How can Amazon diversion outside the station, reduce costs, increase orders, novice must learn

One: What is off -site drainage

Outreach drainage is a way of promotion relative to the drainage in the site. As the name suggests, the flow of the flow pool is constantly injecting to its own shop.

For example, everyone is eaten in Amazon, a large traffic pond, whether you can eat it, depending on how much traffic the Amazon platform gives, one day Amazon has closed the faucet that gives you traffic, then your shop is gg. Essence At this time, we might as well look up at the sky to see if we can get some traffic from other traffic pools and save urgency.

Xiao A turned his gaze into the Facebook group, because there were many American aunt who loved to buy cost -effective products. These aunts usually like to fight for groups.

He opened Facebook and continued to chat with the head of the group. This time he wanted to sell a wave of electric blankets to help European and American people spend the cold winter.

Xiao B thinks that his product is very fashionable, and he is more inclined to find ins net red to help him evaluate. After all, his product category is vertical after all. INS, a hot net red, issued a cooperative invitation letter.

Little C looked at the inventory of overseas warehouses and sweating urgently. Suddenly, his cousin had previously reached a discount promotion on the Deals website. Telephone, consult the Deals website how to do promotion.

These cases are several forms of promotion outside the station. In fact, there is no mysterious promotion outside the station. If you have more contact, you feel very simple.

After speaking, the promotion outside the site, let's talk about the way of promotion in the next site, so that everyone can understand the promotion methods of platforms such as Amazon and AliExpress. The drainage in the site is actually two, one includes SEO optimization, and some are called listing optimization; the other is SEM optimization, and some are called advertising optimization.

The underlying logic of the operation is to increase the exposure of the product in front of the user's eyes and increase the clicks of the user, thereby increasing the viewing time of the store, increasing the order of the store, and increasing the comment of the store, thereby eventually increasing the weight of the entire store in a certain detailed category purpose. Improve the ranking of stores in the platform station, and finally realize the purpose of the store dominance.

After speaking theory, let's talk about a specific case to help everyone understand better. For example, you are doing electric blankets, and the English keywords are Electric Blankets.

Now the weather is cold, foreigners want to buy electric blankets in winter, so that it is more comfortable in winter. He opened the Amazon App, or entered at the computer, and jumped to the Amazon homepage. At this time, he entered the keyword of Electric Blankets.

There are two cases that appear in his eyes. One is not putting on Amazon advertisements. Of course, this probability rarely occurs in actually. By watching the price of the electric blanket, the store star, the number of purchases, the number of comments, the picture, the title description, and then select the click.

If the shops that sell electric blankets in the first page are ranked first in the first page, foreigners click to enter our shop and then buy an electric blanket, then this process is a specific presentation of the good SEO in our station.

Let's talk about the second situation, there are Amazon advertising, which happens every day. Foreigners enter the electric blanket, see our advertisements, click the advertisement, and then buy it. This process is a good presentation for advertising in our station.

There is no disadvantage in this process. The only disadvantage is that it is expected, because paid advertisements are like faucets connected to water. The advertisement stopped, and the faucet had no water.

A: Why does it become a trend outside station drainage

With the increase in the number of sellers, the competition for traffic is increasing, the competition in the site is more intense, the advertising expenditure is getting more and more, the price of product prices dares not to increase, ROI is getting lower and lower, and the profit is getting lower and lower.

Everyone began to think about the way out, and the promotion outside the station gradually developed, in line with more sellers' demand for diversified traffic, avoid putting eggs in the same basket to avoid risks better.

Outreach drainage is a marketing method that actively attacked. It actively introduces your company's brand and products in various promotion channels, which is more conducive to increasing brand awareness and increased reputation.

B: Dutch pain points in Amazon Station

According to statistics from Amazon's website, Amazon has more than 300 million active customer accounts and more than 1.9 million sales partners worldwide. Amazon's station has a lot of traffic, but the competition is also fierce. The traffic in the station seems to be a lot of money in front of millions of Chinese sellers.

At the same time, the products in Amazon Station are seriously homogeneous. The products do not have a unique selling point. It is not the product function -driven type, but the traffic -driven type. 16.99 US dollars, eventually cheap American consumers on the other side of the ocean, but domestic sellers did not earn a few dollars.

At present, most sellers are practicing in the short term through crazy investment in Amazon's advertisements, seizing traffic, and obtaining clicks and orders, thereby increasing the weight of their own stores, and slowly accumulating the natural ranking of Amazon.

For example, I smashed 3 months of advertisements, 10,000 to 200,000 yuan per month, pulled the CPC, and squeezed the primary and medium sellers who could not afford the advertising fee, so that my moats looked high. After all, dead friends, immortal poverty, are the conventional play of Amazon's promotion in Amazon.

However, there is also a big flaw in this way, that is, you can squeeze out small and medium sellers, but the big sellers can also squeeze you out, especially the capital to enter the cross -border e -commerce track. Can invest 3 months of advertisements, 10,000 to 20,000 yuan a month, companies with capital blessing can invest 6 months for advertising. The monthly advertising fee is 100-2 million yuan. How can you play at that time?

For example, recently the overseas version of Pinduoduo, just smashing money crazy, through massive advertising exposure, celebrities cooperation, media evaluation, and obtaining new customers. 99%of the sellers of this way cannot be copied. After all, people are really rich. right! shipping

High -value categories are put on new products through hot -selling words, and it is difficult to get traffic and ranking for keywords. On the contrary, low -value category category has not high traffic itself, and the ranking of ranking is not much. And it consumes a lot of time manually, and ERP transportation weight is low.

If the coupon is used for promotion, the advantage is that it can get a large traffic in a short time, but it is difficult to accurately people and cannot obtain high -quality buyers, which can easily lead to losses.

Paid advertisements, such as through traffic, need to have strong data analysis capabilities and transformation capabilities, and need to pay attention at any time and make adjustments in time according to the advertising effect. Generally operating personnel are operating multiple platforms or more stores, which is difficult to adjust in time to achieve the optimal effect.

In addition, frequent promotion in the station will increase the boredom of fans and users, but it will have a negative effect on store scores.

Two: Successful promotion elements outside the station

Due to the diversification of forms, the operator needs to have sufficient professional capabilities, and it needs to analyze patiently and accumulate resources. The following are several elements promoted outside the station:

A: Cognitive decision direction, avoid low quality flow

At present, there are various forums, websites and platforms. Before choosing a partner, you need to carefully identify the types of the website, whether it is high -quality traffic, and whether it is in line with store products and brand adjustment. The main content, update frequency, etc.

Through the above information, we can see if this website is related to the products we are promoting, whether it is in line with our target market country, and whether the traffic is the main part of the natural traffic. Only high -quality and matching websites can bring high -quality traffic to our stores.

At the same time, avoid cognitive misunderstandings, the higher the website traffic, the better. The high website traffic is indeed a big advantage, but if he updates more daily, and the evaluation content cannot be displayed on the homepage, the content category is complicated, and everything is written. Essence When looking for a cooperative website, small and medium websites, but the content is accurate, is the best choice.

Forum or blog website, in addition to daily evaluation articles, Banner Advertising is also a choice of cooperation projects. It is the most direct product exposure method to display the banner advertisement on the homepage.

B: Control the promotion rhythm and maximize the promotion effect

Some friends have been in contact with the integrated marketing plan. When operating the promotion strategy, the promotion rhythm of various channels needs to be implemented in an orderly manner. For example, the golden landing page is the first step. Optimize the floor page, introduce product content, advantages, case introduction, etc., so that all subsequent promotion has the pathway.

Social media promotion subsequently, the daily operation of social media channels is an important path for release of new products and activity promotion. Through the production of graphic videos that meet the promotion of social media, it attracts users to click on the landing page to achieve deep incubation of users.

Mail operations are essential. Subscribers accumulated all year round can send relevant content again. Users with high clicks and high activity to send in -depth content, send attractive promotional content to users with low activity, activate users to activate users, activate users At the same time, they return to the gold floor page and hatch in depth.

In addition to station advertisements, it can also increase professional media evaluation and KOL cooperation to increase the exposure of brand brands, thereby promoting comprehensive promotion from the inside of the station.

The promotion of step -by -step camp can break through the user's defense line, increase user trust, and eventually increase the conversion rate of order.

C: Do a good job of optimization in the site and improve the conversion rate

A very important factor is the optimization of the promotion outside the station. For example, a person can't just achieve external light without internal cultivation.

Outside -site promotion is a way of active attack. Through high -quality evaluation articles, evaluation videos, etc., attract users to click on purchasing links or store links.

The optimization of shops and Listing is crucial. Whether it is attractive to use, whether the product characteristics are introduced in detail, whether the high -definition pictures, and whether there are users' high -quality reviews, etc., determine whether users can trade.

Therefore, the station is the last step of the transaction. It is of great significance to do a good job of optimization in the station. Whether it is improving the ranking of the inside of the station or the successful incubation of the station.

Three: The advantages of diversion outside the station

A: Increase product profits and avoid low -cost competition

Many of Amazon sellers are speaking in price. The appearance and functions of the product are similar. In addition, everyone is rolled in the flow pool of Amazon, which is difficult to sell high prices.

If we jump out of Amazon's flow pool and go outside to promote, the effect is completely different. The user group outside the station is different from the Amazon user group, and the price perception is different.

For example, when selling socks,'s product prices are more expensive than Taobao, and Taobao's competition is more expensive, which is the truth.

In the same product, customers pay a higher price, and our profits are higher to avoid low -cost competition.

B: Improve the product ranking and get more traffic

External promotion can naturally increase the clicks of the store, browse the page, join the shopping cart, buy products, and leave praise. These are conducive to improving the weight of our store in Amazon, thereby increasing the ranking of products and the entire store. More natural traffic.

For example, a US customer searched for the hottest heating stove of 2022, saw your product link on a evaluation website, and then click on this link to enter your Amazon store and finally buy it.

If there are 100 American customers who have evaluated the website, the YouTube link came to your Amazon store to buy, and left a comment, which will inevitably improve your listing ranking.

Other customers search for heating stoves naturally in Amazon. Your Listing ranking page will be ranked ahead to increase the traffic and orders of the store.

Four: 4 most commonly used outside station promotion channels

A. Deal Station Promotion

Deals website promotion is to go to those big discount websites for promotion, such as SlickDeals, DealSews and other websites. This website requires high discounts. Promoting on this website, the price must be cheap.

Generally, it is better to have a good relationship with the moderator of the website to post a promotion. It is difficult for novices to post, unless your account weight is relatively high.

Some friends' inventory in the US overseas warehouse and cannot be sold, they will consider the DEALS website for promotions, sell inventory early, get back the payment, and increase cash flow transfer.

B. Related category blog post

The blogger net red evaluation is mainly on the blogger's website, showing your product details in the form of graphic and text, which is suitable for users to make reference opinions when buying products.

The common method of cooperation between bloggers online celebrities is Reviews evaluation articles, find them mailboxes, and contact bloggers. Just send them to them. Generally, there are special advertising departments, and there will be a dedicated MARKETING department to contact you.

For example, TOP 10 Best LED Mirrs in 2022, if you are making LED smart mirrors, there are two links under this blog, and many readers will click the link to jump to your Amazon shop.

This is an off -site promotion form for related category blog posts.

C. Social media community promotion

Social media promotion, as the name suggests, is to go to various social media groups to post. This group is a bit similar to the form of Baidu Tieba, because the number of groups of groups does not limit the number of groups, and the most groups are hundreds of thousands of groups.

Many groups are very vertical. For example, those who do outdoor fishing are dedicated to outdoor fishing. They communicate about fishing. Which fishing rod is better, which kind of Luya is good, and which kind of fish line is strong.

At this time, you share some fishing experience in it, and by the way promote your fishing rods, there will be many group friends to go to your shop to check and finally buy it. This is the promotion of the social media group.

D. Internet celebrity promotion

The cooperation between Internet celebrities is to communicate with our products with foreign Internet celebrities, and then upload them to their channels, hang our links, and buy from his link through his link.

Internet celebrities have a large traffic and many exposure, which is convenient for customers to understand the details of our products, to drain the store, bring brand exposure or performance growth, and pave the way for long -term cooperation in the later period.

At present, Internet celebrity marketing is also a channel that is relatively high than input. Many cross -border e -commerce companies have special online celebrity marketing commissioners.

Five: 3 suggestions promoted outside the station

A. Find the promotion channel that suits you

All promotion channels are useful, but not all channels are useful for us. We must combine our actual situation to find the most suitable promotion channels for us.

For example, the unit price of your product is relatively high. After testing, the channel for online celebrities is the fastest. Then you can increase the promotion budget of this channel in the later period. The effect of the DEALS website is not obvious, and the promotion of the DEALS website appropriately will be appropriately reduced later.

B. Do your best, step by step

For example, the budget promoted outside the Amazon station of your company is 50,000 yuan a month. Then do the promotion budget of 50,000 yuan, and make corresponding channels according to the budget of 50,000 yuan.

The cost of promoting Amazon's station one month is 200,000 yuan, so they have some strategies and players. We can study it, but we cannot learn from their play.

In the later period, we sales reached the same amount of peers, and another 200,000 yuan promoted a budget for a month to do its best.

C. Grasp the risks and excessively stable

When docking with the overseas celebrities and the person in charge of the Deals website, important information communication is communicated with emails because email communication has more legal basis.

When the cooperation is reached, we must sign the corresponding contract to ensure our rights and interests. In case of a lawsuit or something, we also have a guarantee.

The Q4 season is coming soon. I hope that the sellers have a good mood in the New Year. Optimize your own listing, do a good job of promotion outside the station, have a lot of orders, receive soft hands, 2023 to the next level.

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