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Mysterious colors, cool shapes, "stunning the world when you wake up", the unearthed tens of thousands of cultural relics in June this year made the Sanxingdui site archaeology once again attracted the attention of the world. The tortoise-shaped grids, the gorgeous bronze sacred tree, and the rambling pottery pigs, which are considered by archaeologists as "breaking through the cognitive system of Sanxingdui", etc., the mysterious artifacts left by the ancestors have caused a new round of heated discussions at home and abroad.

Interestingly, before this, Sanxingdui's peripheral products have been quietly listed on the Amazon platform. As the popularity of Sanxingdui continues to ferment, will it become the next hot product? If Sanxingdui peripheral products want to go abroad, what problems will they face?

Sanxingdui peripheral products on Amazon

Hugo Cross-border searched for the keyword "Sanxingdui" on the Amazon platform, and found that there are already sellers selling Sanxingdui peripheral products, such as the Sanxingdui bronze man mask-shaped pen holder, priced at $19.99, the material is ceramic, and the country of origin is marked as "" China".

In the product introduction on the detail page, the seller stated that the design of this product is inspired by the Sanxingdui ruins 3,000 years ago. It adopts gold drawing craftsmanship, and the patina effect is full of historical and artistic sense. It is suitable for living room table decoration, study, bedroom, office, dormitory , parties, etc. The listing time is April 7 this year. It can be seen that the seller did not have this idea because a large number of cultural relics were unearthed in Sanxingdui in June, but had planned before.

In fact, the bronze mask of Sanxingdui appeared on the stage of CCTV Spring Festival Gala. At the 2022 China Central Radio and Television Spring Festival Gala, there was a "Sanxingdui Cultural Relics On-site Release Ceremony" session, and a large bronze mask was displayed: 131cm wide, 71cm high, 66cm deep, and weighed 131 pounds. It is the currently known Sanxingdui site. The largest and well-preserved large bronze mask unearthed.

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On TikTok, the popularity of Sanxingdui topics has exceeded 20.8 million. The video with the highest number of views reached 2.66 million, and the number of likes reached more than 40,000. Another blogger, @charmingoriental, posted a number of videos about Sanxingdui cultural relics, with over one million views, which shows that overseas users pay a lot of attention to Sanxingdui culture.

According to the "2021 Annual Overseas Influence Evaluation Report of National Museums (Exhibits)" released recently, Sanxingdui Museum ranks among the top 10 national museums in terms of overseas comprehensive influence. Regarding the new progress of the archaeological excavation at the Sanxingdui site, many overseas media actively paid attention to it and reported it as soon as possible. Netizens on overseas social media platforms also commented heatedly and shouted, "I really want to go to China to see it."

In addition to the bronze mask pen holder, Sanxingdui peripheral products on Amazon include ornaments, rings, etc., all of which originate in China. However, at present, the sales and evaluation of these Sanxingdui peripheral products are not high, far from reaching the list of explosive products. The pen holder mentioned above is currently only ranked 1279 in the category.

Then, you can make an assumption. If you have the right to sell Sanxingdui peripheral products around the world, which angle will you cut in?

Blind boxes could be a breaking point

Search "Sanxingdui" on a domestic mainstream e-commerce platform. The recommended keywords include Sanxingdui archaeological blind boxes, ornaments, books, figurines, pendants, books, Lego, T-shirts, etc. The peripheral products of an IP generally include the above categories .

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At present, on the domestic e-commerce platform, Sanxingdui archaeological blind boxes have the highest sales and popularity. Some blind boxes have monthly sales of over 1,000, and the price is basically within 100 yuan. Manufacturers wrap seals, bookmarks, pen holders, rulers and other products in imitation soil. Players need to use the configured tools to dig, such as small chisels, small hammers, goggles, etc. The whole process completely imitates the archaeological process, which is quite fun.

The excavation and discovery of Sanxingdui cultural relics is like a process of opening a blind box. Moreover, the acceptance of blind boxes by overseas consumers is very high. According to the "2020 Cross-border Export Consumption Trend Report" report released by CBNData, online overseas blind box consumption has grown explosively, and the consumption growth rate has reached more than 400%. At the same time, Chinese original IPs are also going abroad in batches. Chinese trendy toys represented by blind boxes are popular all over the world. Various blind boxes are exported from Taobao platform to more than 120 countries such as Singapore, the United States, Australia, Canada, and Malaysia.

Hugo Cross-border searched for "mystery box" on Google Trends and found that the popularity of blind boxes has remained high in the past 12 months, and there is an upward trend recently.

Therefore, in terms of interest, price, market acceptance, etc., the blind box may be a breakthrough point for Sanxingdui peripheral products to enter the overseas consumer market.

However, before the products around Sanxingdui go abroad, cross-border sellers need to pay attention to a problem of intellectual property rights. After all, it is a cultural relic under the key protection of the state, and the relevant departments are very strict.

According to Hugo's cross-border understanding, on April 6, Sanxingdui Museum issued the "Sanxingdui Museum's Call for Digital Cultural and Creative Products Issuing Partners" notice to openly solicit partners for Sanxingdui digital cultural and creative projects. Ren Ren, director of the Industry Development Department of the Sanxingdui Management Committee and chairman of the Sanxingdui Cultural and Tourism Development Company, said that the cultural and creative products of the Sanxingdui Museum are developing very well, with sales of more than 30 million yuan last year. However, there are currently some unauthorized "Li Gui" projects on the market, which violate the intellectual property rights of Sanxingdui Museum and seriously affect the brand image of "Sanxingdui". This move is to make Sanxingdui cultural relics "live", so as to strengthen the protection and utilization of Sanxingdui intellectual property.

From this point of view, it may be a question mark whether the Sanxingdui peripheral products currently sold on Amazon are compliant. Bingdundun and Psyduck, which were popular before, had cross-border sellers selling the same product on cross-border platforms such as eBay and Amazon, but they have disappeared without a trace, which may also be due to intellectual property issues.

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