How Does Amazon Advertising Help Chinese Brands Connect to the World?

The rapid development of the global e-commerce market has brought new opportunities for Chinese brands to "go global". In this context, more and more Chinese brands are entering the world stage and making great achievements overseas.

Anker Innovation, a global brand born on Amazon, has entered the top echelon with its mature experience and style of play; Ekepu Technology, which started as an OEM, has successfully transformed and hatched Waterdrop, the top brand in the water purifier category in the US market; it is relatively small. In the field of digital art, the hand-painted board and hand-painted screen brand XPPen of Hanwang Youji has already attracted countless fans; in addition, Zhiou Technology, Shangbai Global, Saiwei Times, and Karmiqi Lighting have also achieved remarkable results in their respective subdivisions.

These Chinese brands with the courage to explore, like the "sailors" of the new era of navigation, undertake the mission of telling the story of Chinese brands to the world, and go out to sea to ride the wind and waves. Including these new and old sailors, more and more Chinese brands have seized the opportunity to go overseas. Since 2017, Amazon Advertising has used the world's innovative advertising products, tools and solutions, and continued to improve its localized services in China, to promote Chinese high-quality brands to go overseas. While helping brands find overseas target consumers and increase sales, Effectively enhance the ability of overseas enterprise brand building, and truly build an international brand.

1. The "hurt" of traffic and the "pain" of talent training

The road to success is destined to be full of thorns. Brands such as Anker Innovation, Ikepu Technology, and XPPen are now making small achievements in overseas markets, but before achieving these phased results, they also experienced many unknown bitter stories. .

The first step in "starting a business" in the global market is often to solve the problem of how to obtain traffic and gain popularity in front of global consumers. But going global also means that Chinese brands will face market segments in hundreds of countries and regions. Differences in consumption habits, customs and culture, policies and regulations may all become a gap between brands and consumers.

For example, XPPen's main target audience is a relatively small group of digital art lovers. In the process of going overseas, the brand must not only integrate into the local area, but also into the local cultural and creative circle. Therefore, how to reach global target customers more widely has become the biggest challenge in the process of going overseas.

Of course, in addition to the "hard injury" of traffic, the brand also faces the dilemma of team training when going overseas. Today, consumers around the world have become erratic in the fragmented and diversified online information, and are easily attracted by newer things. For brands, it is not only necessary to build a talent team that understands overseas markets, but also to keep pace with the times, learn cutting-edge marketing skills, and use marketing methods that consumers love.

In the process of going overseas, Yikepu Technology has experienced a period of team structure adjustment. In order to better carry out refined operations, Yikepu Technology tried to separate advertising and operations. The young operation Xiaolu who was transferred to the advertising position needed to get started quickly, and the process was full of difficulties. This also shows that cultivating new people and optimizing the team structure also happens to be a major problem for the vast number of overseas brands.

There are many difficulties, and brand breakthroughs are inseparable from their own exploration and experimentation, but it is difficult to straighten out the challenges of reaching consumers alone. Therefore, brands urgently need a "guide" who understands the pain points of the brand and understands global consumers better.

2. Connecting the world requires multi-dimensional touch

As far as the "injury" of traffic is concerned, looking at the current brand going overseas, it has already bid farewell to the early stage of extensive management and brutal growth. In the second half of the brand going overseas, the test is the ability of refined operation, and the competition is whether it can obtain the recognition of more consumers. Therefore, brands need a wider range of touchpoints in delivery.

In this regard, Amazon Advertising is uniquely positioned. Amazon has hundreds of millions of active users worldwide, including 200 million sticky, trusted Prime members. The survey shows that nearly 75% of consumers around the world discover new products and new brands through Amazon, and 69% of sellers believe that the development of Chinese brands can be expected in the future. As a "bridge" for brands to connect with consumers around the world, Amazon Advertising has played an irreplaceable "link" role.

Taking Anker Innovation as an example, it has established the VOC (Voice of Customers) system since its establishment to capture and analyze the real consumer voices of Amazon Shanghai to guide the research and development of products, and it is still in use today. In addition, brands will use search analysis tools such as Amazon keyword search, product search performance report, and search term performance report to analyze and judge potential opportunities and measure the level of brand development. Amazon Advertising helps them understand and connect with consumers.

In addition to the huge on-site traffic pool, Amazon Advertising can also provide brands with more dimensional touchpoints from multiple off-site media and channels. Currently, Amazon Advertising is able to provide multiple advertising solutions covering popular services such as Amazon Marketplace, Twitch, Freevee (formerly IMDb TV), Alexa, Amazon Music, and third-party publishers, websites and applications outside Amazon. Help brands reach target consumers on and off the site.


In 2019, Ecoptech wanted to promote an innovative water purification system in the United States. However, since there were no similar products on the market at that time, the commonly used keyword tools had little effect. The team carefully considered and decided to adjust the strategy and focus on educating users. On the Internet, they have achieved an effective increase in the brand's voice through Amazon's rich products, such as display promotion, product promotion, etc., and also let more users realize the improvement of the quality of life brought by water purifiers. Now it has won the title of "Amazon's Choice".

3. Winning consumer recognition requires precise correlation

Of course, brand building is also a long-term process. In order to obtain the long-term value and recognition of users, it is necessary to rely on consumer insights, according to thousands of people and thousands of faces, to choose what they like. Therefore, it is also very important to make good use of promotional tools.

Based on the evolution of brand and consumer needs, Amazon Advertising has continuously launched innovative advertising strategies and product portfolios to help overseas brands solve the needs of the whole life cycle from sales promotion to brand building. For example, "Sponsored Products", "Sponsored Brands" help increase the exposure of products and brands on search results and product detail pages, and promote product sales in a direct way, "Sponsored Display", "Amazon DSP", "Streaming" "Media Video Ads" can help brands reach a wider range of consumers on and off Amazon, increasing brand exposure.

In the transformation from OEM to its own brand, Yikepu Technology relies on the combination of Amazon's advertising products and tools to achieve rapid growth of its Waterdrop brand at different stages of "integration of quality and efficiency". When the Waterdrop brand officially landed on the US household water purification market in 2016, Ecoptech achieved an effective increase in the brand's voice through a variety of products such as Amazon's advertising display promotion and product promotion. Based on years of deep cultivation, on this year's Prime Day, Ecopure Technology also used various communication channels such as the exclusive page of the brand flagship store, Amazon DSP and Fire tablet multimedia advertisements, and also cooperated with Internet celebrities to live broadcast products on Amazon Live, etc. All-round display of the product's water purification concept. In the end, Yikepu Technology has doubled its sales this year, and its brand concept has also won the attention of consumers.

The difficulties encountered by XPPen mentioned above have also been resolved with the help of Amazon Advertising's innovative strategy and advertising mix. According to Ma Xiaobo, vice president of XPPen, XPPen attaches great importance to the combination of product functions and brand recognition, and enhances customers' impression of products and brands by creating personalized brand advertisements. During this process, XPPen will customize different creative materials such as pictures and videos according to the preferences of consumers in different countries on different Amazon sites, and conduct targeted delivery to the crowd through Amazon display promotion and video advertisements to improve the effectiveness of promotion. , accumulated a vote of loyal fans.

At the same time, Amazon Advertising has also paid attention to the importance of advertising performance in measuring brand development, and has continuously launched new association analysis and performance measurement solutions, including "" Amazon Marketing Cloud”; “Brand Metrics” that help brands measure long-term brand engagement value through metrics of awareness and purchase intent, and evaluate drivers of business growth; and “Brand Metrics” that help brands collect consumer feedback through surveys and at scale "Amazon Brand Lift Insights."

For example, as one of the representative companies of Chinese brands going overseas, Anker Innovation uses a combination of tools such as "brand analysis" and "brand indicators" in the process of building brands, and implements follow-up of its own brand and competing brands through relevant data. It can help brands explore and locate consumers’ search behaviors, and adjust their delivery strategies in a timely manner.

In addition, brands can also use free advertising tools such as brand flagship stores, posts, and attention to help brands establish exclusive positions, create brand shopping experiences, and establish long-term communication with brand users in more diversified dimensions. Space.

4. Team empowerment requires better local services

Relying on Amazon's powerful traffic pool and the efficient and rich promotion tools of Amazon Advertising, the "injury" of traffic in the process of going overseas can be effectively alleviated, and for the "pain" of talent training for brands, Amazon Advertising continues to optimize local services for brands. Empower.

On the one hand, Amazon Advertising has successively set up offices in 10 core cities across the country in recent years to provide timely services to local sellers and brands. In addition, Amazon Advertising has also established communication channels including the Amazon Advertising official website, official WeChat, Douyin, and Himalaya official accounts to share the latest industry trends and the latest information on Amazon Advertising products for brands and sellers.

On the other hand, Amazon Advertising has also established a three-dimensional professional training system to provide training that is closer to the actual needs of Chinese brands. In terms of content, Amazon Advertising's official website "Learning Online" provides training content covering the entire life cycle of the brand. At the same time, the brand side can also exchange experiences with sellers from all over the country in the Amazon Advertising Community, and feedback questions and get suggestions to the Amazon Advertising team at any time. In terms of training mode, Amazon Advertising has created a "Seller Instructor Program" in China, introducing experienced seller instructors based on its own expert team to cover offline training in different cities. .

In addition, Amazon Advertising also provides one-to-one customized services for brand owners. Based on the analysis and diagnosis of brand advertising accounts, it helps brands to better understand the language and cultural characteristics of different sites, user search habits, category placement trends, etc., and provides relevant insights and insights. Advertising strategy recommendations.

It is understood that in the daily operations of overseas brands including Anker Innovation, Ikepu Technology, XPPen, etc., maintaining high-frequency communication with the Amazon advertising team, and regularly logging in to "Learning Online" to understand real-time dynamics and operational skills are all necessary in team work. Indispensable matter.

The details of these special studies were also recorded one by one in the second season of "The Sailor Project". The "Sailor Project" itself is also an innovative practice of Amazon Advertising in incubating brands. Through the real record of brand growth stories of different categories, different scales and different development stages, and through the "Sailor Observation Room" and "Sailor Self-study Room", the program highlights are analyzed in depth, and the strategy of going overseas is shared, so as to provide a landing reference for the vast number of overseas brands.

Starting from the East Eighth District, sailing to the world. Under the empowerment of Amazon Advertising, the distance between "sailors" and global consumers has been gradually narrowed. The journey to the sea continues, and these brands will continue to tell the story of Chinese brands to the world with their products representing advanced technology and unique ideas.

The line is coming, set sail, move forward!

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