Yiwu products rush to the first Amazon category! World Cup single volume is full

At this 28 -day football feast that lasted 28 days, the effect of Yiwu brought in another way.

According to the estimation of the Yiwu Sports Products Association, from the flags of the top 32 of the Qatar World Cup to the cheerful horn and whistle, from football to jersey, scarf, to the decoration and pillow of the Hercules Cup, "Made in Yiwu" almost occupy almost the entire World Cup commodity market. 70%of the share, a number of products from Yiwu sellers have successively dominated the list of Amazon Best Seller, and even rushed to the first place.


Yiwu bus

It is understood that, as in previous years, a large number of Chinese elements also appeared in the World Cup. Ma Ning, Shi Xiang, and Cao Yi were selected as the referee list; the main dysentery Lusser Stadium was built by China; from the banner of the top 32 to the Dali Cup ornament, "Yiwu made" accounting for nearly 70%of the market share around the World Cup. Of course, there are Chinese pandas.

In fact, the effect of Yiwu manufacturing in the past years is very eye -catching. From January to May before the World Cup in South Africa, the value and equipment exported by Yiwu Customs was worth $ 65.54 million. From January to May of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the value of small products exported to Brazil with Yiwu Customs reached US $ 160 million Essence Four months before the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Yiwu's exports to Russia exceeded 1 billion yuan. In the first eight months of this year, customs data showed that Yiwu exported sports supplies and toys worth 9.66 billion yuan worth of 9.66 billion yuan.

Although the event started, Yiwu merchants can basically judge who the final champion of the World Cup through some national flags or souvenirs. Even a famous saying in the folk of Yiwu: No matter which country scores, the earliest "kick" into the World Cup is Yiwu.

Many Yiwu merchants have no time to pay attention to the competition because they are busy, but they can lock the French team, Brazil, and Argentina teams through the export sales volume of various teams around each team. From a certain perspective, the export data of small products in Yiwu can even become the basis for predicting global trends.

"The basis for judging which team to win the championship is actually based on the order of order, pre -pre -preparation of stocking through the wind direction, and until the result comes out, we can seamlessly connect to the related products to sell. For example, after the World Cup 16, the top 8, and the 4th competition, we will According to the promotion of each team, arrange post -replenishment production and transport them abroad at the fastest speed. Of course, the risk of it also exists, after all, there are too many unknown competitions. "A Yiwu merchant said.

In major social media, the heat of the Qatar World Cup in 2022 is very high. You can also see that many fans will show off the team's jerseys, national flags, and team logos to cheer for their support. "To judge product heat based on the audience's love, this is also one of the vane of Yiwu merchants." The above -mentioned Yiwu merchant said.

On the Amazon platform, searching for keywords such as the World Cup jersey, you can see many popular teams, such as the Brazilian and Argentine team's jerseys are more popular on the platform. One of the best -selling Brazilian jerseys, priced at $ 99.99.

In addition to the popular jerseys, flags and other products, the most popular World Cup item this year is the Hercules Cup and the newly rising World Cup item, star card.


Star Card becomes the best -selling item

As a trophy of the World Cup, the Hercules Cup symbolizes the highest honor of the football industry. To what extent is the explosive products of various factories this year? Basically, every customer has a strong cup.

Hugo cross -border search Google trend found that the start of the 2022 World Cup event, the search volume of the FIFA World Cup Trophy has gradually risen. As the event gradually kicked off, the search index was increasingly rising.

According to the Daily Economic News, the Hercules Cup has become the explosion of the Yiwu factory this year, and basically every customer order has the High Cup. Some merchants said: "The orders for trophy are basically full a year ago, and the orders of the factory have reached the year." However, customers in different regions have different requirements for trophy, and merchants will fine -tune the color of the trophy according to the preferences of different countries. For example, Middle East customers like to be yellowed golden, and European customers like lighter gold.

It is reported that the World Cup must be authorized by FIFA, and Yiwu regulatory authorities attach great importance to the occurrence of infringement. Basically, no merchants are willing to take risks.

Along with the popularity of the event, the star card, known as the "Male Hermes", also ushered in a period of transaction active. On various channels and social platforms, the popularity of the football star card has gradually increased. According to quick sales data, in the past 30 days, the sales card sales of Saudi Arabia increased by 580%year -on -year, the Brazilian region increased by 480%, and South Korea increased by 400%. However, the world's largest star card trading market is still in North America.

A report released by overseas research institutions Verified Market Research in 2020 shows that by 2027, the global star card market size will increase from US $ 13.82 billion in 2019 to US $ 98.75 billion.

Hugo cross -border search seller elves found that whether it was the 2022 World Cup or in the World Cup -related keywords, the star card item became the TOP1 explosion in several major keywords, and it became the best -selling in sports collections in sports collections. The first place in the product.

At the Qatar World Cup in 2022, many famous stars in the world will usher in the last battle of the World Cup, and scarcity also makes these star cards reach the maximum value. These stars cards have also become the popularity of card fans because of the value of these players.

It is understood that from August to October this year, on the Star Card secondary market card, three same Messi star cards of the same type have sold 300,000+more than hundreds of times. There are 320,000 to 35,000.

It is worth noting that Panini is the only star card publisher authorized by the Qatar World Cup. Only by obtaining authorization can you sell these star cards.

The benefits brought by sports events are reflected in the star card and various IP products. Has cross -border sellers seized the opportunity of this World Cup?

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