Product selection strategy for cross-border e-commerce platform operation

With the in-depth development of the Internet era and economic globalization, many international business activities have emerged, and under the guidance of laws and regulations and updated policies issued by the governments of various countries, these international business activities have become more and more perfect and mature. And to improve our lives, cross-border e-commerce is such an important international business activity. In China, especially under the influence of the "Belt and Road" initiative, cross-border e-commerce has begun to occupy an unshakable position in my country's foreign trade business.

1. Amazon

Amazon is the largest online e-commerce company located in the United States, with a huge customer base and traffic, and a relatively high market share in North America and Europe. The platform has high requirements on the quality of sellers' products, so the product quality of the platform is relatively high, and its unique FBA distribution mode is also a highlight of the platform.

2. eBay

eBay is the earliest established e-commerce platform among the four major platforms. Its main markets are also European and American countries and regions. It is slightly inferior to Amazon in terms of traffic, but it also has a large customer base and traffic. The platform also has an online auction business, and was surrounded by news such as the auction of fake goods and illegal items in the early days. Therefore, the analysis of the platform's product grades is complicated, and the product grades are generally lower than the Amazon platform.

3. AliExpress

AliExpress is an e-commerce platform under Alibaba Group that faces the global market. It is often referred to as the "international version of Taobao". At present, it has a high market share in Russia, Ukraine, Brazil and other countries and has a large customer base. and traffic. Just like the familiar Taobao platform, the quality of goods on AliExpress is also not high, but it tends to have large orders.

1. How to optimize the selection of product grades?

Cross-border seller platform store operations need to evaluate the consumption habits of consumers in the main markets of each platform. Different platform consumer groups have different needs for the grade and quality of goods. If you choose to open multiple cross-border platforms, you must choose different grades. products are put on sale. For mainstream cross-border platforms in economically developed countries and regions, consumers have relatively strong spending power, and their purchasing motives are generally more rational, practical, and quality. They should choose high-grade and high-quality products, such as the avocado platform. For the sub-mainstream cross-border platforms in the same country and regional market, the consumption power of the selected consumer groups will be slightly lower than that of the mainstream large platforms, so you should choose general-grade products, or even low-grade products. Commodities are more acceptable to their consumer groups, such as the pear platform. Compared with the cross-border platforms in developing countries such as Russia and Brazil, the consumer groups have average spending power and will be more concerned about the price. At this time, the choice of lower-grade products is more in line with the consumption habits of this consumer group. Goods will also sell better, such as the coconut platform.

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2. How to optimize the selection of seasonal and festive products?

The market for cross-border e-commerce platforms spans the world, the regional climate and regional culture are different in each region, and each type of commodity has its specific life cycle and cultural connotation, so facing different markets, within the same period, Seasonal and festive selections must match the characteristics of the market. For traditional festivals, cotton scarves like Christmas, colorful printed shirts and skirts for carnival, Valentine's Day accessories for men and women, short sleeves and sunglasses for summer are all items that match the holiday characteristics. However, like the life cycle and cultural connotation of the commodities mentioned above, when purchasing such commodities, we should pay attention to the purchase quantity, and use the previous order quantity as a reference to avoid excessive inventory accumulation.

3. How to optimize the selection of hot search products?

With the development of various search engines, the hot search bar has become a popular source of information, and it is precisely this kind of hot search ranking list that also reveals the development trend of recent hot spots. When it is applied to cross-border e-commerce platforms , the trend of hot-selling products is clear at a glance. Using these information hotspots to assist our product selection is often very effective, because it can be used to judge whether certain products have a market, determine their market trends, and help us increase order volume. In addition, it is worth noting that the traffic sources of these commodity hotspots and the traffic of e-commerce platforms have their own channels. A large part of domestic traffic such as Taobao and Pinduoduo comes from Douyin, while cross-border e-commerce platforms have their own channels. Traffic like Amazon comes from Google search engine, wish comes from Facebook, and platforms like YouTube and yahoo also bring a lot of traffic. By mastering the traffic sources of hot products, you can better predict the trend of hot-selling products, seize the opportunity when hot spots first appear, and win a large number of orders.

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