How to analyze what are the promotion of the competition? How to bind FBT?

I have always felt that promoting is a matter of effect. I bought N tools when I was responsible for promoting the team many years ago. Large and small at home and abroad have been used, and basically not used for more than a month.

Everyone thinks that tools can help people improve efficiency and develop more promotion resources. I used to think so. From an old operation from a programmer, now I think of myself too anxiously. "Save" time, I took more detours, just like making products.

From the perspective of grasping the logic, you can only use reptile scripts to grab them one by one. But many of them cannot be solved.

Each platform has anti -crawler procedures.

Just like catching Instagram celebrities, they can only catch through keywords. Generally, they can grab their names and profiles, but most celebrities do not write a 3C or Introduction to 3C.

The screening logic of a programmer who writes a crawler algorithm is different from the logic of finding the celebrity by yourself. We often cannot find the celebrities and channels you want according to the logic of the tool. logistics

So how should we analyze what promotions did the competing products do?

There are usually these channels outside the station:

Facebook group

Deal station

Social media celebrity


A: Search the brand name or keywords of the product directly in the station, knowing that the discount code is more accurate.

B: Use the site command to do the promotion.

We can use Anker Site: Deal Website to find out which Deal station the Anker did.

You can also use the brand name Site+different social media, such as Anker Site:

This Site command can find out which social media or Deal stations do you do. freight rates

C: Use Google to search keywords directly 

Anker Influnder/ Anker Deal, etc.

The above are some of the more common analysis. What are the methods outside the station.

If we want to do FBT (Frequently Bought Together), in the same way, what channels are placed in the above methods to find out and put these channels in large quantities. The traffic entrance in the station. shipping

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