How does Amazon Advertising work?

Nowadays, Amazon’s involution is more and more serious, and it is difficult to increase sales only by natural traffic. If Amazon sellers want to increase exposure and traffic, then try advertising!

We all say that money needs to be spent on the cutting edge. Naturally, the advertising costs that should be spent cannot be saved, but money cannot be used to waste water, so how can we better bring out the value of advertising?

1. Clarify the purpose of advertising

Sellers need to think clearly about the purpose of advertising before they can easily achieve the desired effect, and most sellers advertise for the following three purposes.

One is to promote new products and increase the exposure and popularity of new products.

The second is to improve the ranking of natural keywords and create more best-selling products.

The third is to boost sales during peak season promotions such as Prime Day, Black Friday and back-to-school.

2. Choose the type of advertisement and delivery method

1. Select the ad type

The manager of Mango will recommend several common types of advertisements, and sellers can choose and combine them according to their own needs.

1. Product promotion will be displayed on the first page of search results, leading consumers to the product details page.

2. Brand promotion can display the brand logo, custom text and three products in the search results, which is conducive to building brand awareness.

3. There are two targeting methods for display promotion. One is called product placement, which is mainly to attract consumers who are browsing similar or complementary products; the other is called browsing targeting, which is mainly to impress sellers who have viewed sellers in the past 30 days. Product or detail page, but no customer who placed an order.

2. Choose the delivery method

There are two types of Amazon advertising, one is automatic advertising and the other is manual advertising.

Automatic advertising: Amazon's system sets keywords and bids, and automatically displays products based on algorithms.

The setting of automatic advertising is relatively simple, and the system can automatically identify long-tail keywords, but the bidding is too programmatic and not flexible enough, and it may display advertisements for irrelevant search keywords, which is suitable for novice sellers with little experience.

Manual advertising: Sellers need to set their own keywords and bids, and display ads based on search keywords.

Manual advertising is more flexible in bidding, and it is easier to push advertisements to target consumers, thereby increasing the conversion rate, but it is time-consuming to operate and requires multiple manual adjustments, which is more suitable for experienced and senior sellers.

3. Do a good job in advertising data analysis

After placing an advertisement, the seller should pay attention to the effect of the advertisement in time, and check the overall advertising cost, advertising sales, ACOS, exposure, clicks and conversion rate.

If the advertising cost is high, but the exposure, click volume and conversion rate are very low, it means that the advertising effect is not good. The seller needs to adjust the bidding and advertising mix in time, and optimize the keywords and listing. On the contrary, if the advertising effect is good, the seller can Consider increasing your budget.

frieght quote

High-quality Amazon advertising will play an unexpected role. It can not only increase the sales of sellers, but also seize the minds of consumers. As long as the return exceeds the cost, the advertising fee will be worth it.

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