How to increase the natural flow of Amazon store, have you paid attention to these points?

After your Amazon Listing is built, you must consider how to attract customers to your product page, that is, the drainage within the site. Drainage has always been the biggest headache for Amazon sellers. Without traffic, there will be no sales. When traffic comes, sales will naturally occur with high probability. It is said that Amazon's success mainly depends on "seven points of selection and three points of operation", which shows that products are the top priority.

Some products have their own traffic, such as products that are irreplaceable necessities and have the potential to explode. In the case of "no one, I have", traffic and orders will naturally grow rapidly and continuously; or seasonal products and festivals Products can grow rapidly within a certain period of time; the other is products with high brand awareness, and these products have their own traffic and fans.

In addition to the product's own traffic, what other sources of traffic does Amazon have? Generally speaking, Amazon's traffic sources are divided into two major parts: internal traffic and off-site traffic. The largest traffic on the Amazon platform comes directly from Amazon itself, that is, the traffic on the site. Intra-site traffic includes keyword natural search traffic, associated traffic, category node traffic, ranking list traffic, event promotion traffic, and left-side classified navigation traffic.

Keyword Natural Search Traffic The search traffic of keywords accounts for the vast majority of Amazon's traffic sources. The most direct way for buyers to buy products is to find products through the search bar. Therefore, the search keywords used by buyers are very important for optimizing the title, description, and detail pages of our products. Your product title, description, and detail pages contain the keywords searched by users, and you can get the most accurate results. traffic. The setting of keywords must be from the user's point of view, and you need to think in a different position: if you are a consumer, you need to buy this product, what keywords will you search for, so that you can get products that match your needs? At the same time, look for popular keywords through the search bar and the search bar of other platforms, and regularly update the keyword settings, such as adding some holiday keywords.

Associated traffic Associated traffic is the system that actively matches and recommends products according to consumers' shopping habits. For example, when a customer searches for a product, on the product detail page, the system will automatically recommend some products that are highly related or complementary to the product on the detail page. The recommendation at this time largely depends on the correlation between the products. And the price range is close, so the conversion rate of this kind of traffic is very high. When selecting products, you can also make full use of this function, combine them to maximize product selection, or bundle sales to form a closed traffic loop. Category Node Traffic Some categories have a certain degree of search popularity, which is equivalent to bringing their own layer of traffic. There is also the search habit of some buyers: first enter the category to which the product belongs, and then find the product that meets your expectations by checking various attributes of the product. When uploading a Listing, you need to select the appropriate category node, because the number of products under different category nodes is different, and the degree of competition will be different accordingly. You can choose a node with less competition by referring to the same hot-selling listing node, but don’t deliberately misplace the category in order to increase traffic. Such traffic is not only inaccurate, but also warned by Amazon.

The traffic of the list traffic list mainly includes the sales list, the new product list, the soaring list, the wish list list, and the gift selection list. Although the weight of each list and the traffic it brings are different, for sellers, once they enter these lists, they can get more traffic. Activity promotion traffic Amazon will choose appropriate products to display to consumers based on recent market trends and changes in search volume. In addition, Amazon will also send invitations to all eligible sellers to participate in the event and promote it. It is also a common shopping habit for buyers to filter the desired products through the category navigation. How to make better use of this function? The first is to set the classification node, and the second is to optimize the classification browsing attributes, that is, to fill in the attribute column in the background as much as possible. The above are the methods that can improve Amazon’s natural traffic. If these points are refined and refined, I believe that you can get more traffic than competitors, and the product exposure rate will also increase accordingly. Under the condition of a certain conversion rate, sales will also be greatly increased. form a virtuous circle.

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