Recommended products! What is the charm of this product from domestic fire to Amazon?


With the improvement of life quality and loneliness index, more and more people have the need and ability to slowly start to keep pets. Small and lovable, cats are the first choice for household pets.

Therefore, consumers' demand for cat pet products is also increasing. Cat food, cat litter, cat scratching boards, cat sticks, cat strips, etc. have gradually become necessary for cat raising. Although some pet categories are more competitive, in general, the pet category is not an extremely competitive category, and there is still a lot of room for development.

Recently, a cat scratching board product has suddenly exploded on Jixixi, a certain video platform and even Amazon, and it is also worthy of our investigation. This product is called magic organ cat scratching, which is the magic organ cat scratching board. During the initial research, Amu found that the product was very windy. Once it was put on the shelves, it was immediately pushed into the air.

Amu believes that friends who do not keep pets should have a hard time understanding what their home would be like if there was no cat scratching board haha..

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Cats sharpen their claws because cats' nails grow very fast. If they are not sharpened, the nails may be too long and curved. Some of them may even stab the pads. Therefore, cats protect their nails and pads. You will start looking for a place to sharpen your claws. If you don't have a scratching board at home, then congratulations, you will have a chance to buy a new sofa!

So what is the difference between the magic organ cat scratching board and the ordinary cat scratching board? Let's take a look at the comparison of these two pictures.

Ordinary cat scratching boards have only one layer, on which cats can grind their claws and rest.

The magic organ cat scratching board is U-shaped before unfolding, and has magnetic suction at both ends. When in use, it can be stretched and both ends are attracted and turned inward, and a bell ball is placed in the middle of the circle, and finally It can form the shape shown in the figure, and it is also called the magic organ cat scratching board because it can be stretched and retracted like an organ.

Compared with China's progress, Amazon is relatively lagging behind. Judging from the time of listing, it is basically within two months, which can be said to be fresh and hot!

The growth momentum of this product is also rapid, and the search ranking has risen from 11W+ to 2W+ in just two weeks.

no one is perfect. This product is good in every way, except its current reviews on Amazon are not particularly good. After browsing many comments, Amu found that the problems reported by everyone are as follows:

1. The size is too small, suitable for kittens or small cats, but for normal cats, there is not enough room to display.

2. The strength of the magnetic attraction is not strong enough, and it is easy to fall off and fall apart.

3. The cat is not very interested in it, and it is easy to become hot for three minutes and lose interest.

Seeing this, Amu doesn't know if the cat has any ideas. Anyway, I have ideas to buy new toys for the company's little ones. Haha.. What do you think?

The above is all the content I want to share with you today. If you have any questions or opinions, you can come to the comment area to communicate. We have a lot to say about Amazon~

Amazon logistics

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