Amazon advertising business growth rate super Google and Facebook

According to foreign media reports, Amazon's advertising business increased by 25%in the third quarter of this year to $ 9.5 billion; Google's advertising revenue (including all the subjects of Google and YouTube) increased by only 2.5%to $ 54.4 billion; Facebook's advertising (Including Instagram) revenue has declined for the second quarter, a year -on -year decrease of 3.7%to $ 27.2 billion; the growth rate of Amazon's advertising business has surpassed Google and Facebook for three consecutive years.

Although the advertising business of Google and Facebook is much larger, according to the current growth rate, Amazon may achieve an overtaking to the two. In the third quarter of 2019, Facebook's advertising business scale was more than six times that of Amazon. Today, three years later, Facebook's advertising business scale is less than three times that of Amazon's advertising business. freight cost

In the third quarter, Amazon's advertising growth rate exceeded social media platforms such as Pinterest and Snapchat (Twitter did not disclose the third quarter data). Tiktok is not yet a listed company has not disclosed the relevant data. Foreign media speculate that Tiktok's advertising business has exceeded Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and has the fastest advertising business in the social media platform.

At the beginning of Amazon Advertising, only basic functions such as the search results were implanted and promoted products. At present, dozens of advertising types have been launched to provide a number of technologies and data solutions. Another promoting Amazon advertising to achieve ultra -high -speed growth is its layout outside the station. Amazon has recently announced that even brands that are not sold on Amazon, including catering, hotels and other brands, can also publish advertisements on its live broadcast platform Twitch. These efforts have increased the advertising income of Amazon 10 times in five years.

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