Christmas traffic is quiet? How to fight the seasonal products well

Part. 01

Flow concentration outbreak period

Christmas, as the biggest traditional festival in Europe and the United States, is naturally the outbreak of traffic on major e -commerce platforms. Last week, some sellers had given off the orders to start orders. Although the single volume was still single, it is expected that the order will be better and better.

Part. 02

Advertising clicks are large, and the conversion rate is low

For small and medium -sized sellers, the highlights of the Christmas season and low conversion rate are generally reflected. Because the entire platform is grabbing traffic and there are many types, when small and medium sellers face the impact of large traffic, the product description is not attractive enough, and the general low price of similar products is the main reason for the low product conversion rate.

Part. 03

Big and small brands are reduced prices

Yes, Christmas is so enthusiastic. Some sellers are pushing new products, but more sellers are in stock. In particular, it is not uncommon for sellers to chose to cut meat to survive in stock. Therefore, if there is no core advantage, seasonal product sellers should not go to the high unit price and high discount. It is honest to make the promotion discount. Even if the profit is low, it is stronger than the slow -selling sales.

Christmas will be the last wave of traffic at the end of the peak season at the end of the year of the Amazon seller, so it is very important to lay out in advance! Classify the following matters, I hope to help you:

1. The latest time to enter the position of Christmas

American station: December 1, 2022

European Station: December 11, 2022

2. Hurry up and do promotion and comment

The cycle of seasonal products is very short, and the seller must prepare Review in advance. Because VINE's return review time is 1-2 months, experienced sellers began to prepare the VINE evaluation of the product in September. This can ensure that the product can occupy more search traffic when Christmas flow is up in November.

For novice sellers, Little V recommends whether the product is suitable for the father and son variant. You can sell it through the product accessories that value the value of the same destination. Father and son variants are shared and shared.

3. Promote ranking in advance

In November, the Hei Wuwang has not yet been there. The main focus of many sellers is still in high popular products (such as home products, 3C small appliances, autumn and winter clothing, etc.). However, this year's peak season is not only ahead of schedule, but also because of multiple hotspots such as the Qatar World Cup, and the promotion front has been pulled longer than in previous years. Sellers must fully consider the nodes of consumers' purchase of Christmas gifts.

If your sales target contains Christmas, especially seasonal products, it is the most cost -effective to arrange advertisements in advance. Because there are very few sellers selling Christmas related products at this time, few people who advertise, and the cost of advertising is low, but at this time, advertising is difficult to produce profit. In time, most of them are scattered.

So it's time to promote the ranking of advertising. As long as users browse, purchase, and collection, these behaviors will have a positive impact on the ranking of the product.

Therefore, the seller who intends to promotes the order on Christmas must arrange advertisements in advance to control the entire rhythm.

4. Reporting activities+spike outside the station

Through the listing, promotion, comment, and improvement rankings, the most critical step is to promote orders.

It is essential to participate in the activities on the site. The activity resources have a strong ability to take traffic, and the category sales of activities are undoubtedly obvious. Therefore, in addition to the TODAY's Deal in Amazon Station, the seller can also consider making spikes outside the station. Because stable and continuous sales increase can be pushed to the homepage in the site in a short time. shipping cost

For seasonal products, it is lightning.

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