What should I do if the newly opened store has no orders?

As a well-known e-commerce platform with a wide range of radiation in the world, Amazon has attracted thousands of sellers, and the competition pressure is also very great. Many people hope to be able to place orders quickly after opening the store, but they have not found the right method, resulting in very slow ordering speed, or even no orders, so today I will introduce to you the methods and skills of Amazon novice sellers to quickly place orders. 

1. Choose lower-priced products

The main reason why novice stores do not have orders is that there is no traffic, and sellers do not know how to attract potential customers. In fact, if you want to conduct drainage, it is very important to choose the right drainage product. For new products just launched, all aspects of listing are given relatively low weight. At this point, a lower price is an important factor for listings to show.

If there is no competitive advantage in terms of price, and the weight and ranking of new product listings are relatively low, then there will be no opportunity to display the product, and naturally there will be no traffic, let alone listing.

2. Optimize the listing

As mentioned earlier, listing is the key to attracting traffic. A complete listing can not only bring more traffic and promote conversions, but also clearly communicate product information and help consumers make quick purchasing decisions. Therefore, it is also necessary to optimize the listing and lay a solid foundation.

3. Use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

FBA can greatly improve the win rate of the "buy button", reach high-quality Amazon Prime members, and increase product exposure. It also reduces your logistics and operating costs, saving you worry and effort.

4. Holiday promotions

I believe this is easy to understand. Just like the well-known "618" and "Double Eleven" activities in China, sellers can launch holiday promotions with different themes at different time points. Novice sellers should firmly seize this opportunity to conduct events, promotions, and price reductions.

In particular, Prime Day on the Amazon platform is the holiday with the most sales every year. Of course, in addition to Membership Day, there are also not-to-be-missed holidays such as Valentine's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

5. Do promotional activities

Doing continuous and reasonable promotion activities for products can get more exposure and attract more traffic. According to statistics, the average sales of sellers who do promotion is 48 times that of sellers who do not promote;

6. Cooperate with Review operation

The impact of reviews on store conversion rates cannot be underestimated, but most consumers on the platform do not like to leave reviews, and users like to check reviews for reference when purchasing products. Amazon (FBA)

Therefore, whether it is creating new products or stabilizing sales in the later stage, more appropriate methods need to be adopted to increase reviews, thereby increasing the conversion rate of products and the purchase rate of users. For new products, you can find a way to get some Reviews in the early stage.

7. Set up coupons

The coupon setting threshold is low and the setting is simple, which is very suitable for new sellers or just starting sellers, which can increase the exposure of products and accurately reach target buyers.

Running a store can be said to be a protracted battle. In the early stage, it may not be so quick to open orders or obtain profits. What can be done is to find suitable methods and breakthroughs. Amazon (FBA)

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