Why is Amazon's new product so difficult this year?

Since this year, most sellers have been feedback to push new products much more difficult than in previous years.

"Before the new product was launched, it began to enter the clearance stage." A seller said. When pushing new products last year and the previous year, the order can be issued without much advertising fee. This year, similar products, the click -through rate and conversion rate are low to outrageous. The advertising budget has been increasing, but the sales volume has stagnated. This experience believes that this is also the epitome when many sellers push new products this year.

Coupled with the continuous news in the industry, the factory stopping work, and the continuous news of logistics vendors have continuously revealed the news of thunderstorms. The market is exposed in the market. On the road. This problem is also a sword hanging on the seller and operation head.

What is the reason why pushing new products is so difficult? The environment is not dazzling, how can the seller seek a way out?

Why is it so difficult to push new?

Objectively speaking, from the experience feedback from yourself and the trainees and sellers, this year's new success rate has indeed decreased. But to be clear, not all sellers are difficult, and there are a majority of sellers who have successfully launched.

When the overall traffic of the seller or the market is rising, the new products are more traffic, and the success rate will naturally increase. Therefore, specific problems need to be analyzed.

First of all, in Amazon's market large market traffic, the overall decline has not declined, the trend tends to be gentle, and the increase is not large. Judging from the trend of Amazon online sales announced by MarketPlace Pulse Essence In addition, the data show that in 2022, the sales of e -commerce in Heiwangyi will be close to $ 10 billion and $ 12 billion, respectively, an increase of 3.9%and 3.8%compared with last year.

Amazon Online Sales Trend Picture Source: Marketplace Pulse

Overall, the traffic on the Amazon platform has not decreased for a long time. So why do most sellers feedback the decline in store traffic and new products difficult to push?

From the experience of friends and students around us, we summarized the following six reasons:

1. Amazon platform competition has intensified, and there are situations where it is too required and more monk.

In the past two years, with the surge and expansion of cross -border e -commerce, a large number of entrepreneurs, a large number of traditional factories and even large enterprises flocked in, and successively settled in Amazon's giant to the sea to make money. Data research. Since 2016, more than 2,000 new merchants have joined Amazon every day, and 800 new merchants have received the first feedback comments on Amazon every day. Among them, Amazon American Station has added at least 700 new merchants per day.

The market competitors have increased, but the demand for overseas buyers is limited. The influx of various categories of products has led to over -demand, which has caused the market to make a certain amount of traffic. The chance of new success is greatly reduced.

2. In the price of the price, the advertisement is also rolled. The operating cost of the seller is high, and the situation of profit is constantly reduced.

As soon as the dividends have passed, the era of "lying down can also make money" is gone, and the degree of competition between sellers has become fierce. Wanting to maintain the listing ranking is not only difficult to increase, but the cost is getting higher and higher.

According to statistics from sellers around them, advertising costs accounted for about 2-4%of sales from 2016-2017, 5-7%of 2018-2019, and 8-10%in 2020. In the past two years %. Some sellers report that the advertising bid for their own categories was only 2 points before, and now it is carried to the level of nearly 5 or 6 points, or even higher.

According to the official advertising data statistics released by Amazon, 2021 Amazon's advertising business revenue is as high as US $ 31.2 billion, an increase of 55%year -on -year, of which the advertising revenue in the fourth quarter accounts for nearly one -third of the annual advertising revenue. This data is much higher than 2020's advertising business income. The environment of continuously rolled up is also one of the main reasons for promoting Amazon's advertising business income.

From the perspective of Amazon, good advertising activities can bring more advertising revenue and commission income to Amazon, and the traffic is distributed. Only high correlation and high conversion can continue to maintain ACOS. In the case of new product links, Amazon chooses other links to allocate advertisements to maintain the buyer experience.

Therefore, the cost of CPC is expected to rise again, and the seller's heart must be prepared.

3. The Amazon platform traffic distribution mechanism is changing and trending towards the trend.

Different in the past, Amazon's current flow distribution has slowly changed from distribution flow to competitive flow, and the distribution of traffic is becoming more and more refined.

And products of different prices, recommended user groups will also be different; products that often make coupons also have a certain degree of push for groups that often receive discounts.

4. Old brands and old links hold the existing traffic, and new products cannot break through traffic.

Today's Amazon can be regarded as a medium and long -term investment in the return industry. Many sellers have changed their operating philosophy and established a long -term strategy of brand philosophy. Some companies and sellers who have been practicing long -termism in the early days have approached maturity in all aspects of old stores and old stores, forming good capital turnover and profitability, and their status is difficult to shake. Some brands of sellers said that some buyers will buy products by actively searching for the brand name of the store. The source of store traffic is more natural traffic, not advertising traffic.

There are also some products of red sea categories, and it is more difficult to achieve new products to break the deadlock.

5. The old brands and old links are strongly transformed, and even the price reduction and large discounts over the market, resulting in a situation where the conversion rate of new products is too low.

When an old brand with a certain reputation has a larger traffic in order to distribute a larger traffic, it is extremely obvious that the impact of the new product is extremely obvious.

When the old brands have similar competing products and have the price advantage. Under the same conditions, it is naturally choosing a product with more prices. The new product is more difficult to get the favor of buyers. It will also decrease.

6. The old category shows that the new seller "worship the dock" or is squeezed by the old seller.

When a new seller enters, sometimes it will encounter problems such as spoofing and advertising. If you do not coordinate, you will easily be spoof often. Therefore, this is also a factor that affects the success of new success.

Because the difficulty of pushing new, some sellers also chose to "lie down". A while ago, an operation helplessly said at the forum that his boss entered a state of rotten state, product development did not develop new products, ignored operating cakes, and kept eating the benefits of old products. Essence

The speech of a suspected boss below also attracted the attention of many sellers. "This environment is really difficult to develop. The risk is too great. You have to lose it. You scold me too. Now it’ s good. Everyone lay for a while, and then wait for the wind. "

Of course, this is just a joke, lying flat is not advisable. In today's environment, if the iteration of Amazon is responded to Amazon with constant thinking, it will be eliminated sooner or later.

Although the difficulty of pushing new has increased, some sellers also said: Although the inner volume is more serious and the market is not good, as long as some products are operated by heart, there are methods and rhythm can still be pushed up.

Therefore, the seller also needs to think about a question. Why do some products push difficult? Sometimes the product is pushed hard; there is no fixed supply chain, familiar category, and a competitive environment for themselves; , Return to the nature of operation, grasp the title, grab five points, grab pictures, grab ST, and re -learn from the perspective of customers to meet a standard or even excellent listing standard.

In response to the new plan, our side also shows the sellers a detailed work plan for creating explosive products:

Selection and delivery

1. Preliminary selection: Use relevant selection tools to select appropriate products based on Amazon niche market, and conduct preliminary screening and judgment.

2. Refined selection:

① After the product passes the preliminary review, the market data analysis must be performed in detail in accordance with the market survey form to ensure the accuracy of its data and the final result.

② According to the market survey form, a detailed market data analysis is performed, and the results of accurate market survey will be given within the specified time.

3. Determine the sample: According to the results of the market survey form, determine the basic parameters of the samples and the procurement price range, then submit the demand for the procurement sample, and follow up the samples in time.

4. Follow -up: After confirming that the sample is correct, submit the demand for large goods to the superior and the procurement department. After the review is approved, the big goods are followed in time to ensure that the product is launched on time.

5. FBA delivery:

① The first batch of cargo stocking can be referenced by the quantities of the benchmarking competitors; replenishment products are carefully prepared in accordance with ERP data and product ordering.

② Familiar with the FBA delivery skills. After the cargo is created, the label should be checked repeatedly.

6. Logistics follow -up: follow the logistics of each cargo in time, and report to the superiors in a timely manner.

Products and promotion

1. Preparation of preliminary copywriting, picture preparation:

① After confirming the big goods, he started to start keyword research and competitors analysis, complete the writing of copywriting and picture copywriting, and give the superiors for review in time. In

② After the picture copywriting is determined, it will be given to the superior for approval. After the approval is correct, the superior will go to the US work map plan. The art union arranges the plan plan according to the emergency situation. Graphs need to ensure the completion of the picture on time and quality and quantity.

③ Before the product is put on the shelves: Five points of description, details description complete the localization optimization, A+completes uploading; Q & A 5-10 preparation; keyword optimization is completed;

2. Formulate a new product promotion plan: After the product is launched, it is necessary to determine the overall promotion ideas of the product, formulate a reasonable sales plan, sales price, sales method and sales strategy;

3. Executive promotion plan:

① According to the sales plan, the single quantity can be stabilized through various channels every day to ensure that the single quantity can be steadily increased during the promotion period (incremental increase). Until the expected sales ranking.

② Adjust the promotion strategy in a timely manner according to the actual situation of the promotion to ensure that the promotion achieves the expected results.

③ On the premise of ensuring shops and listing security, REVIEW is increased by compliance to increase product conversion rates.

④ Follow up the situation of keywords regularly to ensure that keyword rankings and single quantity simultaneous improvement.

⑤ Various promotional activities, including in -site promotion and DEAL outside the station.

Later product maintenance

1. Link optimization:

① According to the various data (flow, conversion rate) of Listing, regularly optimize the link documents to ensure that the link is stable.

② According to the monthly and weekly plans, the number of product reviews regularly.

2. Promotion strategy:

① Formulate off -site promotion plans according to demand and sales, drainage outside the station, and increase sales;

② According to the actual situation of Listing, create and manage promotional activities on the management platform, spike activities;

③ Regularly optimize advertisements, collect and analyze advertising data, and optimize two times of pictures, copywriting, advertising, keywords, etc.

3. Inventory management and control: Strictly formulate procurement plans according to ERP data and logistics channels, manage inventory, and try to avoid the occurrence of out stock

4. Clearance plan: For products with long -term unqualified profit margins, we must formulate a clear clearing plan according to the opinions of superiors and the company's profit indicators, and strictly implement the clearing plan to ensure that the clearing goods can be completed within the prescribed time.

5. Emergency treatment: When links or abnormalities in the store, find out the cause in time, analyze the problem, and respond quickly. If you find that your ability cannot solve the problem, report it quickly and seek the best solution to the problem.

Data index control

1. Inventory indicators: The total number of sale days of the store's total inventory is within 60-120 days. The sales must be more than twice that of the inventory product.

2. Product cost index: After the link is stable, the cost of controlling the product accounts for 22%-25%(industry standard value)

3. Terminal freight index: According to the product line, optimize the proportion of the header, considering the input-output ratio, the first-range freight ratio, the same industry standard is 5%-7%.

4. Promotion expense indicators: According to the situation, adjust the proportion of promotion costs for advertising and evaluation, not exceeding 10%.

Of course, different types of indicators have different standards.

In addition, some sellers said that the attitude of the new product after the shelves stated that most of the new products are now unable to sell them. Only by advertising can the order be improved steadily. However, in the first three months, it may be that it has spent a lot of money. In the fourth month, ACOS is still old.

In addition to the selection of factors, there is one thing that wants to tell you that the knowledge of operation lies in spending the same money, and some people are better than others.

Finally, I hope today's content can help everyone.

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