How to improve amazon keyword search ranking?

I'm Regan, cross-border Amazon dry goods sharing.

Regarding the question of Amazon keyword ranking, I will share with you from the following aspects:

1: The logic and principle of keyword ranking

Two: How to check the location of your own keywords

1. Observe the actual ranking through private browsing

2. Check keyword rankings through tools

Three: How to improve keyword search ranking

1: The logic and principle of keyword ranking

You can see that many groups will have such services as "keyword package on the home page" and "increase keyword collection". So what is the principle of the inclusion of keywords, and how can they be included here to explain to you.

First, Amazon promotes products in two ways:

1. Put the ranking of our product link for a certain keyword (natural ranking and advertising ranking):

Show our products when customers search for a certain keyword:

2. Associating our products with those of certain competitors, allowing our products to appear on competitor pages

Today, we will focus on the first one, how to make our products appear when customers search for this keyword and appear in the top position.

First of all, Amazon has its own A9 algorithm. The core of the algorithm is to make the better performing products better and better.

So the core of good performance is two points: click-through rate and conversion rate

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After a product has a high click-through rate and conversion rate for a certain keyword, it can be included.

In addition to this, there are additional purchase rates and retention rates, which refer to the frequency of customers adding to their shopping carts and the length of time they spend on our product pages to see if they can attract customers.

Generally speaking, whether it is the click-through rate, the conversion rate, the additional purchase rate and the retention rate, the core is actually two points, whether our products can be seen by customers, and whether our listing pages are beautiful or not.

2. How to check the location of your own keywords

1. Observing with Private Browsing

The first way to observe the real location of the keywords that our products are in is through private browsing:

First open the webpage and open the incognito browsing mode (the results seen in this mode are the most realistic, because of the Amazon A9 algorithm, if we often look at our products, then he will first promote our products to the front row. , and also many people wonder why my products are clearly ranked high but there is no exposure and sales.)


Search the Amazon website and enter the keywords we want to check (remember to switch to the local US zip code):

2. Reverse inspection through tools

The second is to use tools to reverse check where the keyword rankings of our products are:

It can be seen that our product is clear about the natural position and advertising position of this keyword, including the fluctuations in the natural ranking and advertising ranking in the last 24 hours, which can effectively help us to optimize the promotion plan.

3. How to improve keyword search ranking

For the logic of the keyword collection mentioned above, then we must first achieve the basic skills of listing, which is the foundation of everything.

After we have the basic listing, our promotion:

Early stage: Our link weight is very low, then we can promote our linked ad position to the homepage (or even the top of the homepage) in the form of advertisements, so as to increase the exposure of our products through payment, and with exposure After that, you can cooperate with our listing to get certain clicks and conversions.

At this time, we can also cooperate with the top percentage in the advertisement to quickly push our advertisement position to the top of the homepage. Of course, the click cost will also be higher, mainly for the long-tail precise word operation that we want to promote the ranking.

This is the screenshot I took from the background of my store. You can see that these two advertisements are promoting keywords in the form of sticking to the top to form an order.

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Mid-to-late stage: At this time, we already have a certain weight, and the natural ranking can be displayed on the first three pages of keywords. At this time, our focus needs to be more on evaluation acquisition, so as to drive our overall The increase in weight will lead to an increase in the rankings included in our links.

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