How Amazon Prevents Intellectual Property Infringement

I believe everyone knows that Amazon is very strict on knowledge infringement control. Once found to be infringing, the product will be removed from the shelves, or the store will be closed. Whether it is taking off the shelves or closing the store, the losses to the seller are very heavy. So how can we prevent it?

First of all, for infringement, there are mainly these types: trademark infringement, copyright infringement, patent infringement

For trademark infringement, the best way is to register your own trademark. Now most sellers will register their own trademarks when they operate their accounts.

Copyright infringement, Amazon's copyright infringement generally involves copyright infringement of some classic images and misappropriation of other people's pictures (this is generally when someone complains about you). The most common copyright infringement is the image of various animation cartoons.

Image copyright infringement. Then when we write pictures, if we are borrowing from others, we must be careful not to use other people's pictures directly, and we must use our own pictures.

Patent infringement is divided into invention patents and appearance patents.

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Appearance patent infringement is a common occurrence. And when people prevent infringement, most of them will choose to register design patents. When researching products, we also need to investigate whether there are appearance patents. On the website of the US Trademark Office, when we search, we need to select the patent, and then use the keyword to search. The keyword must be changed to try a few more. Europe and the UK use the same method.

Then everyone knows about appearance patents, and there should be not many cases of invention patent infringement. There was a product in the past that we deliberately registered a design patent to prevent infringement, but we did not expect the invention patent, but finally received a patent evaluation from Amazon. I have written about the patent evaluation before. Therefore, invention patents must not be ignored.

Therefore, if sellers want to operate stably on Amazon for a long time, they must pay attention to preventing intellectual property infringement.

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