Maersk announces new Toronto distribution center, British Post will launch new service to confirm delivery by photo


Maersk Announces New Toronto Distribution Center

Maersk has announced plans to build a new distribution centre in Toronto to serve the growth of multimodal imports and exports in Canada. The new facility is designed to increase the capacity of the distribution center while reducing storage costs associated with port demurrage and international container hold-ups, and to create a new supply chain infrastructure for an end-to-end solution. "Toronto is the fastest growing logistics hub for freight movement across Canada as well as the U.S. border," said Executive Vice President of Operations for Performance Team.

Cargo volume is reduced, three major shipping alliances will cancel more than one-third of Asian sailings

The report shows that the three major shipping alliances will cancel more than one-third of Asia's sailings in the next few weeks to cope with the reduction of Asian export volumes.

According to the report, between Weeks 17 and 23, THE Alliance will cancel 33% of Asia's sailings, Ocean Alliance will cancel 37% of Asia's sailings, and 2M Alliance will cancel 39% of Asia's first sailings.

Makeup sales double, Coty's new fiscal quarter net income of 8 billion

A few days ago, Coty Group, one of the world's top five cosmetic companies, released its third quarter results for fiscal 2022 (ie, January-March 2022). In the third quarter, Coty’s net income was US$1.186 billion (approximately RMB 7.967 billion), a year-on-year increase of 15%; adjusted operating income was US$113.6 million (approximately RMB 763 million), an increase of 11% year-on-year; adjusted Gross profit margin was 64.6%.

UK Post to launch new service to confirm delivery by taking a photo

Royal Mail has announced that it will launch a new service across the UK that will provide customers using the Royal Mail tracking service with a photo of the delivery address taken by the postman as delivery confirmation. This feature will give Royal Mail sending and receiving customers greater confidence in how and where their mail is being delivered.

When customers enter their tracking information, the Royal Mail app and website will display a photo of the item being delivered, and customers can also view this photo via Royal Mail email notifications. Photos can also be viewed when a neighbor is selected as the payee.

Amazon UK launches unbranded packaging for MCF sellers

Amazon has announced that it will launch an unbranded packaging service for sellers using Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF), with packaging materials that do not contain any Amazon logos. Amazon's unbranded packaging service, which is currently in beta, won't cost any extra. While all MCF sellers are automatically onboarded, Amazon says MCF orders will be shipped in unbranded packaging as a priority.

Over 50% of new sellers on Walmart's platform are from China

According to the latest data from MarketplacePulse, more than 50% of new sellers on Walmart's platform are from China. A year after Walmart opened its doors to Chinese sellers, the number of new Chinese sellers has surpassed that of U.S. sellers. Walmart Marketplace has added nearly 150,000 sellers since its launch. Although there are still ten times as many sellers in the US as there are in China, US sellers have been around for much longer than Chinese sellers. At the same time, few sellers from Europe or other countries sell on Walmart other than China.

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