 2021.

How to prepare the marketing strategy of Black Wuwang in 2022?

In the fourth quarter of 2021, advertising sales began to emerge around November 1, and then reached its peak on Friday, November 26 (Black Friday) and November 29 (Monday on the Internet), an increase of 131 % respectively And 146 %.

Although advertising sales have declined after BFCM, they are still higher than the average level of October and November on Monday to Christmas on the Internet. On Christmas Eve, sales declined sharply, a decrease of nearly 20 % from the average level in September, and then rebounded on December 26.

What does this mean for 2022? We predict that this year's advertising sales will fluctuate in a similar way to 2021, but there is an exception that is worth noting. Amazon will hold Prime to experience promotional activities from October 11th to 12th this year, which may mean many sellers Sales will be seen on these dates.

Gift category exposure (keyword search results attributable to product promotion) show that the start time of consumer activities in 2022 was earlier than in 2021.

How to prepare the marketing strategy of Black Wuwang in 2022?

When the shopper uses a gift to query related to gifts, the number of gift search words will be generated. For example, users who include words including "Light Festival Gifts", "Gifts to Cake" and "Men's Gifts" will receive advertising exposure because of these gift search words.

In the figure above, we can see some impacts of PRIME's first experience promotion in 2022. From October 11th to 12th, the trend line in 2022 surged, and the search exposure of gifts at the time jumped to two times.

Another noticeable characteristic of the trend line in 2022 is that the first week of gift exposure increased in the first week of November. If the exposure of gifts throughout the month continues to grow at a rate at a higher than expected, the strong start of November may indicate that shopping demand at the peak of BFCM will increase (we recommend taking a cautious and optimistic attitude).

What does this mean for sellers? If the consideration of your product is long, you should start to increase the bid immediately. For those sellers who want to adopt more positive strategies, the situation is the same. They have now started bidding for gift search words, and at the same time monitor the progress and adjust accordingly, this may generate huge benefits in the future.

Although Prime Day in 2020 was in the fourth quarter, the advertising sales in November also appeared in similar trends in 2020 and 2021.

How to prepare the marketing strategy of Black Wuwang in 2022?

Throughout November and 2021, sales growth developed in the same way. In the past two years, sales have grown mild but stable on November 1, and then increased significantly on Friday and Internet Monday.

Although the inflation, the changes in the macroeconomic environment, and the supply chain problem are lingering, we expect that this year's shopping behavior will be similar. The whole month will continue until Christmas a few days before Christmas. The first chart). It is important to ensure that you have enough budget to adapt to the increase in traffic.

During the first period of the Black Five Network in 2021, the cost of advertising costs increased comprehensively

How to prepare the marketing strategy of Black Wuwang in 2022?

Last year, Black Friday (+ 79 %) and the Internet (+ 58 %) advertising costs increased the greatest, and advertising costs for a whole week have remained high.

Black Friday and the Internet on Monday have provided a rare opportunity for sellers who want more aggressive sellers. We suggest that sellers increase the budget by 100%from Black Friday to the Internet on Monday.

From a wider perspective, it is important to maintain stability and flexibility this year. The macroeconomic environment is more challenging in many aspects, so we recommend that you check your strategy at the end of each month to see if sales meet your expectations and adjust your budget accordingly.

In December 2021, the expenses of ACOS and advertising spending are still high

How to prepare the marketing strategy of Black Wuwang in 2022?

In December 2021, the advertising spent remained relatively stable year -on -year, and it has been slightly lower than the average level in November 2021. Until Christmas Eve, advertisers increased their costs to try to win the last peak sales season.

From the beginning of December to mid -December, ACOS kept a high level relative to November, and then declined on Christmas week. A significant feature of the ACOS trend line is that from December 23rd to 25th, it briefly fell below the year -on -year average of November. This coincides with the increase in the trend of advertising flowers. The trend line has crossed the ACOS trend line on December 23. With the decline of ACOS from December 23 to 25, advertising costs are also increasing.

This means that on the eve of Christmas last Christmas (including Christmas) last year, advertising sales exceeded the cost of advertising, and the seller got more sales opportunities at a relatively lower cost.

Use Perpetua to fully automatically execute your Amazon Black Five Network strategy

Because it is not easy to increase bidding and budget during the peak hours, Perpetua is upgrading one -click to the plan to ensure that your advertising activities are released on the BFCM as scheduled. logistics

It will implement the following best advertising activity strategy settings:

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