Amazon store review, from which dimensions can we start to check?


How to self-diagnose the store is a very important link in Amazon. It can detect the problem of the store in time, optimize it, and increase the sales of products. A secure account is the foundation of all operations. Therefore, it is also very important to make a security diagnosis for your store. So how do you diagnose the store?

Account performance

(1) Policy violations

1. What is a "policy violation"?

"Policy Violation" means there may be communications on the Notifications page that you need to read. The Notifications page contains copies of all important emails sent to you by the Seller Performance team. This includes performance or policy violation warnings, as well as account blocking or suspension notifications.

2. "Policy Violation" includes

Suspected infringement of intellectual property rights, intellectual property rights complaints, product authenticity complaints, product condition complaints, product safety complaints, violation of the listing policy, violation of the buyer's product review policy, etc.

(2) Pre-delivery cancellation rate (Cancellation Rate) <2.5%

Cancellation Rate (CR) is the percentage of all orders cancelled by a seller over a given 7-day period. CR only applies to seller-fulfilled orders.

This metric includes all orders cancelled by sellers, except for orders that buyers requested to cancel using the order cancellation option in their Amazon account. Pending orders cancelled directly by buyers on Amazon are not included.

Our policy requires sellers to maintain a CR below 2.5% in order to sell on Amazon. A CR higher than 2.5% may result in account deactivation.

(3) Late Shipment Rate <4%

Late Shipment Rate (LSR) is the percentage of all orders confirmed for delivery after the estimated delivery time over a 10- or 30-day period. LSR only applies to seller-fulfilled orders.

It is important to confirm that the order has shipped before the expected shipping date so that buyers can check the status of their shipped orders online. Delays in order confirmation to ship may result in increased claims, negative feedback and/or buyer contacts and negatively impact the buyer experience.

Our policy requires sellers to maintain an LSR below 4% in order to sell on Amazon. LSRs higher than 4% may result in account deactivation.

There are other aspects that are not listed one by one. The seller can check the performance of the store account according to the actual situation~

Summary and analysis of operational data

1. Analyze data

Data dimensions: product name, date, number of buyer visits, number of page views, number of ordered items, conversion rate of ordered items

2. Less visits by buyers

Check if it is placed in the correct category

Open advertisements to increase exposure (when the number of impressions exceeds 1,000, the data is relatively meaningful. For general category products, the click-through rate of automatic advertisements exceeds 0.5%. The click-through rate of manual advertisement keywords exceeds 1%.)

Adjust the listing title, main image, price, etc.

3. Low conversion rate of order products (product conversion rate is 8%-30%)

Adjust the listing selling point description, price, pictures, etc.

Do review maintenance

Do a good job of A+ page display

Review of the promotion plan

The main process of promotion

Familiar with samples, analysis of competitors, FBA stocking, picture plan, keywords, copywriting, listing, FBA replenishment, REVIEW & QA, on-site advertising, keyword ranking records, off-site promotion

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