Why is your listing conversion low? How to write an Amazon listing?


1. Visual effects are very important--main image/A+/video

2. Copywriting--keywords/title/five-point description/long description

3. Pricing - Discounts/Promotions/Psychological Warfare/Hunger Marketing


visual effects are important

We can see from the requirements of the Amazon platform itself for the main image, in fact, Amazon prefers the clean and simple first image for the entire layout, and the product image requires that each detail page in the Amazon store requires at least 1 Product images, it is recommended that you provide 6 images and 1 video. High-quality images help buyers easily evaluate products. Images should be clear, informative, and attractive. The first image on a product detail page is the "main" image, which is shown to shoppers in search results. The main image must show the item for sale on a white background, and the item should fill the image frame. Additional images should show different characteristics of the product in use or in an environment from different angles, so the angle of the product is especially important in Amazon’s first main image. container freight

1. Main image:

According to the smart sorting of Amazon's mobile terminal, the main image can not only slide and rotate at the first glance of the customer's click, but also start with the main image at the beginning of the page, so the importance of the main image is self-evident here. . Although Amazon only suggested that we provide 6 pictures and one video, after the actual test of our team, we found that the listing that can provide 9 pictures in general will perform better than the listing that only provides 6 pictures, we guess Although only 6 main pictures on the mobile terminal can be displayed for customers under the premise of video, the Amazon A9 algorithm will still push judgments based on the completeness of some listings. In addition, the extra 3 main pictures can also be displayed on the PC side. For users to show, some of the more secret show operations, such as warranty and promotion, gifts and the like can also be manipulated in the following three pictures, etc.

Regarding the size, Amazon's size requirement for the main image is 1000*1000, but according to different categories of different requirements for picture clarity, some categories may require their artists to make the picture 1200*1200, or even 1600*1600 or more. It is possible. Of course, it does not mean that the larger the image size, the better the browsing experience for customers. Some large sizes may also cause customers not to load quickly enough, resulting in a certain listing churn rate. You need to use your own products. Consideration is required. In addition, most people in the United States still use Apple mobile phones, and the purchasing power of mobile terminals is gradually increasing. If you need to take into account the user experience of the mobile terminal when designing pictures, you can design a rectangular main image with a ratio of 1:1.25. Such a main image can It is also a method often used by anker and other barley to let mobile users fill the entire screen with pictures when browsing, and I will talk about it here.

A good Amazon main image design must not only be based on Amazon's rules, but needs to be analyzed and thought from various angles, hit the point in the customer's heart that they want to buy and continue to increase, in order to form a suitable for themselves. 's popular listings.

Design Points:

1. Simple products are reflected in complex ways: Many times we encounter some products with extremely simple functions, such as light bulbs, small hair clips, these simple products can even explain all their functions with a picture, but Too simple things will make people feel that the value is not worth it, and it is easy to reduce consumers' perception of product value. At this time, you can use the differentiation between a certain part of the product and competing products, a certain technical section of the product or your brand. The story is re-embodied, using some concepts, mental mapping, etc. to make the customer feel that it is worth the money.

2. Target the precise target group: No matter how good the content is, if there are too many objects, it will be difficult to express what everyone thinks is correct. Therefore, you must be clear about your target group and your product positioning before drawing. It is enough to express content that makes your customer group feel comfortable. Only by adapting to customers can you generate higher conversions. For example: if you sell men's underwear, then don't make some fancy pictures to attract attention; if you sell children's night lights, then you should pay attention to the safety of mothers, gentle, not dazzling; etc.

3. Associating familiar things: Our brains are easy to generate associative memory. Using familiar things that users already understand to explain things that are currently unknown can help them understand the essence of things more quickly. And a lot of descriptive language is easy to catch people's minds, and it is much easier to use things that the other party already understands, and then make connections on this thing. container freight

4. Make good use of reference objects to enhance comparison: A good reference object allows users to quickly understand the core features of the product and evaluate its value. This is the use of reference effects, and the same is true for pictures. Reasonable use of some reference objects for comparison can also strengthen customers' cognition of products.

For example, it is often compared with the previous-generation chargers that are already well-known by others, which reasonably highlights the "not only smaller, but also more energy-efficient" features of the new generation of chargers. The specific figures also give customers a visual impact.

5. Reduce user cognitive barriers: If the product you sell is an upgraded product, or a new technology, etc. that is not widely accepted by the public for the time being, you must use the most accessible way at this time. To carry out image interpretation, for example, the expression on the image needs to be more popular and short, and it can be more humanized in the expression of selling points and product performance, or use some things that can be touched on a daily basis as a metaphor.

6. Strengthen cognition: If the selling points expressed in a main picture are too diverse, it will easily distract others' attention. Therefore, to focus on selling points, the main selling points should be enlarged, and other selling points are only synergistic. You can also push different core selling points to different groups of people or in different scenarios, but only push one at a time and focus on making breakthroughs.

Anker is a good example: the whole composition is very simple and generous, and the slogan "3X Faster" highlights the key points directly to the heart.

Images that can be scrolled up and down

The main points of the main picture design above are actually nothing more than:

"Main Picture--Detail Picture--Scene Picture--Comparison Picture--Additional Attribute Description Picture (Gift/Festival, etc.)--Warranty Picture/Package Picture", but if you think these are very simple, then you are wrong , according to the distribution of different product detail maps and scene maps, the number of sheets produced is not different, only those who understand the essence can really do a good job of the main image of the listing.

2. A+:

The A+ page is the second place Amazon sellers flock to in terms of pictures. It is a supplement to the detail page that combines text and pictures, so it can not only improve buyers' understanding of the product, increase their desire to buy, and reduce negative reviews and Returns can also improve Amazon’s listing of keywords to improve product rankings; rich product information and brand stories can also promote customers’ multiple purchases.

It is divided into 7 detail pages. Each detail page will have different sizes according to the selected modules. Therefore, the A+ page is more free in layout, but it also means that the design will be more difficult and requires more Take into account the different display conditions of each module on the PC side and the mobile side. For example, although the display of a 300*300 module is a small square on the PC side, it occupies a full grid on the mobile side. The 960*300 and Although the display of 960*600 pictures on the PC side is very large, some details of the design are difficult to see on the mobile side, and so on, and so on. From these differences, it is obvious that the information that customers see and receive on the PC side of the same version of A+ pictures may be completely different from the information that customers see on the mobile side. Therefore, whether to focus on the PC side or the mobile side The page design can be measured according to the products you sell and the relevant people. The correct A+ picture version can increase the conversion rate of your listing by at least 5%-8%.

Design principle:

Under normal circumstances, we need to use A+ pictures to supplement the content that the main picture can’t finish. The other is the biggest advantage that the main picture wants to highlight. It will be repeatedly explained on the A+ page to strengthen user perception and stimulate users’ interest. To locate the eyes of the precise people, use the principle of A+ pictures with multiple pictures and multiple texts to associate things they are familiar with faster and more quickly, reduce the obstacles to communication with customers, and use various reference objects and scene performance to make them clearer Learn more about our products and increase our listing conversion rate. container freight

design direction:

① Picture quality: High-quality product pictures can stimulate the imagination of consumers and encourage them to buy your products, so ensuring the high-definition quality of each A+ picture is also an important step in Listing;

②Typesetting layout: A comfortable typesetting layout must be inseparable from the choice of templates and the operator’s many thoughts on design. By interspersing text and pictures, it can not only highlight the design of A+ pages, but also use language after the pictures are displayed. Charm further strengthens the selling point.

③Use color cleverly: The combination of color and layout can often deepen buyers’ shopping desire, and make good use of some local buyers’ favorite colors, for example: American buyers like yellow, blue, pink, etc. for marketing, while avoiding Open some local religious minefields, you can get twice the result with half the effort in selling products.

For example: the overall blue color is mainly used in combination with bright characters, which greatly mobilized people's emotions and desire to buy at that time.

④Make good use of the scene: The scene is a very useful means of setting the atmosphere. Your scene positioning determines your customer's sense of substitution and the accuracy of your customer crowd, even when your overall composition is not very good. Cleverly let customers get to your point. So this piece must not be sloppy, and every scene and role in the scene must serve your product.

⑤Unified design: A cluttered board not only cannot bring positive feedback to customers, but it is easy to give people a bad impression, and unified design does not only mean that the design of the A+ board is unified, but more refers to The unified design of the entire listing page, from color scheme, to logo design, copywriting, layout, drawing, scene and product angle, etc., can give customers a sense of coordination, whether it is a small fresh or an atmospheric and simple style. see.

For example: SONY's A+ design in its official flagship store is very comfortable and simple, but a simple scene map clearly interprets its usual hazy and soft Japanese style, allowing customers to trigger all senses to want to know its products.

⑥ Highlight the details: The details are actually more difficult to highlight for some simpler products, but they are also more important. Although Amazon officially prohibits comparison and reference on the A+ page, our sellers will definitely consider the buyer's ideas more. , Therefore, Master Tao actually recommends that you use some reference objects or techniques to highlight the details.

⑦Brand story: The implantation of brand story and product concept is a shaping of values. Although this will not be profitable for a while, but if customers can have a little idea, the subsequent marketing expenses and customer maintenance The energy and cost required will be greatly reduced, and even a good brand story can greatly enhance the value of the product itself.

For example: OontZ only used the slogan "AMZ UP THE MUSIC. AMZ UP THE FUN.", and did not describe the content of the brand's story in a large space, just like the "receiving gifts only melatonin" and "a man's life only Just like being able to buy a DR", it hits people's hearts directly and can be remembered.

3. Video:

Amazon's video positions not only include main image videos, but also associated videos and QA videos. These positions are all called a part of visual marketing, that is, as long as any image/video is marketed and remembered, All of them should be classified as visual marketing. Let us talk about video marketing in this part. Of course, after the advertising video, we will have a special topic for advertising. The first and most important thing is the main image video. Amazon has almost no requirements for the upload of the main image video. From a 30-second video to a 6-8 minute video, there is almost no time limit found on Amazon. On the number of main image videos, a listing can upload 10 main image videos. And the main image video can be synchronized in the position of the associated video. But it is worth noting that the video uploaded later will be displayed first on the mobile phone, and only the video uploaded later can be seen, no matter how good the previously uploaded video is, if the later uploaded video is not as good as the previous video, the main image video on the mobile terminal will be displayed. position will be overwritten.

The video style is best determined according to the attributes of the product. In general, functional products only need to explain clearly the selling points and pain points that customers care about in the video, so as to avoid the corresponding bad reviews and after-sales, and at the same time, zoom in on the products themselves. advantage is enough. If it is a decorative product or a festive product, then the style of the video should not be too rigid, and more atmosphere and scene decoration are needed to mobilize customers' desire to buy.

Video advantages:

1. Dynamic expression: Use video to express some situations that cannot be fully expressed with static pictures. For example, the voice remote control function of alexa cannot fully feel the convenience of using static pictures, but various characters are used in the video. to achieve what you want.

2. Scenario supplement: Originally a night light or fitness equipment may often have a certain functional defect, but it has been upgraded in your product, which can state amazing product facts and dispel customer doubts, for example: the night light no longer flashes at night, Fitness equipment is more stable and so on. container freight

3. Shape value: use your video to tell him that you are buying more than just a "--", the double quotes here refer to your product, it can be anything, a bowl (made by a Qing Dynasty craftsman), a Carpets (handmade from pure wool), etc. Of course, it does not mean that it is completely contrary to the original product, but it is just processing some product advantages that need to be increased from the perspective of marketing. Marketing itself is still based on having a good product, any product Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

4. Create brand value: This place actually corresponds to the main image/A+, because the building of brand value is actually a subtle process, so you must constantly strengthen customers' brand awareness in various places, so that Customers know exactly what your brand is doing, so that they can remember you. This is more elegant. When you have time, you can share some of Daoye’s experience about the brand. You can pay attention to the official account first.

5. Quality Assurance/Additional Gifts: Quality Assurance is the last step to dispel the doubts of customers placing an order and make customers worry-free

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