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The last thing most sellers in the United States want to encounter is the second trial, because the second trial is relatively troublesome. Compared with the second instance, the first instance is generally relatively simple, just submit the legal person ID card and business license. However, what should I do if I fail the first trial? Then today I will use my personal experience to teach you how to deal with failures in the first instance.

A friend called me and told me that when the account was registered, the company name was wrong at the beginning of the operation. Even after changing it and submitting the information several times, I received an email that the Amazon account was blocked. So, my friend threw the account to me and asked me to try it for him to see if there was a chance to save the account. FBA shipping

After getting the account number and checking it carefully, there is no problem with the information filled in the background, and the account information is real and valid. Then you can only try writing a letter to the performance team to appeal.

Because I don't know if it is because the company name was wrongly filled in before, or the problem is caused by too many submissions. There is no need to mention this when making a complaint.

First, tell Amazon that our account has been suspended after we submitted our business license and ID card information, but we are new sellers and have not made any sales on Amazon yet. At the same time, it also tells Amazon that we have registered the brand and are the owner of the brand. At the same time, submit the business license and ID card information in the attachment again (must be submitted in strict accordance with Amazon's requirements). For the sake of insurance, you can also submit a URL showing the company's industrial and commercial registration information to tell Amazon that the status of the company is also normal.

At the same time, we also promise to Amazon to abide by the platform rules and never violate the rules, showing our sincerity.

Finally, tell Amazon our specific sales plan, how many products to prepare, how much sales plan to prepare, and how much to spend on promotion. In fact, the specific number is not important, the important thing is to let Amazon know that we have made sufficient preparations and plans to sell on Amazon, and let Amazon know that we are prepared. FBA shipping

Later, I sent a copy to the performance team, and to be on the safe side, I sent the same one to Jeff's mailbox, and there was always one that worked.

The next day, I received the news of the opening of the Amazon account!

When I appealed to a friend before, there was no video verification. Now the registered account will have a video verification link. Generally, before the video verification starts, the customer service will call to tell you that there is a problem with the submitted information and ask you to resubmit it.

During the Amazon registration process, we must ensure that our information is true and valid, and we can not panic even if we encounter problems. When encountering problems, in the process of writing to Amazon, you must be clear and logical, and foreigners are generally reasonable. One thing in particular is that when writing a plan, don't be too general, but be specific. Any plan in a letter of appeal must follow this. FBA shipping

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