Amazon video doesn't work after uploading? Did you choose the right 6 video types?


Amazon video doesn't work after uploading?

Did you choose the right 6 video types?

1. Highlight video: suitable for non-rare products/popular products, etc.

Introduction: The product highlight video focuses on the overall function of the product. This type of video has simple content and concise elements to improve conversions. Highlight videos allow customers to watch the product from multiple angles and experience the practicality of the product. Use a spotlight video to showcase the product in action and inform customers where your product is useful.

2. Explanation video: suitable for multi-functional products/uncommon products

Introduction: An explainer video is a short, impactful marketing video used to convey the intricacies of your product. A qualified commentary video should do the following three things:

Explain the long-term value of product use

·Use easy-to-understand language and high-definition graphics

·Show the style design of the product and explain it in detail

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3. Life video: suitable for home/outdoor/pet products, etc.

Showcasing products in the ideal lifestyle of customers, this is life video. The key to life video is to let customers "experience" life in the video, or to understand and use the product based on the video. Live videos should include the following:

Build a bridge between your product and the experience you get

Demonstrate the usefulness, interactivity and expectations of the product

·Show the unique personality of the brand

4. Unpacking video: suitable for creative products/high value products, etc.

I'm sure everyone has seen the unboxing video. The shooting elements of unboxing videos are very mature, and some demonstration experience is needed to arouse the excitement of customers. The emphasis is on the ease of unboxing and how the product is put together and ready to use. Various products such as electronic equipment, mobile phones, DIY products, etc. are mainly the source of unboxing videos. Basic elements of an unboxing video:

· Explain how to use the product

·Real shooting of assembled products

·Real shooting installation products

5. Comparison video: suitable for products with small differentiation/low-value products, etc.

Other videos are mainly to explain the function and purpose of the product, but this type of comparison video is mainly to reveal the poor function by comparing competing products.

Customers get better solutions and product ideas while comparing products. The comparison video explains the product differently when comparing the poor features of the competitors.

But you need to keep the following in mind:

Comparing with competitors without mentioning competitors by name

· Focus on comparing the functional difference between your own products and competing products

6. Brand video: products suitable for promoting brands/boutique products, etc.

The reason for the popularity of branded videos is product + service + trust, which is what brand customers want. It's also why customers pay a premium for your "high-priced" products.

Branded videos can include the following:

· Brand introduction and mission



·Target Audience

· Difference from other brands

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