How to promote cross-border e-commerce off-site in peak season

With sufficient resources and funds, sellers can carry out off-site promotion and achieve the ultimate goal of brand building and brand going overseas step by step. The operational aspects are as follows:

1. SNS social platform advertisements, such as Facebook's in-site advertisements, recommend relevant product advertisements according to Facebook users' attention, publishing content, etc.

2. Independent station, the product description is more free, comprehensive, and has no format limit. It can fully display the product and can be linked with the Amazon store, that is, insert the Amazon purchase link option on your own independent station.


4. Product videos, videos plus Amazon related links or independent site links, upload to YouTube and other SNS social platforms, industry forums, blogs, etc.

5. Publish products On websites that crawl Amazon listing information, go to search engines such as google to search for big brands in the same industry, you will find that many websites you don’t know also have their Amazon listings, but many of them are websites owned by Amazon.

6. Special sale websites, create events on Amazon, and then go to these special sale websites to send discount codes to increase sales, clear inventory,

Maybe you can get a good review, recommend slickdeals, dealsreddit, 21usdeal, yeswecoupon, etc.

7. Look for professional forums, blogs, and soft articles. It is slow to write by yourself, and you can find forum celebrities, such as free and,, etc.

8. QR code on product packaging: Amazon store, independent website, Facebook, etc.

9. SNS social platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and other content updates, mainly pictures.

10. Email marketing.

I hope that every seller can check and operate their own stores one by one with the above experience, promote each ASIN in the store through the above methods, and make big orders, big sales and big profits on each marketing node! ! !

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