How to create an Amazon boutique model?

As we all know, Amazon is a platform for heavy products light shops. In addition, as the proportion of young people in cross -border e -commerce consumers rises, sellers need to cater to the preferences of young groups. Want to be an Amazon platform, choose a good product, and do "boutique operation".

So, how to create Amazon boutique model? I recommend two methods here.

Selecting is the top priority

To make results on any platform, selecting products is the key. The product is not selected, and the operation is in vain. Boutique products have no requirements for prices, and the scope of screening is wide.

If you do n’t know how to choose it, you can refer to the following methods:

1. Amazon list list selection method

There are various lists on the Amazon homepage. These lists can be very intuitive to tell us the recent popular hot -selling models. Among the many lists, we can put most of the new products and new products on the best -selling list.

2. Selection of similar platforms

Cross -border e -commerce platforms are not only Amazon, they can look at the hot -selling models of cross -border e -commerce platforms such as AliExpress and EBAY. If you haven't seen the launch or a large number of sellers in Amazon, you can consider moving such products directly to Amazon.

3. Selection method for competitive shops

You can pay more attention to your new products of the benchmark shop, but pay attention, don't just stare at a "薅".

4. Supply chain selection method

A mature supply chain can always quickly grasp the information of the first -hand market for development. Sellers can communicate with the supply chain more during the selection process to obtain market information on the supply chain side.

But in the process of selecting products, we must consider the following three points:

First, the seller needs to consider whether the products they want to sell have involved infringement and compliance with platform rules.

Second, the seller also considers the fierce competition in Amazon's classification.

Third, the selected products not only need to be in line with the development of the market, but also take into account whether their supply chain can be undertaken.

Optimize details page (Listing)

A good listing can help the product get a good exposure. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously improve and optimize from several aspects of the product's title, picture, five -point description, etc. in the early stage; compare the top products of each list in the later period, summarize the advantages and disadvantages to improve.

The following points should be paid attention to the optimization process:

1. Title

Amazon has a very unique A9 algorithm on the keywords of the product, and any explosive product is inseparable from a product title with key information.

2. Picture

Compared with the keywords of system capture, consumers' visual effects are more important. A high -quality main picture with new gravity can grasp the consumer's vision as soon as possible, which has a great impact on the conversion rate of the product. When uploading the picture, be sure to pay attention to the definition of the picture and not let go of the product outside the product.

3. Price

The price of the product must not be higher than the price of the FBA. If the price higher than the FBA will affect the product weight, reduce product flow, and bring a certain degree of difficulty to the conversion.

4. After -sales service

Selling does not mean that one order is over. If you have after -sales problems, you must actively deal with consumers to solve the problem. Customers are God. The after -sales service can not only bring praise to the store, but also increase the probability of consumer second repurchase.

The above is the idea of operating Amazon. Each shop is different, and each seller can adjust according to the store conditions.

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