Global e -commerce transaction volume will increase by 15% during the 2022 holiday sales season

October Douyin and TIKTOK sucking gold exceeded $ 326 million

On November 10th, Douyin and October 2022 and overseas Tiktok attracted more than $ 326 million in the global App Store and Google Play, which was 1.55 times the same period last year. shipping cost

In October, Lazada and Shopee's site visits reached 682 million

On November 10th, Southeast Asia in October 2022 (desktop+mobile terminal) and related data of various platforms and related data showed that in October, Lazada/Shopee sites (Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam) It was 682 million, an increase of 1.6%from 671 million last month. Among them, the total visits of the Lazada site websites were 201 million, an increase of 4.4%over the previous month; the total visits of the SHOPEE sites of each site were 481 million, an increase of 0.5%over the previous month.

Global e -commerce transaction volume will increase by 15% during the 2022 holiday sales season

According to the analysis of millions of e -commerce transactions, ACI Worldwide predicts that the global e -commerce transaction volume will increase by 15%from October 2022 to December 2022. Despite the pressure of inflation and limited inventory, this expectation reflects consumers' good optimism. The following categories will promote the rise in sales: video games (34%), travel supplies (29%), home supplies (13%), fashion items (7%).

Spaniards search for black five keywords than Amazon

The InternetRepública institution provides its research data on Black Friday 2022. Black Friday is undoubtedly the largest online discount activity in Spain, exceeding the online Monday and summer and winter sales periods. Elcorteinglés and Black Friday are positioned as the keywords with the largest number of searches, leading ahead of Amazon and ZARA. The data shows that during the week, the Trinity consumers at about 13:00 pm on Tuesday were the most talked about Black Friday.

In 2022, Malaysia's e -commerce market will increase by 19.9%

Analysis company GlobalData predicts that the Malaysian e -commerce market will increase by 19.9%this year to $ 9.2 billion. GlobalData further predicts that with the support of the rapid expansion and transformation from offline to online purchase, from 2026, Malaysia's e -commerce sales will increase with a compound annual growth rate of 16.1%, which will reach 16.6 billion US dollars at that time Essence "Malaysia is one of Southeast Asia's fastest e -commerce market in Southeast Asia.

French B2B Payment Company Fintecture received $ 26 million in Series A financing

According to reports, FINTECTURE, the French B2B payment technology startup, recently announced that it has raised $ 26 million in Series A financing. Investors are Tiger Global, Eurazeo, RTP Global, Samaipata, Allianz Trade, Sociétégénérale, etc. At present, 200,000 companies have paid products or services through Fentecture, including initiation of instant payment, or initiating a transfer of transfers with real -time confirmation functions. The payer only needs to click the link or scan the QR code in the store to quickly connect to the bank account and confirm the transaction. Some registered procedures need to be completed when conducting the first transaction, but the subsequent transactions are simple and easy to operate.

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