Amazon Prime Day is coming, what can you do to save your order?


Prime Day is coming, what can save your order?

No orders, lower traffic, less profit... Looking back at the recent current situation of sellers, it seems that they all want to cry without tears.

But the good news is that many sellers are pinning their hopes on the upcoming Prime Day this year, and they are bound to win a beautiful turnaround.

The premise of preparing for Prime Day is to be familiar with the "rules of the game" this year. According to the editor's inquiries, the eligibility conditions for Amazon Prime Day membership in the United States in 2022 are as follows:

1. Prime-only discounts must meet all general eligibility criteria.

2. To provide the Prime Membership Day Prime Exclusive Discount, the seller's "Seller Feedback Rating" must be at least 4 stars, and sellers who have not received any buyer feedback rating can also provide Prime Membership Day Prime Exclusive Discount.

3. The product rating must be at least 3 and a half stars or no rating.

4. The discount must be at least 20% off the non-promotional price for non-members (i.e. "your item price" or "sale price", whichever is lower).

5. The Prime exclusive discount price must be 5% lower than the lowest price of the ASIN in the past 30 days. The lowest price in the past 30 days is the lowest order price for that ASIN during that period, including all flash, sale, and sale prices for all sellers. freight cost

According to the official disclosure, the deadline for Prime Day submissions on Amazon’s US station is April 29, and the time for inventory to arrive at the fulfillment center is before June 20. According to Amazon's warehousing time of June 20 at the latest, foreign media predicts that Prime Membership Day will be held on July 11 or July 18.

Although Prime Day excites many sellers, how to do a good job in many important tasks such as product selection, stocking, and logistics cannot be underestimated. Industry insiders pointed out three directions to try:

First, focus on the selection of products. During mid-year promotions, consumers are more inclined to buy all-season, summer, autumn and other products.

Second, quasi-delivery time. Usually, traffic is accumulated in advance a few weeks before the event, and compared with the arrival of new products a few days before the event, the detail pages and keywords should be optimized as much as possible in advance, so as to obtain ideal sales performance during the event. At the same time, time for production, procurement, and logistics also needs to be considered.

Third, it depends on the quantity of products. The eve of the event is usually accompanied by tight inventory and emergency replenishment. It is recommended that sellers use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and overseas warehouses. freight cost

Fourth, focus on operational tools. Promotional tools such as Deals and Coupons during the big promotion usually have earlier declaration time, higher activity fees, and better expected results. In addition, they can also be matched with coupons and exclusive discounts for members. Sellers friends must pay attention to the relevant policy trends of the platform in time, effectively combine the effects of their own tools of the same type, and reasonably declare the promotion.

What’s more worth mentioning is that, in order to help the majority of cross-border sellers better prepare for Amazon Prime Day and effectively cope with the current crisis of declining order volume, some software provides innovative and diversified marketing software, and even supports the operation of Amazon’s multi-country sites, to help Amazon sellers break through. Operational pain points. Sellers can operate 9 sites through one-stop software. In addition, they check the selection, advertising and marketing, sales profits, and after-sales services.

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