How to advertise at various stages of Amazon product reviews? An article to take you to understand!


I believe readers know the importance of Amazon reviews. It affects product conversion rates, keyword rankings, sales, Buy Box qualifications, etc. So how should ads be played in different review stages?

1. 0 comments

At this time, the default score is not 0, but 60. At this time, it is easiest for Amazon to include our products and give more keyword weights based on performance.

To accelerate revenue faster and give more weight to words

Operation: Open more automatic advertisements (with manual advertisements to help Amazon quickly identify our products)

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plan 1

Automatic 1 Fixed Bid

Auto 2 Fixed Bid

Auto 3 raise and lower


Auto 1: Default bid

Auto 2: Default bid*1.2-1.5

Auto 3: Default Bid

Scenario 2

Automatic 1 Fixed Bid

Auto 2 Fixed Bid

Automatic 3 fixed bids


Auto 1: Default bid

Auto 2: 20% lower than the default bid

Auto 3: 30% higher than the default bid

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2. 1-9 Comments

Observe the review score:

4.7 or above (80 hidden points)

4.5-4.7 points (60 points hidden)

3.8-4.2 points (50 points hidden)

The first set of play methods: high bid to play automatic (big word precision) to get more orders and comment dilution

(5 reviews 4.2 less than 15 reviews 4.2 less than 50 reviews 4.0)

The second set of play: product precise long-tail words play widely

Automatically negate words with high exposure and high acos

The third set of play: precise long-tail words (word typing stage)

3. 10-50 Comments

The product has a certain degree of recognition

The second round of weight lifting

Operation: Reverse search for the included words, and pull out all the keywords from the second page to the third page. Open manual accurate advertising to rank keywords, and try to hit the natural position to the homepage.

(It is best not to take out the keywords of the homepage and type again)

4. 50-100 comments

More weights are accumulated at this stage

Focus: Maintaining Excellent Words

5. 100+ comments

Key point: card control advertising investment, product entering the later stage

Operation: Continuously optimize advertising, no words/secondary words open manually

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