Amazon advertising bidding is unattainable, how do novice sellers play with advertising?

As the phenomenon of involution among Amazon sellers is becoming more and more serious, more and more seller friends have noticed that the current advertising bidding is unattainable, and the advertising ACOS cannot be higher. Seller advertisements (meaning that their advertisements only burn money without placing orders, not even ACOS). The soaring cost of a single click on Amazon’s advertising has turned waves of novice sellers into harvested leeks. They spent a lot of money but not many orders. Faced with such a situation, inexperienced novice sellers can be described as being on the battlefield of Amazon. It's a tough walk.

As the most important traffic channel on the Amazon platform, advertising space is a treasure pool of traffic that every seller must compete for. At the same time, advertising costs account for a large percentage of each seller's store cost, so advertising well, whether it is Crucial for both new and established sellers.

So what is Amazon Advertising?

Amazon CPC advertising is Amazon's on-site paid advertising, which is a method to actively attract sellers and increase sales through paid means. Helps to increase product sales, stabilize ranking, assist in occupying shopping carts, increase brand exposure, and cooperate with product promotions.

What is CPC?

The full name of CPC is Cost Per Clicks, also known as PPC (Pay Per Clicks). CPC (Cost Per Click) is billed according to the number of advertisement clicks, which is called "pay per click". An IP is only counted as one pay-per-click within 24 hours. CPC is also one of the indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising. CPC is getting higher and higher, to a certain extent, it can indicate that the performance of advertising is getting worse and worse.

ad structure

The above three are hierarchical inclusion relationships. One ad group can have multiple ad campaigns, and one ad campaign can also have multiple ad groups.

1. The advertising campaigns of the same product are placed under one advertising portfolio, which is convenient for searching and later data analysis.

2. The SKU is attached to the name of each advertising campaign, which is convenient for later data analysis.

3. Minimize variables as much as possible. It is best to put only one keyword in each ad group, otherwise the budget will be skewed to the keywords with better performance in the early stage, resulting in the keywords with poor performance in the early stage. Unable to test the real effect.

The basic role of advertising

1. Traffic drainage: Advertising is the most direct and most important way to attract traffic to a product on the Amazon platform. It can quickly obtain traffic through advertising. 2. Measurement: quickly test the market acceptance of new products through conversion rate and click-through rate. 3. Listing inspection: Check the listing quality through the correlation between the buyer's search keyword and the product in the advertisement report. 4. Push ranking: In theory, increasing the advertising budget can increase the chance of placing orders, thereby boosting the keyword ranking of the product. 5. Increase brand awareness: Brand awareness can be increased through brand advertising. advertisement type

There are currently 3 ad types:

1. Product promotion: It is commonly known as SP advertising in the circle, including automatic/manual advertising. Manual advertising is also divided into: precise advertising/phrase advertising/wide advertising/Asin advertising.

2. Brand promotion: commonly known as SB advertising in the circle, it includes 3 advertising formats: product collection, brand flagship store focus, and video. There are two delivery methods: keyword delivery and product delivery.

3. Display promotion: commonly known as SD advertising in the circle, it includes two types of product placement and audience placement. Product placement can be based on "category" or "per product"; audience placement can be selected in three directions: "Browse Remarketing and Amazon Consumers", "Search Content" and "Purchased Products".

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