What should I do if there is too little exposure on Amazon's new products?

Here we must first understand a principle, Amazon advertising exposure is not only related to Amazon advertising itself, but also closely related to the way your listing copy is written.

According to Amazon's A9 algorithm inclusion mechanism, if your copywriting is better, the frequency of keyword burying is higher, and the order of burying words is higher, you will have a higher chance of being captured by Amazon as your main listing. keywords to gain exposure.

Therefore, when the new product advertisement does not have any exposure, the actions we can take mainly include the following steps:

1. Optimize the frequency and position of the main keywords in the copy;

If your main keyword has not appeared in the title position, and the frequency of listing is very low, or even does not appear in the copy at all, then your listing keyword exposure will not be much better, so , we must put the main keywords as high as possible and bury them in the listings frequently.

2. Appropriately increase the advertising budget and bidding;

Among them, the most important factor affecting the exposure of advertisements is bidding and budget, but bidding and budget are closely related and indispensable.

If the bid is high and the budget is not enough, there will be no exposure. For example: I open an advertising campaign with a budget of 5 dollars, and put 60 keywords in it, and each keyword has a bid of 2 dollars. Can all of the keywords get exposure? The answer is definitely: no.

Conversely, if the budget is high and the bidding is not in place, there will be no exposure. Therefore, the adjustment of the bid and the budget must be synchronized. If you want to increase the bid, the budget needs to be increased accordingly, so that the exposure will not be affected.

3. Select keywords according to the traffic size of keywords;

In the case that the listing advertisement is not exposed, whether the main keyword in the link has traffic is also a very important consideration. It does not mean that the new product must choose the largest keyword as the main keyword, but whether the main keyword itself Having traffic is the most basic criterion for measuring whether a listing advertisement can generate exposure.

Even if the main keywords of the underlying copywriting consider many "monthly search volume growth rate", "competitiveness", "purchase rate", etc., the traffic of the main keyword itself is only a few hundred in the end, then the advertising exposure of the listing Naturally it is difficult to rise.

4. Increase the bid at the top position of the ad search page;

Raising the bid for the top position in this column can greatly increase the click-through rate of your ad, allowing your ad position to appear at the top of the search results. Improve the natural ranking click-through rate of your listing, thereby achieving an increase in the overall listing natural ranking exposure.

5. Find a way to activate Amazon's own collection of new products;

If all the above actions have been done, but there are still very few advertisement exposures, it may be that Amazon has not included the new product itself when it is just put on the shelves. Or if you have relatively good evaluation resources, you can also test one to increase the weight of advertising keywords.

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6. Big words and small words are separated into advertising campaigns;

We all know that the traffic gap between big words and small words in Amazon advertising is very large. If you put them all in the same advertising campaign, big words can easily eat up the budget of small words, resulting in no exposure of small words. Therefore, if If you want both big words and small words to get a certain exposure, you must separate the budget of big words and small words.

In fact, there are not many main factors that affect the exposure of Amazon's advertisements, but few sellers will think deeply about the copywriting and burying of the listing itself when the advertisements are not exposed. The main reason why the advertising effect has been difficult to improve, I will share this issue here first, and see you in the next issue.

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