Don't touch these products! A group of seller accounts were frozen

1. Marta Tesoro Works copyright painting

On November 15, the brand Fang Martatesord commissioned Keith to protect his rights with 22-CV-6372.

Martatesord is an illustrator and 2D animator. Since 2003, she has been engaged in advertising and children's animation TV series, corporate animation, pilots and games. logistics

Since 2012, she has been drawing illustrations for BlakePublishing (now 3plearning). She also recently started making illustrations for Kennard and Kennard.

In addition, she still updates her Redbubble store while working, the store address is:

The Redbubble Store is a new way for independent artists to sell their works. More than 700,000 artists and designers are sold on Redbubble. According to SimiLARWEB, the average monthly visits of can reach more than 30 million. It has a certain reputation in the United States.

Martatesord has a total of 59 design works on its shop, all of which have registered copyrights. The purpose of its design works covers multiple product lines such as home daily necessities, clothing, pet supplies, and art decoration, involving a wide range.

Part of the products sold in the brand store below. In the operation, the seller must not use the author's copyright work to prevent infringement.

2. Puffin beverage jacket

PuffindrinkWear (a bird beverage jacket) is a jacket protective cover that can control the temperature. It has two main characteristics. One is to play a decorative role; the other is to control the temperature.

It has two layers of insulation layers, which can keep the jar cool and dry with both hands. Drink cold drinks anytime, anywhere, so as to be loved by outdoor activities enthusiasts. The praise rate is extremely high. Keep it cool. "Its users have the most evaluation of it.

His founder Tyronehazen talked about the birth of Puffin Drinkwear inspired by an outdoor bonfire event in winter. When he was tired of beer in his hands, a partner handed him an old sleeping bag to wrap his cold drink. This makes his bottle not only look cute, but also as cold as the last bite. Tyrone thought: "If my beer bottle has its own sleeping bag, isn't it very interesting?!" This is the birth of Puffindrinkwear. shipping

At present, Puffindrinkwear's products are not only sold on the third platform on Amazon, but also have their own brand official website The designed products cover various capacity jars. The preference, the product price is concentrated in $ 17.95-30.

Due to its unique shape and popularity, major platforms have sellers on the same brand of the brand.

It is worth noting that the brand's text trademark Puffin and Fun.together are registered, and the relevant product appearance patent is also registered. Therefore ) All need to be removed from the shelves. The platforms involved in the defendant are Alibaba International Station, AliExpress, Amazon, EBAY, Wish, Walmart, etc. The scope is wide and cannot be ignored.

3. Rainbow rubber band Rainbowloom

Rainbowloom is a plastic tool that is used to woven color rubber and plastic bands (called webbing) into bracelets and accessories. It was invented by the Cheongchoon Ng of Norwa, Michigan in 2010.

He opened an online store in 2011 and filmed the teaching video of his daughter and niece, and began to get orders; in June 2013, Michaels, a retail store of crafts, tried the product in 32 stores; by August, the chain store Sales Rainbowloom in its 1,100 U.S. branches. Rainbowloom is also sold in MasterMindtoys and specialty stores in Canada. As of August 2013, 600 retailers have sold Rainbowloom at a retail price of $ 15 to 17.

The Rainbow Weaver has been awarded one of the three most popular toys in 2013 by the Internet Monday Award, and is the most search for toys in Google in the same year.

Choonng applied for the patent of Rainbowloom to the US Patent Trademark Office in 2010. There are currently 18 product patents, including Originalrainbow LOOM®, Rainbowloom® Combo, Rainbowloom® MEGA Combo, Rainbowloom® Craft Kit, etc. There are still some applications, and the seller can go to the brand's official website: for query.

The brand has commissioned the David Law on the law of the David Law in 2020. Now that the lawyer is replaced, the law firm Marshall, Gersein & Borun LLP, some sellers have been frozen, the cause of the freezing is trademark infringement. Therefore Both trademarks cannot be used in titles, pictures and other places.

4. Asobu thermal insulation cup

Asobu's thermal insulation water cup belongs to AD-N-Art. It is a Canadian company and has many brands. Recently, the brand's AD-N-MET has initiated a patented right to launch a patent protection cup for ASOBU's insulation cup through the Keener & Associates law firm. The case number is 22-CV-6331.

The picture below is the official website of Asobu's official website, and it is also the insulation cup of rights protection. There are already related appearance patents and invention patents. The seller needs to be vigilant.

Inspired by Japanese culture, ASOBU means interesting and playful. They emphasize aesthetics of the design of the thermal insulation cup, so they have received a lot of young users.

At present, the website has more than 10,000 positive evaluations, Instagram has 300,000 followers, the number of likes of more than 500,000 TIKTOK, and more than 200,000 viewing on YouTube.

Regardless of the new and old brands, the awareness of rights protection is becoming more and more intense. Sellers should not regret it for the moment of interest.

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