How to operate the brand with a valuation of tens of millions of RMB?

As the core of Amazon's store operations, operations have always been a topic that sellers cannot go around. The operation sounds simple, but it is actually a technical work. The work content of the operation covers all aspects of the brand operation. It has a good operation, which means that the store has succeeded in most.

Next, we will reveal the secrets of the valuation of 10 million yuan. What should I do to operate?

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Inventory management

With the irresponsible factors such as related trade frictions and international conflicts, global supply chains have begun to accelerate reconstruction, and supply chain interruptions, shipping shrinkage, changes in transportation costs, and other difficult inventory management of sellers. 0 inventory management has gradually become a past type, and the management of inventory has also become the top priority of testing Amazon's gold medal operation: it is necessary to adjust the inventory at any time according to the sales situation and the market environment to make sufficient stocking.

1. reduce the FBA inventory occupation of products with low sales turnover rates, and use the blade to use the blade. The overall increase of the FBA inventory turnover will directly drive the improvement of IPI and the improvement of the FBA library capacity, and vice versa;

2. Flexible use of third -party overseas warehouses. If you have the ability, you can use the Amazon Star warehouse to solve the problem of insufficient warehouse capacity and rapid replenishment;

3. Precisely grasp the total amount of inventory of 1-3 months, including FBA, Overseas Warehouse, on the way, in production orders. Establish a flexible and rapid replenishment response mechanism to cope with market changes.

Faced with the upcoming Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping carnival, please prepare enough inventory in advance to prevent the sales of listing decline significantly due to shortage of stocking and out stock. Considering that European energy tensions have recently been tight, European sellers can properly prepare the electrical heater category. ocean freight


Data management

In addition to inventory management, an excellent operation must be sensitive to data. Looking at data and data, it is not really just "looking", but to see the nature behind these data.

Operations should conduct dynamic management of sales data, traffic data and other data, monitor real -time monitoring, and conduct market analysis based on the data. Select a small market space and upward trend. Clear clearance treatment and timely optimize the proportion of advertising investment. Especially today, when the cost of traffic on Amazon's platform is constantly rising, increasing the advertising conversion rate and reducing advertising costs are a very important "hard power" for shops.

Mature Amazon operations should be appropriately subtracted to seize the core: competitive situation, advertising marketing and inventory management.

1. Whether using tool software or manual analysis, the daily competition should see the details. Product traffic conversion analysis; comparative analysis of the Review, RATING, RANKING, Ranking, and the basic skills of the natural and advertising rankings of core words are seen in detail to see the details in order

2. Advertising is a special technology. In different competition, strategies will be very different and flexible. Leaders, followers, are very different from the new challenger strategies. But all the means to return to the same way are to increase the investment -output ratio of advertising. The boss can focus on the results. One is the relationship between the ACOS trend of the advertisement and the input -output of the whole store. ; Another point is the improvement of the natural ranking of keywords.


New product development

Excellent sellers do not need to choose a large number of products, but rely on stable "star products" to support store development, but this does not mean that the development of new products is no longer important.

A boutique shop with a long -term vitality should adhere to research and development. It is also very important for the continuous improvement, iteration and optimization of the head SKU. At the same time, the development of new products is not the same as blindly paving. For original innovation, you must have your own things, your own design, the difference in market differences, and product differentiation, rather than doing OEM and sending business. Persist in innovation and improvement, maybe a future super big explosion is hidden in a new product?

What is emphasized here is that it is not good for boutique stores. Maybe a certain product is explosive, but it is huge different from other products of the store. People will be confused about the brand's image. It is necessary to be consistent with other products, especially the main products, and the function of other products. The consistency of the product line will also affect the store valuation, so the development of new products must also be carefully selected.

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