Attention! These products without the "energy efficiency label" will be banned from sale


Recently, the compliance policy has fluctuated greatly. In order to comply with the regulatory requirements for energy labeling, platforms such as Amazon/Ebay require sellers to input or upload the required information energy labels when selling products or commodities or updating existing commodity information.

Also, ensure that any energy efficiency rating information added as free text or image files matches the desired rating. This includes, but is not limited to, product names, product bullet points, and product energy efficiency tables

Policies for each platform

Amazon Policy: From January 1, 2019, suppliers (manufacturers, importers or authorised representatives) must register their products in the European Energy Labelling Product Database (EPREL) and receive energy before they can be sold on the European market Label.

Beginning in 2022, if you sell in France or Germany, Amazon will confirm that you meet the criteria in the country of sale. For this, Amazon will collect and verify your registration number.

At present, it mainly involves platforms: Amazon and eBay, two major cross-border e-commerce platforms, have recently released announcements. eBay's official website announcement shows that the new EU regulations that will be implemented on September 1, 2021 will affect all sellers on eBay UK, Italy, Germany, France, Spain and other sites.

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Energy efficiency label and EPREL concept

An energy efficiency label, also known as an energy efficiency label, is an information label attached to an energy-consuming product or its smallest package to indicate a product's energy efficiency rating and other performance indicators. The purpose is to provide necessary information for consumers and users to make purchasing decisions. To guide and help consumers choose energy-efficient and energy-saving products.

The European Union has established EPREL (European Product Database for Energy Labelling) so that consumers can inquire about the energy efficiency level of the purchased products. For product suppliers, this means that before the product enters the EU, there is a new requirement, that is, the energy efficiency information of the product needs to be registered in the EPREL system.

What kind of information can EPREL provide?

Consumers can find detailed information on energy labelled products and models in EPREL. It offers the possibility to determine which products have the best cost-benefit ratio for specific needs. Information is also provided on aspects other than product energy use, such as possible water consumption, noise emissions, warranty extension, spare parts availability, duration or product support.


On Amazon Europe, the energy efficiency label will require sellers to register compulsory in 2021;

Contains the following products:

1. Bulbs and lamps

2. Heater

3. Refrigerators and Freezers

4. Washing machines and dryers

5. Air conditioners and fans

6. Electronic displays, including televisions

7. Kitchen appliances

8. Tires

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Who needs to register for the Energy Efficiency Label?

Manufacturer: Any natural or legal person established in the EU, EEA or Northern Ireland responsible for designing or manufacturing a product and placing it on the EU market under its own name or trademark. The manufacturer is directly responsible for registering in the database each different model of the product placed on the EU market.

Importer: A natural or legal person established in the European Union, European Economic Area or Northern Ireland who places products from a third country manufacturer on the EU market.

Authorized Representative: A natural or legal person established in the European Union, European Economic Area or Northern Ireland, appointed by a third country manufacturer (not in the European Union, European Economic Area or Northern Ireland), by registering in the database the different models placed on the market on its behalf product. An authorized representative is a legal or natural person independent of the manufacturer


Process for registering an energy label

1. It is necessary to find a testing institution with a laboratory, submit the information and conduct sample testing first, and then get a testing report after testing.

2. Take the vehicle inspection report and find a reliable local European company as an authorized agent for label registration

3. After the registration is completed, the energy efficiency label can be generated. After downloading, wait 5-6 days to scan the QR code on the label, download the product information sheet, upload it to Amazon, and complete the entire label compliance process.

What are the risks of a seller not registering an energy label?

In July 2017, the European Commission issued guidance to help national market surveillance agencies better control products sold online. Any product sold online in the EU must comply with EU product regulations, failure to comply with regulations will result in removal of the product.

What are the basic new features of energy efficiency labels?

Label style, taking lamps as an example:

1. The label has simple mode selection, black and white color and size selection, all include QR code

2. The energy efficiency grades are A~G from high to low

3. In order to put forward higher energy efficiency requirements, for example, ClassA++ of the original regulation is only equivalent to ClassE of the new regulation.

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To sum up, sellers also have a bottom line about the hazards of energy efficiency labels. Unregistered sellers should pay attention to avoid affecting your store, please register the energy efficiency label in advance.

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